Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The True Way: Spirit Encounters in Dreams - 1

Odd title don't you think?

I haven't been writing my blog now for several years.  I am still alive and thought I should tell faithful family, friends and strangers what I've been writing about true way encounters.  I've been freestyle writing about my dreams and the destiny of Christian believers and non-believers and those who have encountered angels and spirits - seen in visions or heard voices in dreams, the intuitions,  premonitions  and divine encounters and interventions that saved lives.  I've been writing about the dreamers I've met; the angels and spirits who influenced their lives.  

Dreams!  We all have them in our sleep and in daydreams in black and white or Technicolor.  Many times we daydream when work is boring and need a break.  No dreaming while driving or in class or when working with machinery.  We should concentrate on our studies; you know sitting in class trying to listen to an important lecture and nodding off or doing tedious office work and trying to keep our eyes open and focused, but alas it was not meant to be.   We are off to the land of nod. Now it doesn't get easier, but harder to keep those eyes open when retired.  Retirees get tired easier and several power naps each day are good for dreaming to escape old age maladies or reaching to attain the dreams with limited horsepower.  The young sprint towards dream goals or are just desperately to find themselves; who they are and what they want out of life before they suffer the same fate (lost time) as retirees.

Face reality!  We all have tendencies to daydream.  Maybe it's an adventure to go where you've never been before or where you saw something on social media that pricked your interest.  For those religious God made us more powerful than a locomotive, oops supercomputers, but we still haven't as mankind been able to master much more than 10% of human intelligence.  No matter what level of IQ we have we have a propensity to get ourselves into trouble - some to more or lesser degrees.

There are plans in our dreams yet to be discovered.  Where and what would Earth look like if it were not for dreamers.  Listen intently to the messages given by angels and spirits that rise from your dreams.  Most angels and spirits are harmless, but pay heed to what you heard.  If God is angered he directs His angels to take appropriate actions as He directs.  Listen and obey commands; they might keep you safe from danger or make you successful.  But, remember if you are Christian or religious God had our destiny planned before we were born.  Many mentors helped shape who we've become.

Many times I've sat in church at a funeral services hoping to hear a few choice nuggets of information about the body lying in the casket below the pulpit.  I wonder if that individual had a meaningful life.  Sure pastors, ministers, the rabbi or priest showed up at family visitations hoping to glean some useful info out of visitors.  It always amazes me that many didn't really understand the complexities; the uniqueness of the person they came to respect.  Who impacted their life the most?  Continued.....