Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Legend of Chief Cobmoosa & Pres. A.J. 37

       The 24th Congress under Andrew Jackson's presidency was responsible for all the Indian war parties till nearly the end of the 19th century. Washington got caught lying and tried to cover up its own shortcomings by altering the original wording on the Treaty of 1836 document. 
       Here the Indians were being scripted and taught the Holy Bible since 1579 not just Catholic and Baptists between 1818-1836. Those in Congress 1835 read the same passages about "Thou shalt not lie, Thou shalt not steal and sinned against God to save there own skins and dupe the Indians.
       The Jesuits had been preaching to the Indians since 1579 in the Grand River valley - that is why so many gold crucifixes with diamond inlays were found beneath the streets of Grand Rapids and in the vicinity of the Norton Indian Mounds.  Another Indian legend of the Ottawa and Chippewas residing in Michigan's Grand River Valley after the Treaty of 1836 was signed starts in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona in 1847. The trail leads into Michigan towards the Ottawa and Chippewas "Gateway to Heaven."  This legend concerns the disappearance of a 900-lb gold cross from the Dutchman's Mine worth $17.3 million at today's rate of exchange.  That's about the time gold was discovered at Ft. Sumpter in California in 1847.
       In essence, Congress created nightmare Indian scenarios that took more than seventy-five years of warring heartaches whether red, white or black to end and all because Congress spoke with forked tongue associated with as snakes and lizards.  They proved religion didn't matter, but greedy men speak the same language when dollar signs are seen and they want to get it no matter who gets hurt.
       Nearly all of us at some point in our life become like teabags.  We really aren't worth much until we've been rinsed through some hot water.  Sometimes we learn more from failures than successes of naturally being right, but through failure once or twice and never a third time.  
       Treasure hunters like those who search for the Lost Dutchman Mine seem to disappear the second time by accident and third by design of unscrupulous others seeking to defraud others.  The Jesuits priests had been mining gold, too, from the Old Dutchman Mine thru five King Philips and others leading up to the Peralta massacre at a time when King Philip was getting disgusted with their lies and stealing. The priests got greedy and were shortchanging the King and got caught and so he ordered all Jesuits out of Arizona and New Mexico about 1847 under President James Polks administration.
       Settlers were rushing across North America seeking fortunes in gold and silver and it didn't matter where they went or who owned the land and they began killing Indians and vice versa to get it.  Where money was so was the greed of others who didn't want to work to get it, but who lied, cheated and stole the livelihood of others.  The 24th Congress broke the bottle of right and wrong (like President Clinton and Hillary), but when Jackson was just about to leave office in 1837 the misgivings of his administration he had witnessed what his mother was trying to teach him in his youth.  Be careful when dealing with others - don't fall into their traps to get rich at the expense of others.   
       President Jackson realized America was in a free fall into a financial abyss.  He reckoned if he didn't get a handle on land speculators, crooked bankers and the abuses of money (cash) borrowed on credit at 30% and higher premium interest payments the poorest citizens unwittingly were going to assume the largest financial disaster that would affect them personally for years.  Jackson knew what was right or wrong with the way Americans were borrowing against their future.  Many time he remembered how his mother was always trying to instill religion in his life, but in his youth he had swallowed a wisdom pill one night and when he woke up he wouldn't listen and became a rebel.
       Along the way life changes everyone, you too.  We all morph into those things we didn't want to hear or become when younger by the wisdom of the aged.  It wasn't until Jackson became president did he realize that the things of his youth were trivial as compared to all the matters on his plate as President to deal with for eight long grueling years.  Don't spend what you don't have or can't afford. (continued)