Thursday, December 26, 2013

Laughter Keeps Us Healthy and Smiling

An unnamed Santa dropped off a gift yesterday.  He put it on my workbench.  Strange I unwrapped "The Big Book of Laughs" by Reader's Digest.  Wouldn't you know it the first little laugh story my eyes read came from Humor in Uniform, but it caused laughter and smile similar to an incidence taken from my early years just out of high school.  Both stories are true.  The uniform story said, two female privates were ordered to paint the general's office.  They were warned not to get paint on their uniforms.  So they locked the door, stripped off their clothes and got to work.  An hour later, there's a knock at the door.  "Who is it?" they asked.  "Blind man."  Thinking nothing of it, the privates open up.  "Hi," says the man.  "Where do you want the blinds?"  What a sight to behold!

Three years after high school graduation I went bear hunting in Michigan's upper peninsula.  I and a friend drove into a pretty lake way out in the wilderness on a late summer hot afternoon.  The ground would literally shake each time B-52's flew over above on training missions and dropped thousands of foil packets to confuse radar trainees.  The trees sparkled with shiny confetti leading to the lake.  We found the lake campground inhabited by one tent, but we never saw the occupants. Placing our tent at the opposite end of the lake we started walking up the beach surf fishing for dinner when we happened around a small point and right before us were two 20+ something bare frontal exposure naked ladies chaise' sunning with towels over their faces.  Needless to say we were stunned-grinned ear to ear.  They were far better more beautiful in the flesh than the Playboy magazine pages were being passed around in high school locker-room.  One woman took off her face towel and screamed to the other "We've got men!"  What a sight!  The ladies ran for their tents, but later returned wearing bikinis and being somewhat embarrassed apologized for being beach strippers. They had not expected to encounter two young men way out in nowhere.  They invited us to dinner and we sat around the campfire into the wee hours of the morning talking and... I see you smiling. Now, now that was an evil thought-be adult.  We never saw Black bears, just two bare nudists and... that's life!