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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 98

The 21st century still has an abundance of unexplained mysteries and Bob's search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon had some strange moments. During dark cycles of the moon the ley lines he found at numerous spots in Cannon Township were strong. As the moon fattened by day and night the signals decreased. At his first big dig he was confused, but as time passed and he practiced his dowsing skills he found the area was speckled with small hot rocks, too, but not until he saw the images on our infrared film. He wasn't hip to the dangers of absorbing too much electromagnetic current.

It took several years before he understood that increased levels of electromagnetic energy can produce vibrations from a low frequency inaudible to human ears. These can alter our preception and create sensations of unbalanced dizziness. In extreme cases electromagnetic poisoning can cause nausea and extreme headaches and Bob was getting more frequent severe headaches and pain. Bob perceptions that something was amiss was due to the fact his body was absorbing too much electromagnetic current when he wrapped magnetic refrigerator strips around his forehead and neck. Magnetics can mask pain, but dowsers shouldn't expose themselves to too much magnetite without first consulting a physician. He felt doctors would only make dowsing harder since they'd probably dope him with prescription drugs decreasing his brain's ability to function correctly when using dowsing rods.

His nausea and headaches mirrored the symptoms of people who said they felt the presence of spirits in haunted houses, buildings or cemeteries during and after thunderstorms. Lightning and thunder stimulate our body and brains into believing something is wrong. We felt the presence of spirits numerous times on our journeys to ancient sites on dark nights. Using technical listening (audio) devices or EVP (electronic voice phenomena) we changed frequencies often hoping to catch Walter Tompsett's voice. His ghost chattering is something we had to consider and we had to go last where Bob was most uncomfortable.

In Hollywood motion picture flicks heighten the suspense using adverse weather conditions to mix horror and drama investigations. Too frequently they use the sounds of loons to make us cringe as if something dreadful is about to happen. A frightening storm can heighten the drama that evil spirits exist. Our imaginations run wild with anticipation that something is about to happen that is scary or isn't normal. Ghost hunters capitalize for TV ratings and these cats aren't the only curiosity seekers on earth. Believers in ghosts think that spirits are getting energy from the power of magnetic forces that produce more 'paranormal' or UFO sightings during or after storms.

Electrical storms with intense lightning can affect and alter our senses and perceptions. Cats have exceptional hearing and can hear thunder sixty miles away. That's why they act restless or hide. Bob's absorption of magnetite was real, the opposite fiction of Superman's kryptonite. The invisible energize spectrums of electromagnetic energy lines (light) are undetectable with the exception of infrared photographic films and infrared night vision, EMF meters, magnetometers and gifted dowser using dowsing or angle rods. Bob got so good he could detect the size of auras around objects. The art of dematerialization and regeneration of the human body (cloaking) might not be as far fetched as it appears on Star Trek. Electromagnetic shields (jammers) might one day protect us from those who wish Americans harm.

Our physical bodies and our minds intuition can turn us into extremely sensitive receivers of Earth's mysterious energies. When Bob failed to produce the cannon at the first big dig we had to wonder if the increasing energy near the stump could tamper or distort Bob's audio and visual perception enough to cause his brain to interfer with his ability to detect a brass cannon. Scientists believe it is only coincidence that leys line up sacred or historical sites, while others claim these were purposely placed on the ley line so mystical places could be found more easily.

To test Bob's detectiblity we purposely planted brass objects to test his thinking abilities; focus and concentration to help him discriminate between leys between leys and objects. Within two years he was better able to discard the junk, but he found lots of discarded 19th century junk; like 150 year old perfume bottles and buttons. The area had lots of ley lines of energy.

Prospect Hill in extreme northeastern Cannon Township was once a powerful Native American power spot. Lightning has struck the house atop the hill and burst into flames. Many believed the hill was visited by evil spirits. Bob did hundreds of hours of research near Prospect Hill and on one dark night with arms raised, a rod in each hand he received an electrical shock so strong his body and arms violently shook. "WHOA," he said and wanted to get back in his truck. He had found the same powerful ley line that when mapped southwesterly passed across Chauncey Ave near Imperial Mills. This ley line originated from the Norton Mound energy spot on the west side of Grand Rapids near the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Grand Rapids attorney John Ball once owned Prospect Hill. Ball was Le Grand Cannon's attorney and land agent.

What was most interesting was that the ley line trajectory was from GR to Prospect, but it ended at a magnetic power spot near the petrified springs below the elevated hill. This the northern most headwaters of Bear Creek. The ley lines never crossed Ten Mile Road north of Prospect Hill, but they did surface again and transected just north of Wabasis Lake near the Wabasis Lake caverns thought to be where Chief John Wabasis hid his gold and silver cache. The Prospect Hill location gave us the creeps on dark night dowsing. You could say it was a 'superstition' site.

Over the course of several years of study our belief was that ley lines go beyond are simply invisible energy lines of magnetic current of different degress of electromagnetic fields that contain creative patterns of mystical and magical energy sources. A ley is simply an altered form of the earth's magnetic field. Some are greater or lesser.

Seattle, Washington bills itself as the first city on Earth to balance and tune out its vast network of ley lines for the betterment and health of its people, but not without ridicule from skeptics. The Seattle Arts Commission awarded $5000 to a New Age GEO dowser group that produced a visual image map. A high altitude photography shoot documented leys and energy power spots within the city. Skeptics described the Art Commissioners as fools and charged them with practicing paganism. The photographs taken resemble what looks like altered satellite imagery, but the dowsers fired back and released a mission statement to the public.

'The vision of the Seattle Ley Line Project' was to identify ley lines and heal the power spots called Earth Energies within the Seattle City limits. They neutralized the negative energies and the amplified the positive aspects of the ley line power centers. This they hoped would decrease disease and anxiety, while increasing a sense of wholeness, wellbeing and the achievement of Seattle's potential as a center or power for good on Spaceship Earth'. It was the second to last word (spaceship) that caused such a furor amongst skeptics who didn't have the foggiest idea what the New Age dowsing group discovered about leys and power sources. They viewed the study with old age prejudices and pre-pagan thinking. They had no working knowledge or understanding of what ley lines were supposed to represent.

Bob was ready to begin dowsing again, but instead of concentrating on his step-fathers property he started using his nuclear metal range finders, dowsing rods and infrared photography shoots in his search. With the discovery of the Falconnet cannonballs, this provided him with concrete evidence the cannon wasn't just rumor, but fact. It did exist despite the fact that no photos exist of the cannon. By accident or design they all disappeared when Walter Tompsett died. This is when the secret society of Cannonsburg was born. Bob was given the cannon's physical dimensions so he could form accurate pictures in his mind that was correct. No guessing!

We already knew the third hole would end without resolve, but in order to complete the searches he first had to investigate and cross off an extensive list other possible sites, that being, all properties of the seven Cannonsburg men firing the 1885 cannon and all township officials from 1843-1885. He had originally concentrated all his efforts on his step-fathers property and never ventured a guess it might be someplace outside Cannonsburg.

Le Grand Cannon like Bob Alcumbrack were both complicated men of unknown secrets. Leys, too, and next time I spill the beans on where the cannon rests. Good night!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 97

Bob Alcumbrack and Allen Janose were constantly using their dowsing rods checking and rechecking their mapped ley lines when searching for the missing Cannonsburg cannon. It was tedious work and they spent hundreds of hours in daylight and darkness making survey maps of Cannon Township. The discovery of a major ley line near Imperial Mills and across Moffit Hill was time comsuming, but Bob was determined to figure out where the ley lines disappeared.

In doing so Bob, Allen and I were practicing 'geodesy' and 'geomancy' and together we charted the geodesic lines across Cannon Township which led to several nearby anicent Native American historical sites in northeastern Cannon Township, Grattan and Oakfield Townships. Springs were regarded by ancient tribes as sacred places including some ancient ceremonial sites and cremation pits from 2000 to 6000 b.c. within the exact time frame when Stonehenge was created. Exactly where you need not know since there are those treasure hunters who don't value the historical heritages of Native Americans.

We backtracked the major leys southwest of Moffit Hill and Imperial Mills to its original power source on the west bank of the Grand River in Grand Rapids. The Imperial Mills ley started near the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum once the site of the Norton Indian Mounds - 49 of them along that side of the river from just south of Leonard to Grandville. were gone before 1900.

Prehistoric tribes were aware of these cosmic lines of magnetic energy sources that ran overland and underground. The Indians purposely buried magnetic charged stones deep in the ground in series of three to seven to mark or enhance the power of these places. The stones were granite with quartz or tungsten (greenstones) enhanced with uranium or thorium, but if stones were buried subsurface; meaning the greatest part buried and either stone was removed from sequence the magnetic field that links them was broken. Put the stone back in sequence the magnetic field returns. Retreating glaciers naturally deposited some magnetic stones, but one would think it would be different kinds of magnetic stones and not all the same. The giant cross of magnetic stones buried west of Ramsdell Drive, the old Sioux-Sauk war trail, really captured our attention. The crosses pointed towards another ceremonial ground.

Priests, shamans and medicine men of great power placed these structures in landscapes with the purpose of holding onto their power and used them to mark the way to Indian burial grounds and other sacred sites. These made it easy for them to tap the magical properties to 'wow' others no matter what generation used them.

Spiritualists, those few who are ghost, apparition and alien hunters based the creation of that power using music, laws of mathematics and magical formulas that provide harmonic settings for ancient monuments. Bob however when using dowsing rods wasn't even close to being a spiritualist, but many who watched Bob dowse would call him the lunatic fringe of ley line sciences. Research has shown that ley lines above ground average six miles in length, but they can go 20 miles to hundreds and scientists who study them say they can go thousands of miles and follow the curvature of the earth about three feet off the ground.

The leys can travel for miles above ground in the same direction and hit a power spot and drop 265 feet into the earth and travel in the same direction before coming back up to sub-surface object and resume its above ground travel till it settles at another magnetic energy spot.

Hydrologist suggest that is the major depth of water in Michigan. Once leys find an anchor spot, they can turn 300 degrees or more and the magnetic energy line searches for a distant magnetic power spot and ends. No complete triangle. Spots like A, B, and C connect, but not between A and C. The earth is covered with this striking pattern of leys and energy spots. Scientific studies suggest that where magnetic power spots are extreme the incidences of cancer and brain tumors rise significantly. Too many homes, buildings and sacred sites have been built upon them without caution and the inhabitants are afflicted with higher rates of life threatening illnesses. Radon gas and strong EMF's are also portraits of a killer and not just mosquitos and lightning.

Scientists and miners in northern Ontario are digging a pit into the ground studying magnetic energy. They've found a strong EMF spot and are now more than 8 miles deep. That's the heighth of Mt. Everest or as deep as the Marina Trench off Australia, but it makes me wonder if they are recording the amounts of electromagnetic energy currents that miners may absorb. Hopefully someone is monitoring their health as they dig deeper and yet my bubble brain wonders if the gravitational push from the sun could be exerting downward pressure on fissures at the bottom of the hole and under extreme pressure the earth's magnetic core is being squeezed forcing out more EMF's into the atmosphere. Rising EMF's (electromagnetic fields) of energy might be causing climate change, since we already know that higher EMF's increase the electrical fields of thunderstorms. Objects buried subsurface store EMF's (negative charges) that explode upward to attract positive fields creating intense lightning.

In 2008 scientists began their observations of the huge 1,000,000 million square miles of EMF hovering above the south Atlantic. They rightfully didn't know what was causing EMF's to rise and increase in strength. In 2009 scientists saw the strength of the EMF increasing, but they are dumbfounded how to stop the increase, but if this EMF threat shifts northward all computers with stored data could go the way of dinosaurs - extinction. This threat happened for real in 1859, when this event that happened for real rendered all telegraph lines silence for almost one week. It could happen tomorrow and its important that you keep hardcopy records. Can you imagine the havoc on Earth if the EMF shifts it course? Scientists do not know what is causing the EMF shield to grow uncontrollably. Is it the extraction of oil?

Add to this the vast amounts of oil and gas being released each day into the Gulf of Mexico, some 50 miles south of Lousiana and Alabama. The free flowing oil could be releasing more than normal amounts of magnetic energy from the earth's core, but this is miniscule to all the other wells pumping oil worldwide. I've often wondered what replaces the void from the black gold? My inquiring mind wants to know. Oops, I'm delineating from our discoveries of ley lines and power spots in Cannon Township.

When in Courtland Township some residents were afraid of the whirling gizmos we were using and some denied us access to their property when following ley lines based upon fear and ignorance of Bob's gadgetry. When Bob's nuclear metal range finders pointed towards their house or saw Bob's rods point straight at their house or see the rods being repulsed by an unknown force they were afraid. Some were visibly upset when we drew lines on survey maps straight thru their houses. We did our mapping from public roads and didn't trespass. Day and night we rechecked our ley trajectories, but only on the sixteen dark days of the lunar cycle. The stronger the moon phase, the weaker the magnetic ley lines.

Missile strikes at the start of the Iraq War, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict all started on the darkest nights - 16 days of darkness. The brighter the fattening moon, the more radar's lose their effectiveness. Bob and ley hunting crew were spooky characters on the darkest of nights. The ring of fire surrounding Stonehenge and stone circles worldwide occur on the 16 darkest nights also.

Ley lines travel across the whole surface of the Earth, but not all change course when they strike an object. These EMF energy currents can penetrate any objects and stay on course until it ends at a power source connection and changes course. Geodesy is the science of surveying portions of the Earth's surface, which is so large that the Earth's curvature has to be taken into account when following the geodesic lines of energy. This same science is what the ancient Native American Indians and prehistoric tribes of the Hopewell and Copper Cultures of Michigan used to build sacred sites and mounds along the geodesic lines at Grand Rapids, Grandville, Cannon and Grattan Townships or other sites within 20 miles. These Indians used the cosmic ley lines of energy for their benefit and tapped their magical powers.

Dion Fortune, the British occultist and writer in 1936 got the idea that leys were 'lines of power' that linked prehistoric monuments along a straight track. This idea originated from 1921 and at that time it was detected by diviners using dowsing rods. Many got the idea anyone who believes this is practicing wicca or witchery.

During the 1960's some paranoral folks got the glorified idea that ley lines were responsible for the progression of UFO sightings during wet days. In the mid 1980's Bob Alcumbrack and crew only found the existence of a vast network of ley lines and power spots crossing Kent County, but we found no UFO's lurking in dark valleys and any aliens were missing. Bob didn't want to find any ghosts or an apparition of Walter Tompsett, but he did acknowledged that he felt someone was watching. Possibly it was the DNR or EPA or was it the IRS? All Bob and friends wanted to find was the missing Cannonsburg cannon.

We had become 'geomancers' using divinations to find random ancient sites, but used precise map coordinates and lineage above the ground to make diagrams of our progress. Some nocturnal visits raised more than the hair on our heads and necks, the hairs on our body stood at attention many times and Bob was sure we were falling farther away from finding his wildest dream cannon. It was the unfolding network of leys which seemed to prick his interest from 1989 up until his death in 2004.

After July 1989 he was backtracking the wide, strong ley line from Imperial Mills and Moffit Hills he traced them thru Plainfield and Grand Rapids Townships. These originated from the vicinity of the Norton Mounds and Grandville and he found a power spot between Leonard and Fulton Street and traced its route northeasterly direction for over 25 miles to the caves near Wabasis Lake. For some reason it changed course since the previous year.

Recorded history of Native American tribes living along the Grand River basin in the early 1830's only knew the mounds as ancient sacred sites. They knew nothing about the mound creators or why they were made, except that it was a power place. They regarded the mounds as a friendly place to die and after death they wanted to be buried inside the mound in a sitting position looking east over the mighty 'Owashtenong' river (Grand) towards the rising sun. An early archaeologists in the 1870's said nothing was ever found inside the mounds, but the streets beneath Grand Rapids on the east side of the Grand River contained many Christian artifacts; jewelry and crosses of sterling silver. No skeletal remains existed and the earth inside the mounds didn't match anything local. Soil originated hundreds of miles away.

Traditional Christians, the oldest want their tombstones and heads facing east, too, so their spirit can see the face of Jesus Christ, the Lord, when he returns to Earth. Local Indian legends say that late Indian medicine men knew about the magical powers of leys. If energy lines went west to east there would be much peace with the pioneers, but those that went north to south much turmoil and unsettled times were ahead.

Individuals who are not afraid to sit atop mounds experience a renewed sense of physical and spiritual energizing and wellbeing. Witnesses standing away from mounds report that they've seen a glowing green light pass through the bodies of all those who sit or stand atop mounds. For this the Indians believed the mounds held strong power for those unafraid. High doses of EMF's or energy can affect the body and mind. The amount of magnitite in the human brain can change the way you think and makes corrections on what the body perceives as normal or abnormal. The effects of this energy is said to be similar to those who feel static energy tingle the skin or how it raises hair or stimulates your head hair making them fight each other.

Exhumation of sacred places by pioneers turned treasure hunters found that no skeletons or body remains were found in mounds except for trinkets of gold and silver. Even the color of soil in earth mounds was opposite of what surrounded the mounds. Archaeological studies by amateurs and professionals believe that mounds contain the cremated remains of their ancestors and proof is the reddish soil within the mounds in contrast to the soil in the mound. Reddish soil exists at the foot of the massive bluestones at Stonehenge giving the impression the Stone Age Britons ashes are buried intact near the base of each stone. Stonehenge could be a cemetery, too, not just a place where Stone Age Britons made contact with beings from other galaxies or used such massive stones to observe the passage of seasons. It won't be long before I spill the beans about Bob Alcumbrack's silence between July 1989 and May 2004. Hopefully this will conclude before July 4th, when Americans celebrate our Independence Day.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 96

Bob Alcumbrack and Indiana Jones, one nonfiction and the other fiction, shared something in common. Both were concerned with making sure that national and international treasures were saved for humanity rather than sitting in a private individuals collection because of the wealth of objects found. Research, discovery and preservation and then presenting the right history of the artifacts found is what they sought.

As cannon hunters Bob Alcumbrack's crew had much to fear from looters who might connect our dots with their dots, which might lead them straight to the missing cannon before we arrive. Silence is the key to finding what you seek.

Since the days of pharoahs, the Egyptian rulers and Mayan Kings lived in fear of future grave robbers and to counter this insurgency they spread rumors of death guardians to all shovel-touting seekers. Its a common problem in the United States, too, where shovel-touting treasure hunters who seek riches; objects to sell as legitamate collectibles or art. These theives will desecrate Native American and Central American sacred sites and cemeteries to find something worth selling to support their destructful ways. Historians must keep secrets and not tell everyone where to look for treasures. Don't trust anyone - not even missionaries, because many tribal people have died unneccessarily because of flapping tongues about people who don't know the value of treasures sought by treasure hunters.

As cannon hunters we were beseiged with treasure looters, too, who followed us and tried using our discoveries to advance their own agenda. We kept our mouths pointed towards the ground to thwart lip readers. Beware of unsecure museums if donating something, but be even more aware that museum robberies are becoming huge problems. Bob Alcumbrack's cannon group had ghosts; not the apparition type that made Bob paranoid, but scoundrels in the crowd hoping we'd slip our tongues for their benefit. Bob feared both ghosts. To overcome his ghost phenomena, he bypassed them framing what he was seeking in his mind and then using his rods to find probable sites where he believed the cannon was buried. Being a successful dowser means nothing must contaminate the mind - focus only on what you seek.

Bob used his dowsing rods to find leys; the dimension of leys, how distant they went, how weak or strong were the generation of earth energies, but finding all this did not help him find the cannon faster, but the discovery of ley lines in Cannon Township did prick his interest. He became a new age ley hunter and found where leys intersected, crossed and places of great historical value, the holy, mystical and magical sites; all which today have become the preferred requirement sites for paranormal activities and UFO sightings.

Bob found massive magnetic energy spots (tree stumps and underground granite boulders layered in quartz) where electromagnetic or magnetic energy manifests itself in higher or stronger fields. The discovery of ley lines did interrupt Bob's psyche and that did make it more difficult to discern between cannons or hot spots, but Bob overcame this obstacle thru hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice dowsing with rods. Once he understood his strange feelings he could relax and concentrate and focus on the cannon. Even after he found the cannon's burial site he and Allen Janose continued to investigate the ley lines and magnetic power spots in Kent County up until his death in 2004.

Good dowsers don't need fancy and expensive electronic gear to find treasures, a simple pair of cheap dowsing or angle rods made out of metal coat hangars, a sharp mind and good eyes is all it takes to find the treasures of a lifetime. But, in order to be successful Bob had to understand the mysteries surrounding electromagnetic and magnetic power places on earth and how to use them.

Over the course of many years of study it was found that Crows in North America roost at these mysterious energy spots. The most favorite roosts is where magnetic energy currents intersect, but its also where major underground water veins intersect. Crows also roost near sacred sites and the magnetic energy seems to act like the crows' early radar system warning them of intruders giving ample time to escape. What the reasons for the magnetic power surges at specific sites has yet to be determined, but the core of the Earth is filled with immense magnetic energy and that's another reason why electromagnetic energy powers up standing stones, circles of standing stones or partially buried stones in concentric circles, objects, but ley lines are created seemingly without purpose. Leys will not lead dowsers directly to the objects the dowser seeks. It is time consuming, but leys will get you close, but beware of the weather and lightning.

Lightning in open country will strike the same place multiple times by different storms. It strikes directly above the intersection of two or more underground water veins. Trees are sometimes struck numerous times because the roots tap the intersects. A lightning bolt is a massive electrical charge (magnetic negative to high positive) trying to find the quickest way to discharge itself and it finds the highest point. When you are the highest object in the open, the golf club or graphite fishing pole raised is the lightning rod. A water vein underground and water under the boat is the negative charge and the implements in your hands raised is the charger. The charge dissapates very fast.

Whether standing over an underground stream or trickle in soil makes no difference, the electrical charge powers objects up. Golfers and fishermen are damp cables of lightning attractors. The old saying, "Lightning never strikes twice in the same place is wrong." Never be the tallest object in an open area - lie down.

A wet bicycle with rider is a magnetic hot spot. The electrical charge doesn't run from sky to earth, but from earth to sky, so it behooves us to understand as wet magnetic objects we can make lightning happen, too. So, too, dowsers that attempt to extract magnetic power from Stonehenge circle of standing stones have gotten the shock of their lives and that's why dowsers are not permitted to walk between the standing stones on dark nights. That's when the circle stones have an invisible ring or magnetic fire seen only with infrared night vision. One dowser standing in the back of his truck was blown away when a bolt of magnetic current jumped from a standing stone to his rods and the charge flipped him from the vehicle.

Lightning that strikes a tree numerous times gives the tree 'a nimbus of glory.' It is a sacred place of glory, like a church spire, standing stones and sacred groves due to underground streams below that powerup thunderstorms. These are visible glow charges or glowing points within landscapes. Circles of standing stones near Megalithic sites have been known to control thunderstorms in the past, but such sites must be in specific places, the shape and size of stones store energy and the conductivity properties could influence weather patterns, rainfall and electrical generation of more powerful thunderstorms. The increase or decrease of magnetic earth energies play an important role in increasing the staggering ferocity or lessening of severe thunderstorms over certain geographical areas of the earth. Raised objects store magnetic energy, but once they've reached saturation point the energy bursts forth creating more intense lightning charges.

It has been reported that some ley line hunters were conducting a survey near a circle of stones, rapped a stake into the ground near a circle of stones and were suddenly deluged with a terrific rainstorm for two or three minutes. The downpour started when they rapped the stake into the ground at the circle in line with the ley. Bob Alcumbrack and Allen Janose were struck with a massive static electricity charge when rapping stakes with anchor rods inside an a small partially submerged ring of circle stones northwest of Cannonsburg in infancy ley line research. Not a cloud in the sky, but the magnetic force field was super strong. Bob showed fear when thinking about how wide his personal was in relationship to approaching thunderstorms and lightning. Standing stones hold many secrets and Stonehenge, England (2,000 b.c.) boggles the mind.

Geologists say that 80 of the up to four ton stones at Stonehenge, known as bluestones were quarried from the Prescelly Mountains in Wales and transported 240 miles by sled and barge to its present location. They speculate it took the Stonehenge Britons more than 30 million hours to complete Stonehenge in Wiltshire County of Southern England.

Astronomers say the builders placed the stones in concentric circles creating a massive solar observatory to predict the arrival of eclipses and passage of seasons. The summer solstice begins when the sun rises directly behind the main stone called the "Heel Stone."

Historian say the circle of standing stones represent an ancient temple, a place where people can worship the heavens, but as time progressed the Druids used the site for pagan festivals. Druids were the priestly class of Celtic society. They were the preservers of the Celtic ways of life for their knowledge of the world and universe. The Celtic festival in Rockford, Michigan, this year for the first time in more than 8 years will not be celebrated this summer, but the best of Celtic culture is the musical group known as the Celtic Women, whose sweet singing is adored worldwide. The songs with smiling faces stimulate the heart and mind and draws you magnetically to listen.

Lest I forget the paranormal folks believe that Stonehenge is an ancient temple where the Britons first made contact with the occupants of the Mother Ship of aliens and extraterrestrials, while other scientists say the bluestones configuration is a sacred cemetery, where the cremated remains of the Britons rests at the foot of the stones. Cremated ashes hold an electromagnetic charge with the stones as long as they aren't disturbed just as the body inside a coffin holds a magnetic charge, but only until the magnetic wetness dissapates. Cemetery dowsers can find lost graves and determine if it's is used or not by wetness. Ashes kept in concentrated form keep their wetness, but dispersed ashes lose their magnetic properties with the standing stones. Tombstones with higher quantities of quartz have the same effect. Well, its getting late again and time for work.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 95

Bob Alcumbrack after two years of practicing dowsing in his search for the lost Cannonsburg cannon had finally figured out why he had to make sure no energy spots were located near his excavations. He finally figured out how to distinguish between ley lines of electromagnetic energy, energy source spots and buried objects minus where water veins connected.

Bob's personal aura of encapsulated magnetic energy field was very wide at 3.5 feet in diameter. He was a virtual lightning rod and dowsers with high energy fields you must error on the side of caution for those with wide energy fields are gifted, but dangerous. Allen Janose's energy aura was 2 feet wide, Harold and Matt McCarthy and my aura was 1.5 feet and Bob Markle, well his was nearly absent.

Together as a group of cannon dowsers we all had electromagnetic brain power in excess, but Bob was getting magnified doses of electromagnetic energy when he wrapped magnetic refrigerator strips around his neck and head. This increased his energizing power using dowsing rods to sense energy sources. When using the rods both are negative charged, the hot spots and ley lines positive charged and this gave him the power of lightning rods. Between all working in the group we had enough stored energy between us to attract lightning long before a lightning storm approaches. Dowsing can be dangerous to one's health since they can attract lightning long before thunder is heard.

We never checked Bob to see if he glowed a whimsical green, which some dowsers have experienced and witnesses such as archaeologists have seen dowsers glow green over power energy spots or when standing atop sacred mounds and standing stone circles. This is the reason why the ancients called them the mystical and magical spots and its where medicine men had the greatest power, which "wowed" others.

The portrait of a killer is a mosquito, but the second deadliest killer is lightning and it kills more people each year than tornadoes and hurricanes combined. Those who survive a lightning strike often suffer long-term injuries and personal disabilities so when you hear thunder, head indoors and don't raise a golf club, fishing pole or use dowsing rods as these a negative charged and lightning is positive. Individuals who have metal pins, screws and plates inside their bodies makes them more susceptible to lightning strikes and lightning does strike the same things many times where electromagnetic energy fields (EMF) and objects are geographically located.

EMF meters are what ghost hunters use to find anomalies in reported haunted houses, buildings and ships and they use them to find locate EMF fields of energy, such as bad wiring. We were constantly monitoring weather channels for incoming storms because lightning can strike out of a seemingly friendly sky. I mention this because the first week of summer is lightning safety week and this is what makes dowsing under certain conditions so dangerous.

Undoubtedly many people have never heard about the phenomenon called 'ley lines'. The Chinese refer to them as fierce 'dragon lines' because they hiss when intercepted by audio recording devices. Ghost hunters listen for the sounds of invisible apparitions and anomalies in total darkness where some has died a horrible death by accident or design.

Walter Tompsett died a horrible death, too, in Cannonsburg, Michigan, but our research group never encountered his apparition, but Bob and crew did sense the presence of strange feelings at Bob's first big dig and final conclusion. The hissing sounds are heard by tribal Indians in Alaska when the night sky is illuminated by the aurora borealis that dances wildly on distant horizons on dark Alaskan winter nights. I've experienced this sound standing on a Lake Superior shoreline watching the red curtain dip and shimmer across the western lake.

Legends abound that the hissing sounds are distant spirit voices of dead family members talking to each other as they climb Heavens staircase to find St. Peter standing at the gateway to Heavens eternal life. It would be best to say that whether American or Chinese most people don't know that ley lines or power spots exist and those who have studied them for a lifetime have used them to the betterment of society. Some are destructive, but most are beneficial to saving lives, but if metal exists in the human body it can be ripped from the body by MRI or cat-scan tehnology (EMF). Ley lines are the unexplained mysteries of North America that do affect a dowsers ability to use angle or divining rods to find treasures.

Bob Alcumbrack had found the power source of the leys before he found his first big dig, but he dismissed the strange feelings and opted to shelf them never thinking that the additional power being generated might interrupt or corrupt his thinking and rod useage. At earth energy spots the leys pass invisibly through buildings and homes. Dowsers who make contact with negative leys feel energized, but when alone the accumulations of EMF's cause they to suffer from anxiety induced panic attacks, neurosis or tension. Blood pressure rises and they feel stressed to the wazoo. Even I suffered from panic attacks during the years I worked with Bob and crew. People are affected by different levels of magnetic fields. Some are hypersensitive to the least amount of magnetic interferences.

Ley lines in North America are avenues of straight line magnetic energy that connect power places and objects on earth with each other, but only if one knows how to understand them. Little is known about this energy, but electromagnetic rays and PCB's do fall to earth from high electrical towers. What is known is that domestic cattle and humans who live beneath them within the EMF range have higher rates of cancer and brain tumors. Cows produce lower levels of milk.

Leys are negative and power spots positive. That's why they attract each other. Two of the same shun each other. It takes lots of ley line mapping to neutralize negative energy that causes life threatening diseases and decrease feelings of positive anxiety. What dowsers can't do is use leys as the direct source for finding lost buried or sunken treasures or cannons, but they may aid in finding it sooner. I found the key that unlocked the mystern and Bob used his master key of understanding leys to find the cannon.

In England the ancients used leys to mark ancient sites; holy places, wells, churches, temples, Stonehenge and Durrington village. They fall upon the straight track of ley lines. Skeptics, those who disbelieve in straight line doubt these were planned or conceived by ancient cultures. Skeptics tend to disbelieve or dismiss anything they can visually see.

Spiritualists and new age dowsers use ley line technology to conjure up ghosts, spirits, apparitions and most of these are found during thunderstorms when lightning increases magnetic energy. This is often downplayed by skeptics because of the prolific use in horror films and they refer to ley line science as "crap" sciences, because they never try to understand all EMF complexities. They refuse dowsing techniques and debunk dowsing and ley lines as witchcraft. Oops, I head thunder approaching so I'll stop here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 94

I heard a country western jingle on Willie's Place XM-13 and the tune said, "Do what you do, do it well ..." and when hearing this song being sung I immediately thought of Bob Alcumbrack and his search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon. He had an itch and scratched it. He poured his heart, mind and soul into the right history. "Research, discovery and preservation" is what he hoped to accomplish.

Bob lived that motto of "do what you do and do it well" and he hunted for the cannon with all of his resources. Bob was hyperactive when digging and using his dowsing rods and he felt he had to be energized to keep up with his younger crew. What he didn't know was that the absorption of too much electromagnetic current was one reason why his headaches increased. It is one thing to use refrigerator magnetic strips to ease muscle pain, but when he wrapped the strips around his forehead that was a foolish error in judgement. To overcome his old age maladies of body aches and painful muscles the strips decreased his overall health to the point where his headaches were getting more painful. He was exerbating the problem and his stamina was decreasing.

Since Bob's death in May 2004 scientists have concluded that, yes, magnetic energy can make you healthier in small doses, but absorbing too much of this powerful energy makes a person act hyperactive to the point where one feels tense leading to anxiety or panic attacks. Medical research scientists believe that those individuals that sit or stand purposely on ley lines or spots where high magnetic energy exists for long periods of time is the cause of cancer in general or cancerous brain tumors and hyperactivity is prevalent in humans. Mice used in laboratory studies suffer from hyperactivity and cancer when exposed high levels of magnetic energy. Too much absorption of electromagnetic currents or fields is responsible for turning children and adults into hyperactive zombies. To combat hyperactivity Ritalin is perscribed to turn them off.

Humans are receivers of magnetic and electromagnetic energy rays when they sit for hours in front of computers and TV's playing mindless video games. Absorption of increased levels of magnetic energy does affect how the brain functions. It decreases test scores. Doing without TV and computers increases stamina and energy and the result is better sleeping and greater thinking abilities. Our muscle tissues and nerve endings are being bombarded with too much magnetic energy. When the magnetic euphoria wears off we crash and burn. Radon gas is the suspected cause of cancer in many households, but an unequal circumstance of life is that too many households are built over positive power energy sources and this is why some occupants have increased levels of cancer in one household. Add to this the excessive use of cell phones, which some suggest is the reason people suffer from brain cancer.

Some people swear that wearing magnetic jewelry relieves painful arthritis faster than pills, but physicians warn that it isn't for long term use without consequences. Bob and Allen Janose were receiving too much electromagnetic energy and that too is what gave them strange sensations that gave them perceptions that something other than normal was happening. It was creating psychic disturbances to the point where they couldn't understand their feelings.

Magnetic rays affect the olfactory nerve endings inside the nose, the path of least resistance thus increasing naturally magneti levels in the brain. Bob and Allen's personal auras to the power grid of the tree stumps magnified their levels of electromagnetic energy. The electrical energy of highly charged electrical thunderstorms intensifies strong feelings and it can trick the brain into thinking what you are feeling isn't a normal response. Oops, now I'm getting tired its bedtime, but I can't help but wonder who is doing all the shooting outside - gunfire off in the distance.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 93

Searching for secrets of a sunken cannon got more fascinating when Bob Alcumbrack started investigating magnetic fields and ley lines in and around Cannonsburg. Bob found several strong ley lines near Imperial Mills on Chauncey Ave. in Cannon Township. Weak ley lines were up to five and a half feet wide and traveled straight lines invisibly three feet above the ground for distances of six miles. That's from Imperial Mills to Prospect Hill's springs that start Bear Creek, the stream so cold that if you fall into it "It petrefys all who enter." Stronger leys around the world, but especially in Europe average from 20 to 30 miles long. More powerful leys can go on a straight line for hundreds or thousands of miles and follow the curvature of the Earth.

What scientists have yet to verify is how this energy is connected to changes or shifts in magnetic fields on earth. Adverse weather conditions did distort and corrupt Bob's rod usage as a dowser, but cosmic disturbances such as lunar cycles, sunspots and solar flares did disrupt his use of dowsing or divining rods. The sun itself is a gigantic ball of magnetic energy fields and its solar flares bombard Earth daily and increase the levels of magnetic storms. Solar flares can disrupt satellite TV reception and increase the static electricity heard on AM radio stations. So too, the inner core of the Earth is charged and receives positive electrical charging from the sun. Opposite attract.

At Bob's dig site number two we scanned stones with a Geiger counter. Several stones had higher concentrations of uranium and thorium held in the crystal lattices of granite stones. Those sensitive to even low level magnetic energy often feel uneasy. Trace elements of these minerals corrupted his dowsing rods. Uranium and thorium were concentrated in the siliceous rocks of granite. High concentrations of granite tombstones contain radioactive ingredients and Earth energies do cause strange feelings to those who wander cemeteries or dowse for treasures. Earth energy is caused by the decaying of radioactive elements within the earth's interior and what's really interesting is that the richest metals; gold, silver and uranium are often found under Native American Indian monuments, which were the magical and mystical spots of the ancients. Treasure hunters hope to strike it rich and they didn't care how many native they killed to get the riches.

In 2008 scientists studying the shifting magnetic fields on earth discovered that over one million square miles of the South Atlantic is enveloped in a massive triangular area of increasing electromagnetic energy so vast that if it shifts it could wipe out all electronic and electrically operated equipment. It shifted from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere in 1859 just before the start of the Civil War. This powerful magnetic field hovered over the earth and it shifted northward and it halted all telegraph signals for days and if it could happen again within the near future. Imagine the lost electronic data if this magnetic storm shifts northward. This massive electromagnetic energy field could bring the world to a crashing halt wiping out all computer generated information and backups won't be of any use. Obama's plan is to put all medical records on computers for instant usuage, but everything will be destroyed. That's why its in the best interest to keep paper copies of all medical records stored in secure locatiosn. If the current southern hemisphere electromagnetic energy field shifts northward all data is lost. When will it happen? It could happen tomorrow!

Scientists watched the South Atlantic's electromagnetic energy field expand in 2009. They admit they don't know what causes it to collect in this spot and the best scientific minds on Earth admit they won't know how to stop or even alter the shifting course of this powerful magnetic field hovering above the ocean. That's why in this day and age of technology it is still in the best interest of all to keep hardcopy evidence handy. Hardcopy evidence is still a treasure hunters best friend. Cyber chatter is full of inaccurate distortions and information can be hidden, changed or destroyed easily. Cyber misinformation and fraud is rampant. Embellished realities are turned to fiction.

Lest I digress I should point out for the historical record that Bob Alcumbrack in his use of infrared film had to be aware of the fact he might find aliens or he might capture a UFO on his dark night filming of electromagnetic fields; ghosts included. NASA astronauts on the Shuttle mission in the summer of 2009 report 'Never had they recorded and seen so many close encounters with UFO's.' Astronauts were warned not to talk about such encounters, but this information was leaked anonymously. Who's playing possum on this planet? Are we really the only humanoids on Earth? Do higher up authorities fear outer space aliens? Bob got a little paranoid when he learned he just might see something government officials won't admit exist.

One night from 8-10 p.m. on Channel 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they aired a special program entitled "UFO coverup." The host was Mike Farrell (Dr. B.J. Honecutt) of MASH fame. Farrell broadcasting live talked about the magnetic fields between earth stones (earth lights) reflected off the earth and how this invisible spectrum bounced off UFO's and airplanes flying over specific places on Earth. Many UFO sightings appear real occurrences to eyewitnesses, yet such sightings are downplayed as hoaxes or imaginary swamp gas appearances. Military authorities from the U.S. and U.S.S.R. consistently deny the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth. Since 1965 some 400 additional planets have been discovered using more sophisticated telescopes seen from earth or from deep space probes; satellites and one way (rockets) into galaxies they never knew existed.

Polling during the program revealed that 66% have reported UFO sightings to law enforcement or military authorities, but they did not get satisfaction with explanations given. 87% of respondents wanted Congressional investigations into whether or not the military has UFO spacecraft stored at Area 51. The military staunchly refuses to say if UFO's have crashed with results of alien bodies being found. The military denies the existence of aliens. Mike Farrell wasn't convinced with military answers and near the end of the program he gave what to look for in alien descriptions. Aliens might have football shaped heads with large black eyes, small nose and toothless mouth, four fingers and toes, but no thumbs or big toes. Look for short 3.5 to3.8 feet tall aliens with silver skin. The first seven physical features sound to me like football players after a Super Bowl game, but these actually are what physical features terrestrial are supposed to have as portrayed in sci-fi programs. When infrared filming Bob Alcumbrack wasn't amused that he might find UFO's on his film and he hoped he'd never find any aliens while dowsing. He was superstitious.

Stonehenge in England, The Great Pyramids of Giza, Mt. Everest, Sedona in Arizona and countless other sites worldwide all have strange and spooky characteristics where powerful energy fields are massive and can change polarity with cosmic disturbances and lunar cycles. In 2007 an archaeology professor at Northwestern Michigan Univeristy amazingly discovered a mini-Stonehenge of standing circle stones on the bottom of Lake Michigan. He was shipwreck hunting when his latest new experimental underwater scanning sonar found a wrecked boat and two cars inside the standing stone circle. Stone circles appear on Beaver Island in Michigan as well as some ancient landmarks near Lake City, Michigan and many ley lines crisscross the countryside. Leys are simply invisible spectrums of light or streams of electromagnetic energy that are only detectable by dowsers, EMF's or infrared photography. Any skilled dowser can find ley lines coursing across the ground to distant locations.

Bob used is dowsing rods to sight in ley lines. Many times we watched as energy bounced Bob's rods away and he found pillars of invisible ley lines (earth lights) shoot beams straight up into the sky on dark nights near Moffit Hill, which has an elevation of 850' above sea level. Knob's Hill is the highest natural hill in northern Kent County at 975', but Moffit Hill in Cannon Township, the Pitsch Hill (900') in Algoma Township and Prospect Hill (950') in northeastern Cannon Township are the next highest hills and all have ley line phenomena.

Our use of infrared photography during our two-year hiatus showed that the Cannonsburg area has many power energy spots. The ground is strewn with hot rocks made of high-grade tungsten and polarized quartz stones we found so prevalent at Bob's first big dig site. Outcroppings of big stones buried sub-surface on Moffit Hill sent spirals of energy skyward. Not only did the stump corrupt Bob's rods, but so too, did the fattening moon, which once we understood the effects it plays on the rods, we opted to stop our nighttime research until the dark cycle of the moon returned. The ground literally sparkled with hot rocks near the first big dig site. When to use dowsing rods during a lunar cycle was the key to using them correctly. Bob had learned to overcome the hot rocks and could descern the difference between hot rocks and objects buried underground. It took lots of failed practices to get him frustrated, but he had a way of making us smile and laugh so hard once we nearly busted our guts. Well its getting late again and I need my shut eye, too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 92

Bob Alcumbrack's "oops" were nerve wracking. Treasure hunters, err, cannon hunters need to confide in each other with no "oops" after something has gone wrong. It is essential to communicate and solve problems before you expend to much physical labor. If Bob couldn't he wouldn't be able to achieve his wildest dream. After two failures to find the Cannonsburg cannon we knew we had to help him overcome his skill for dowsing water where water veins merged or connected. It was difficult to teach him not to find water, precious metals, jewelry, Indian artifacts, lost graves, ghosts and a host of other paranormal anomalies, but use his rods to find only brass objects and the cannon.

First he and Allen Janose had to figure out what was causing the strange feelings - the tingling and vibrations in their arms at choice locations. Both were being zapped with high levels of magnetic energy they received from diluted iron ore in water. No we can all sense electromagnetic energy, but in some individuals it is magnified if they receive too much electromagnetic energy. The key to better dowsing is to understand that some objects give off high eletromagnetic energy impulses and dowsers that have mastered the craft are more sensitive. Some individuals are so magnetic energy and magnetic field sensitive that it causes high anxiety feelings, which are similar to those who experience panic attacks. Magnetic energy oozes out of granite tombstones and this is the anxiety sensation some people feel when walking thru a cemetery. It's what forces them to leave. It isn't necessarily they are afraid of ghosts or spirits of the dead, but the feelings are caused by electromagnetic energy stored in the quartz crystals along with radioactive elements such as thorium and uranium in the granite gravemarkers. This is what gives some people the creeps walking in cemeteries.

Whenever possible Bob tried putting his strange feelings aside, but his body couldn't. His muscle aches and pains were increasing, so too, were his migraine headaches. Bob was getting a toxic overload of magnetic energy and research over the last twenty-five years suggests that people who live near magnetic power spots have higher incidences of brain tumors and cancer. Hot spots are electromagnetic energy source spots that connect ley lines that form an openended triangular pattern. Points (A) to (B) and (B) to (C) connect, but not (C) to (A).

I'm supersensitive to computer screens. Can't sit in front of screen for more than three hours without tingling. Causes me to feel jumpy and nervous. What I found more intriguing was the fact that it wasn't revealed until the second big dig failed that Bob confessed his cannon search was done only his stepfather's property - Luther Augustine's 80-acres, the front part being La-E-Ma-Land Mobile Park. He never ventured to look outside of Cannonsburg mainly because the five men who buried the cannon were only gone about one hour. It had to have been close and Bob felt Mr. Murray's tears were reason enough to suspect it was buried along the glacial stream. This is what clouded Bob's judgement and its one of the reasons why Bob never investigated beyond Cannonsburg. It is highly probable it could have been thrown into an old cistern well and buried or thrown into a kettle pond or other geographical spots to the northwest of Cannonsburg.

I suspected early on the five men wouldn't bury the cannon in the same hole. That'd be too easy to find and too close to town. Surely someone would see the disturbed ground. After two unsuccessful attempts to find the lost Cannonsburg cannon we had to find out the reason for Bob and Allen's strange feelings. The electromagnetic energy spots were corrupting Bob's rod and both men had to learn how to discriminate between ley lines, energy spots and brass objects. Thirty feet northwest of the first big dig was the lone remnant of a bygone pine tree that once inhabited the stream's basin since before the Civil War.

Bob took his rods and concentrated and walked towards the old decaying ruins, the mushy red wood oozing with water. The rods swung wide showing the diameter of its electromagnetic field. It was six feet in diameter. The energy was very strong and try as Bob might his rods bounced outward, the magnetic energy repulsing the rods. Allen tried the rods. His arms were straight, the rods pointing at the stump and within six feet the rods in his hands visibly shook. The electromagnetic energy was so strong that Allen was receiving an electrical shock. Dowsers at Stonehenge, in England, have experienced the same feelings. The vibrations get so strong and in fact this ancient site is closed to everyone after sunset. Some report that dowsers who have passed between the rocks during the dark cycle of the moon phase report this wild tingling sensation and report it as an electrical shock. Normal photography film records nothing unusual, but with infrared film one can see the electromagnetic energy current spiraling around the entire structure -- from massive stone to another. This is precisely what is supposed to happen when a diviner dowses water or when dowsers encounter standing stones. One rod is negatively charged and Bob's stump was positively charged. Polarities of the same do not attract each other, only opposites.

Bob's stump was a power source. It was receiving energy from a distant source and was being deflected straight passing within thirty feet of his first big dig stie. An invisible spectrum of high energy called "ley" ran past southeast and was close enough to cause the distortions in Bob's rod usage. At first Bob didn't know what to think of the ley line. No where in his research had he ever encountered such a strong invisible energy field. In England and Europe ley lines have been studied and researched since the heady days of Alfred Watkins (1855-1935) who was a self-taught amateur archaeologist and diviner who floored the world's greatest scientists in 1921 with his discovery of ley lines. They thought he was a "nut" too and scientists repeatedly scoffed at his theory and discovery of ley lines, because he referred to these as old straight tracks meaning they were the remnants of prehistoric trade routes. Fringe elements thought these ley lines linked prehistoric sites while others believed they were cosmic energy lines inside the earth. Ley lines in the 1960's were thought to be the linkage lines for UFO's.

It took scientists in America fifty years to finally be able to understand what ley lines encompass, but scientists still do not understand precisely what the intended purpose is for magnetic ley lines. We are the living like phantom spiders within the earth's invisible network of web (ley lines) that crisscross the earth connecting to good and bad energy spots. Dowsers can easily pinpoint the density of these energy spots, magnetic fields and ley lines. In reality ley lines are the earth's mysterious electromagnetic energy ley lines that skip across the ground, go deep into the ground ((265 feet) and reappear later on the same straight track to another power spot before being deflected to some other distant power spot. The earth is covered with this mish-mash network of invisible electromagnetic current and it is this same type of technology that is used by military jets to pinpoint missile targets.

Now in England ley lines are presumed to be alleged alignments opf mysterious earth energies to prehistoric sites, but skeptical scientists or those with shallow minds who can't think outside the box, don't believe that this special energy is channeled to align ancient sites or holy places, such as stone circles, standing stones, cairns and churches. The same is true to ancient sites in Michigan. Durrington Village and Stonehenge are sight upon the same alignment of leys. Unsure is whether or not the ancients purposely planted them in these special landscapes by accident or design. Both sites are power points of stored energy. Watkins though believed he could link a number of ancient landmarks by series of straight lines. He was convinced that he had discovered the ancient trade routes. Stonehenge is still a place of mystical energy and is a very popular site among New Age Dowsers in England. Stonehenge and many other standing stones spots are catagorized as the world's strongest sources of "energy or power" places on Earth. Bob's stump was one of these massive power places, but it was the receiver of this energy and gathered more power from another power spot southeast of Cannonsburg. The ley line from the southwest was weaker.

Bob wasn't willing to tell anyone outside of our core cannon hunting group that he was dabbling in ley line research. They might think he really was daft. He spent years up until his death tracking the ley lines across Cannon Township. He was afraid of being ridiculed for his ley line findings and feared they might be afraid of his findings. Watkins faced humiliation, but he never gave up his quest to understand how ley lines work. Nobody during the mid 1980's had any clue that ley lines traversded across Michigan. North American studies indicate that most ley lines run north to northeast. Native American Indians said that as long as ley lines ran this direction "peace" would reign, but when the ley lines ran north/northwest be prepared for war with the whiteman. Well it is getting late and its bedtime, but before I quit I'm going to vent my disapproval of BP's oil disaster.

BP and Obama's administrative handling of this whole fiasco is disgraceful. As I've said numerous times what did Obama ever accomplish as a Senator? In my view he's never accomplished anything. He spends money unwisely and shows he doesn't know how to work with anyone. He talks a good game, but what he says isn't worth a shit. This whole environmental disaster wouldn't have lasted 56 days if they had worked to permanently cap the well. If BP can put sensors inside the well to see how much oil is polluting the Gulf, "Why can't BP seal this well below bedrock by inserting another pipe with bladders on the tip and thousands of feet below bottom inflate said bladders with air sealing off the flow of oil. If a bladder can work inside a water tank why can't a bladder inflated the opposite way inside a well do the same thing? Bladders would give them long enough to pump concrete into the pipe and then install a permanent cap without vents or top hat filling it with concrete. BP isn't trying to stop the well, they are simply stalling to harvest the oil, because they don't want to cap this well. How is drilling two relief wells going to stop the flow of oil in the damaged one? Too much time is being wasted doing nothing to stop the madness. The real disaster hasn't happened yet. A hurricane in the Gulf will put millions of people out of work and oil will be hundreds of miles inland.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 91

Bob Alcumbrack's failure to produce the Cannonsburg cannon on the second and third big digs broke the will of several men. Several men could no longer afford to keep using their physical brawn on Bob's wild dream. Bob had to either get his act together or more men would walk off into the sunset. He also knew the latest failure meant his men were under extreme pressure to quit wasting time and energy chasing his dream. Cannon hunter wives were getting lonely and angry and were complaining husbands were more infatuated with Bob than paying attention to her, the children and home. Two years of 'Honey Do Fix-it Slips' kept the job jar filled with things men are supposed to keep current.

Bob knew his men were under pressure to quit so he sat down and wrote personal hand written notes to all the wives thanking them for their patience and use of their husband and son's on his exploratory search to find and retrieve the Cannonsburg cannon. The cannon recovery crew knew that when you love something it isn't work, but FUN! When you love what you do and do it from the heart you'll never work a day in your life. When you hate your job that is when your life becomes a miserable existence of unhappiness and that makes you a disgruntled slave laborer. Allen and I helped Bob figure out what he was dowsing wrong and we took the time to help Bob redefine his dowsing skills before we started his third excavation in May 1988, but before it concluded and we moved on to the final dig we already knew what happened to the cannon. We chose to keep silent. It was a fantastic secret, the biggest secret Bob and crew didn't want to share with the public. We couldn't trust township officials to keep the secret. Tongues would slip as anonymous tattletales.

I had to dig deeper in research to find what Bob missed. Bill O'Reilly on the FOX news channel always states you are about to enter a 'No Spin Zone', well you are going to enter the opposite camp with Bob's brand of 'Spin Zone' discovery. Bob was stumbling his way into the unexplained mysteries of Cannonsburg. He stepped lively into areas of scientific research years ahead of American scientists and was using cutting edge of technology to understand ley lines, straight tracks, magnetic energy and electromagnetic power spots.

Only a smidge of information was available in America, but straight track and ley lines had been studied in England and Europe since 1921. We are still in the infancy stage in how to interpret ley lines of electromagnetic energy, but much is still unknown. Skeptics still consider ley line studies junk science and Bob was beginning to doubt his dowsing skill, but like a marine he chose to 'overcome and adapt' his problems to better understand the differences between ley lines, energy spots and buried objects. His silent mantra, too, had to be precise. Where we took Bob made him squirm once he understood where and what he had to investigate. His mind thought he was disrespecting the friendships and memories of those who gave him bits of flawed information about the cannon's disappearance.

Where I lacked muscles for physical labor Mat and Harold McCarthy used their brawn to bust roots and excavate soil and rocks. Charlie and Chuck Alcumbrack, Bob's brothers, were the pump and air injector engineers. Allen Janose was Bob's welder and coffer box construction engineer and Bob operated the backhoe. We all had our own secrets, but Bob even after two digs failed had to shift his attitude and share his feelings if he wanted to keep his crew from deserting the mission. Bob was like a Rubic's Cube of unshared secrets only because he didn't understand or could explain the feelings or signals he got at different sites. If he couldn't explain his feelings the men might think he was mentally challenged and quit, too. The news media already made him paranoid. TV cameras made him uneasy and camera flashes and the constant chattering robbed him of his sanity to concentrate. One can't be a dowser if one can't concentrate without constant interferences.

His discovery of earth energies might make him a whack scientist. Those who refuse to believe in earth energies and ley line straight tracks could have driven a stake thru the hearts of his crew. Was his exploration for the missing cannon factual or fiction? Bob confessed he stumbled upon the energy spot (tree stump), but he didn't know how to explain the electrical shock so he kept silent. He wasn't secure enough to tell his crew about his discovery. He felt if his crew knew about the electrical shocks they might have been spooked. He felt this secret had to remain hidden until he was sure he could trust his crew not to repeat it. He had every intention of resurrecting the cannon at the second big dig site, but when he failed to produce the cannon it is then he told us about the mysterious power spot [earth energies] he found in his physical search of the streambed.

Bob responded that he felt strange and his arms vibrated when using the rods near the tree stump. It scared Bob on several occasions and he wasn't alone. Allen Janose sensed greater electrical shock sensations. His hands pricked and tingled. He later confessed he didn't know why and couldn't explain it. The electrical shock was intriguing and it puzzled us until we understood what caused.

Our focus now was to help Bob and Allen achieve the level of success that dowsing requires. Harold McCarthy couldn't believe that Bob based the tears in Mr. Murray's eyes to discern where the cannon was buried. Bob based all his assumptions on Mr. Murray's tear filled eyes at the bridge crossing, but never ventured a guess that this was the first burial site and not the last. Bob, too, had fallen for a scam artists portrayal that brass dowsing rods are best to find treasures. Bob found the advertising enticing. It was a simpler way to find treasures or cannons, since electronic metal detectors still couldn't locate brass objects. His mind said 'brass should find brass' and that's how to find the missing cannon.

Copper and brass rods, metal coat hangars bent to "L" shape and Witch Hazel rods are primarily used for dowsing water where underground water veins connect. Iron ore deposits will corrupt dowsing rods. Twenty-four years later (after 1986) these rods can find just about anything, but it takes lots of dedication and precise practices of mental power, concentration and focus for grave dowsers, treasure and ley hunters to find what they seek. A dowser can't guess.

All three rods use bundles of electromagnetic energy - some to greater or lesser degrees based upon accumulations of manetite held in human tissue near the ethmoid bone, which is the perforated bone in the front human skull.

Animals, birds and mammals all have this bone, too, and many of them migrated with the use of magnetic fields stored in this bone. Pigeons, bees, whales and bacteria naviagate by the earth's magnetic fields, too, and changes in nagnetitie levels cause living creatues to sense magnetic changes.

The ethmoid bone's outer surfaces form part of the outer wall of the nasal cavity and the inner wall of the eye socket. Out mind's eye is a powerful invisible recording instrument with no wires, but the body and minds electrical current, that's nerves and neurons must function as a whle in perfect working condition. No variables.

Turtles always know where they are going crossing a busy roadway. They travel along a magnetic field of energy. If you stop to rescue a wayward turtle, lift it up and take it across the road for safety people interrupt its magnetic compass. When placed on the ground and after you leave the turtle is lost and it'll turn around, walk back across the busy highway, get its bearing and walk back across the same traffic road increasing its chances of getting smushed. Female turtles use this magnetic compass to follow the invisible magnetic lines to find t he exact place where they were born and bury new eggs.

Today high altitude military radar planes and drones can light up a target with a blast of electromagnetic fields of energy. Another jet fighter hones in and fires a missile that is guided to the target striking it within millimeters. To overcome Bob's most present problem of finding water it was necessary for Bob to find solid proof of the cannon's existence and its size and we were astonished to learn he had done it. We were ecstatic and this helped Bob get to the bottom on how to use the dowsing rods effectively. We couldn't live anymore with Bob's 'oops.' We had to have better communication. Oops, I'm getting sleepy. Till tomorrow.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 90

Between 1986 and 1988, the venerable Bob Alcumbrack and his cannon hunting crew had become secret ley line hunters of Cannonsburg. The ultimate secret society of Cannonsburg (1886) was being unraveled and the portrait of a killer cannon was being revealed. Not all, but many mysteries surrounding the cannon's disappearance are only known to God. The following series is dedicated "In Memory of Robert Alcumbrack, Allen Janose, Harold and Matt McCarthy", the deceased crew members.

Are you still interested in what Bob mastered and the scientific achievements we discovered around Cannonsburg? Bob's discovery of ley lines and electromagnetic energy or power spots in the Cannonsburg area was unknown in 1986. Bob prior to his first big dig wasn't sure how to interpret his findings and most of the cannon crews' wives weren't privy to what was happening or what the crew found.

When Bob Alcumbrack dowsed the first of two major excavation sites he envisioned the wrong size of cannon and wasn't aware that certain requirements must be fulfilled in order to be a successful dowser. Maggie McCarthy, that's Harold's wife, feared Bob was misinformed and was chasing a ghost cannon and insisted rather strongly to Bob he hadn't done enough research and misinterpreted size of cannon based upon "awesome blast" and small military cannon notations. Bob assumed it was American military - an Army field cannon. Still an "awesome blast" didn't mean it was an American 6-pound artillery piece. The third and final big digs were closer to reality.

The first two failures were smidgeon errors, but what Bob missed when practicing with his rods was in order to dowse correctly a person must be healthy with no aches and pains and that was part of his problem. Age though is simply a state of mind we all face, but when we see our body changing physically, we go over the hill at old age milestones. Past 50 years of age we aren't as active and in fact after several days of brutal work it doesn't take much to realize our "youth has got up and left" and in some instances our youth is "gone, gone, gone and disappeared." Not all adults! Not Bob Alcumbrack. He was a dynamo of energy and didn't know the word "quit" after two major disappointments.

Quit? Never! Not Bob. His wildest dream was still waiting. Never give up simply because you failed to produce or make what you desire a reality. Do we all realize our dream? No, but never quit until death. It's a struggle and we, like you, need to discover the outcomes of persistence and patience. Dreams die because we are afraid to push open the envelope of uncertainty where others who meet with least resistance seal the envelope. Without failures we don't know how to correct problems when it fails.

Bob was young at heart and tried using his brain to the best of his abilities, but flawed logic in association with his rods. Still he was correct in using his two brass rods to point out direction, like how far, which direction and depth, etc. When mentally challenged by variables in understanding basic principles of dowsing he broke out his nuclear metal range finders to fine-tune directions. He approached the cannon's disappearance from a treasure hunter's engineering standpoint, but his research logic skewed his mind's eye vision. The second and third sites were his secrets of potential and the third dig site wasn't revealed to the crew until the second site was a bust, too. That's only because he was operating in the dark. A surgeon needs lights in the operating room and the best equipment and support staff. You wouldn't let an unorganized surgeon operate on you.

Dowsers pursuing objects of ones affection must be factual and not base what they seek on circumstancial evidence. Many skeptics of dowsing doubt that a dowser with one or two pieces of wire, expensive or junk, can find treasures or water. Failure or success are the only constants.

Dowsers can use expensive copper and brass rods or use cheap metal coat hangars, but all must be able to formulate accurate pictures in their mind's eye of the precise object or objects he/she seeks locked in their mind's eye in order to find what they seek as a means to an end. It's an "art of focus and concentration."

An English jobless man named Terry Herbert lived on welfare for 18 years and he discovered an Anglo-Saxon treasure from the Seventh Century worth millions in 2009. People who saw him dowsing daily classified him as a bonafide 'Nut' like Barney Fife called Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show.

Herbert as treasure finder on United Kingdom soil received half the treasure's worth. Using his metal detector on the day of discovery he found more than 1,500 pieces of gold and silver. Some weighed 11 pounds and at gold prices in 2010 that's worth more than $201,200 U.S. or about $250,000 UK. What took him so long to find it and why did he find it now? He changed his mantra the day of discovery. For 18 years he repeated 'Spirits of yesterday, take me where the coins appear' and replaced the mantra 'coins' to the word 'gold'. The word "gold' was the key to unlocking the treasure's secret hiding place. Herbert said he didn't know why that day he changed one word, but he found the stuff of treasure hunter dreams. He met destiny.

Herbert's one word 'change' made all the difference in positive thinking. Precise wording and the ability to focus on invisible pictures made in the mind's eye made his dream possible. This is fact, not fiction. I assume Herberts mantra was that of a dowser. The story that appeared in the press used a generic title for metal detector, but didn't mention the word 'electronic.' The character reference describing him as a 'nut' gives the impression he was a dowser, but no matter what he used the one word mantra change made all the difference in outcome.

Herbert's mantra spoken in silence was similar to the mantra Bob was using and it did reward Bob at his final destination and Bob's facial palor was 'as white as a ghost'. Bob's voice cracked, his lips trembled, eyes glistening with excitement and fear, his body, arms and hands trembling. He was a basket case of gelatin. When he relaxed he double and triple checked his dowsing findings, but each time he quivered like an Aspen leaf on a tree, his skin palor changing revealing the electrical sensations. Allen Janose double checked Bob's findings, too, and Allen's complexion changed, too with disbelief and I felt the anxiety of watching both dowse the cannon. I told you it is buried in Cannon Township, but I haven't revealed where?

We, that's the crew, never did know what mantra Bob Alcumbrack was using when he dowsed at his first two big dig sites. What he never told us was he couldn't understand why his rods changed polarity nor why the earth energy fields were strong one day or week and weaker the next week and seemingly disappeared. With each failure he blamed the weather as dictated by his aches and pain. Research would prove he was incorrect in his intrepretations of dowsing practices, since after heavy rains that's when ease of dowsing is best.

When Bob's second dig failed to produce the cannon it would have been easy for his crew to abandon him and two crew members did quit, but not Bob. He simply revealed he could dowse water where diferent veins of iron ore deposites remain where groundwater intersects. This was precisely what dowsers who use rods, witch hazel and willow sticks are supposed to find - intersecting water veins, not treasures. Dowsing rods can aide in searching for treasures, but you must know precisely what to picture in mind's eye and it can't be faulty reasoning. Bob's mind's eye wasn't a sharp picture, but fuzzy and his mantra wasn't correct. The cannonball discovery during the third dig would reward Bob at his final destination. We kept this ultimate secret.

The second site was Bob's next secret spot. He didn't reveal this until the first failed to produce a 6-pound cannon. The first big hole was based upon energy signals and the amount of tears that fell from John Murray's eyes each time his buggy stopped on the small foot bridge over the stream. Twenty feet west of the bridge is where the strongest readings started Bob's wildest dream. This is where I believed after hearing so many stories where the men retrieved the cannon when the town elders buried it on July 3, 1885 and resurrected it for the Fourth of July celebration. What Bob discovered was where three major underwater streams converged to form the major springs (+) with a plus pattern resembling a cannon. When Bob and crew didn't find larger stones for weight to make the cannon sink I began to doubt the existence of the cannon, because how could the five men bury the cannon in such a wet grave within one hour, where Bob couldn't dig it up for 22 days.

This site gave me bad vibes and early on I didn't know the reason. During late night digging operations the crew felt uneasy jittery feelings. Hot nights, but it was if something was peering over our shoulders, the cool breathe stimulating our ears and neck. We shuddered numerous times, the creepy feelings making us shiver with fear more than excitement. Nurses and other medical personnel walking the halls near the morgue at Spectrum Health's Butterworth Campus in Grand Rapids anonymously report spirits lurk.

We had wondered if it was Tompsett's ghost or the 'spirits' of his departed friends were haunting this glacial valley's streambed on dark nights. By day the squadrons of biting blow and deer flies assaulted our flesh and by night it was sheer horror, the portraits of killers (mosquitos) hovering and finding our sweaty bodies for a bloodmeal. Sensations of invisible ghosts and spirits lurking in the darkness added to the uneasy feelings. Complete strangers felt the uneasy feelings. Tompsett died a horrible death! Could the uneasy feelings have been his unresolved conflict where he felt the cannon accident shouldn't have happened? Were all seven spirits arguing their cold breathe falling upon us? Were they trying to discourage us from digging?

At the second site we were relaxed. No bad vibes here and we watched Bob witch the cross 'cannon' formation using his brass dowsing rods. Standing on planks straddled across a mud bog Bob telescoping backhoe bucket's claw snagged a solid object. Our adrenalin skyrocketed as they probed with long metal rods and struck something hard and hollow. We took turns using my EMT stethoscope to listen as the rod struck the objects. We could hear the pulse of the earth. Was it the missing cannon? Sight unseen hearing the objects 'tink' caused an overflow of adrenalin. You've read this story in #89, but what I didn't tell you is that when the water in the hole was sucked down like the flush of a toilet so violently if a man had been standing in the water he would have been sucked into the underwater rock cavern. "Whoosh" he would have been gone and sucked into the innards of the underground rock cavern, his body unrecoverable. This is another reason why when exploring for treasure you never go alone. You could fall thru the top of an old cistern well, the earth swallowing you without a trace.

These bedrock caverns do exist the Cannonsburg area. On the Hartwell farm off Honey Creek Road south of town in the 1880's a horse fell through the rock bottom stream and drowned. At site number two Bob had found another groundwater intersection where two major water veins connect on top and below the rock formation. Geologists we talked to said the bedrock under Cannonsburg is greater than 150 feet deep. Baloney, the glacial tributary streams revealed rock at 8 feet underground. Scientists don't know everything. Well, more tomorrow.