Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Most Beautiful Dancer in My World-3

Frederick Austerlitz arrived in Hollywood as a young dancer, but if you are age 50+ the stage and film dancer was Fred Astaire.  Astaire arrived in time for a usual screen test.  He passed inspection, but the verdict; "Can't act. Slightly bald. Can dance a little."  Someone saw great promise in Fred  and gave Astaire a chance to achieve such remarkable success that he became the "world's greatest dancer," said Balanchine and Nureyev.  Fred partnered with the talented and beautiful dancer named Ginger Rogers.  Together they produced a series of films that charmed the world with their dancing skills.  Both seemed to float on air as they danced across the stage.   Astaire played many roles as an elegant playboy destined to dance with Ms. Rogers.

Phyllis Astaire, the wife of Fred Astaire had a speech impediment.  As an adult she had a little problem saying her r's.  One day actor David Niven took Phyllis Astaire down to RKO to watch the filming segment of a "Cheek to Cheek," number musical for Top Hat, starring Fred and his partner Ginger Rogers.  Ginger did her first take in a dress composed almost entirely of red feathers.  "She looks like a wooster," giggled Phyllis."

Seems the dress was ready only just in time for the dance.  "Slowly, one at a time at first, the feathers parted company with the original garment.  As Fred whirled Ginger faster and faster around the gleaming set, more and more feathers flew off.  It reminded Phyllis and Niven of a broken pillow fight at school, but both dancers pressed bravely on with the musical number and by the end Ginger  looked ... well she or the stork never had seen something so beautiful.  Phyllis seeing the clothing malfunction pulled Niven's sleeve and said, 'Let's get out of here' "Fwed will be so embawassed."

I doubt Fred Astaire was embarrassed.  His eyes knew that Ginger Rogers could help them both achieve or elevate their dancing prowess.  A good woman helps men achieve greatness.  Sure sometimes things don't go as planned, but with a little help from talented beautiful women men soar.  I guess Phyllis couldn't watch Fred undress Ginger on stage. His dance number with her uncovered more of her than what the stork saw at birth and it did delight his eyes and they danced into film history.  God bless the woman who is attractive and active in life.  Just be careful who you dance with in the presence of your wife for her eyes throw blazing swords when she gets you alone.

I guess what you must remember about dancing is the most beautiful woman, if married is your wife, but when not with her the most beautiful woman dancers are those who seek and ask us to dance with them.  No longer will I refuse to dance with any woman who asks.  I'll no longer sit and refuse to dance.  Each week I saw too many guys, and I was one of them,  refuse to dance with the ladies; mates, friends or complete strangers.  Sure I made other guys [frogs] jealous last week, but I made a beautiful wild woman dancer happy dancing with an old karaoke singer and she changed my perspective of dancing with someone that is not my wife.  If asked I'll say "I dance a little," but I won't sit with the rest of the frogs.  I felt like a 'prince' dancing with the Most Beautiful Woman Dancer in My World.  It's dancers who keep and make life better.

As Red Green of  PBS Canada fame would say, "I am a man.  I can change if I have to I guess."    

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Most Beautiful Woman Dancer in My World-2

My brother-in-law once commented that no man living man should have a wife more than 30 years.  He felt like a prisoner.  The wow factor in his marriage had stopped.  His wife refuses to do things with him and he's lonely.  Rarely does his wife stir from the couch potato position.  She stopped exercising, but sits eating and watching TV 24/7.  She is disinterested in his life and that makes him feel lonely and worthless. He feels trapped in his second marriage.  The "wow factor" is gone.

I love my wife and best friend dearly, but she dislikes the spotlight on her when I sing karaoke songs.  She dislikes late night hours, dark venues complaining she can't see her food and the music is too loud.  She too sits in front of the TV letting it entertain her robbing us of companionship.  My new friends can't understand her reasoning for not keeping the "wow factor" visible in our 39 year marriage.  Lately I feel like its a convenience factor.  Yes I've made new friends, but I'd rather have her by my side.  Her refusal to be part of my singing life is driving a wedge between us.  I enjoy the freedom to explore other karaoke venues, but my loneliness robs us of togetherness.

On the other hand I can understand why she might resent the fact that other women find me handsome and charming.  She doesn't want to see other women, some of which are very slender beautiful dancers and singers give affection to me in real time.  She has a "jealous factor" like Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo) and  I know my wife couldn't handle seeing the affection I receive from other wild sometime provocative young women who put the wow factor back in my life with hugs and kisses. Whispering how much they appreciate me in my old ear makes my lonely life worth living instead of turning me into a retired couch potato like her while waiting for God.  Isn't it any wonder why men turn attention to younger women; not that I am attracted to any.  I should feel excited, but I don't.  It's just I'm not ready give up my young at heart feelings and die from boredom. 

Although I didn't resist the most beautiful woman dancer to ever get me off my bar chair she did make an impression on me.  The thrill experience isn't dead.  I felt alive and not dead like the other guys that resisted her attempts to get them to dance with her.  As a writer I'll describe her visually.   She had a fair complexion, but not pale, long below the shoulder black straight hair, rather tall; taller than myself with the physique of a speed skater - long powerful upper legs, slender waist and to complete the picture of her upper torso she was the 10+ that others guys said, "She's the hottest woman in the bar."  I made them jealous?  That made me feel better.  I had never danced with another woman except my wife.  What turns you off or on?