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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon -74

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the Cannonsburg cannon was surprised at what lengths he would have to go to understand all the complexities of electromagnetic energy. EMF is used to help fighter pilot fire air to surface missiles within a gopher's whisker length. It takes more than just the pilot. A radar plane lights up the target from a higher altitude and the fighter jet's pilot locks onto that target and the missile hones in on the precise highlighted electromagnetic target.

America's latest weapon of war shoots no bullets, has no gunpowder charge of any sort, and yet is a defensive weapon. It is not classed as a ray gun because it can be cast over a short or wide areas. From a dish it shoots a powerful, yet harmless invisible beam of electromagnetic energy that can be compressed or expanded over an area. A two second blast of this energy increases the body temperature of attackers or anyone within its realm instantly to 130 degrees F. making them feel like they is gonna' burst into flames and self destruct. What you have in your hands you'll drop because of the intense heat. It isn't a microwave or radioactive weapon. This is considered a non-lethal weapon as opposed to a taser that delivers an electrical shock.

It simply means the human body can't take the invisible heat shock from electromagnetic current and anyone caught in its sphere is rendered unable to function. Whatever you have in on your person will be dropped - simply too hot to handle. The brain fails to function and neither do extremeties. The heat practically paralyzes you into submission for a few minutes.

That "Back To The Future" car Marty (Jamie Fox) and Lloyd had with collapsible inward folding flipup tires and flying off at the speed of light and rollerboards that hover above the ground isn't as far fetched as you might think. I'm waiting for the day when tires are motionless on riding lawnmowers and it hovers on magnetic energy for a smooth bumpless ride. No more steel blades to sharpen or change. The grass cut with a real spinning lazer blade. That's my wildest dream machine.

Can you imagine what the earth will look like in regards to automobiles and trucks when electromagnetic/solar propulsion replaces the use of fossil fuels; oil, gas and coal and Obama's ethanol (corn) based or steam produced from water gulping machines? Water rising into the atmosphere is the largest source of pollutants in rising ozone levels. Electromagnetic energy and solar propulsion is the wave of the future that can make you a trillionaire and not continuing to produce unfriendly gas, ethanol and water for shared bybrid technology.

Environmentally speaking EMF and solar technology is going to make a breathe of fresh air possoible when we stop using all fossil fuels. Flight rage could be worse than tire rage on earth. We can't all be drivers in space, some too old and unhealthy to operate such wonderful new advancements in transportation. Don't be surprised when a prerequisite for ground transportation will be waterproof travel suits, helmets and body bumpers for electromagnetic people shufflers. Only the wealthy and healthy people will drive electromagnetic driven vehicles. I have a vivid imagination, but it isn't far fetched and maybe someone out there will be challenged to act on my futuristic visionary dream. I'm the seed of your dream. Bob Alcumbrack's wildest dream wasn't as far fetched in his lifespan than where technology has taken us today.

Believe-it-or-not in America wherever Indian tribes were involved with incoming settlers, miners and treasure hunters over treaty rights it is a well documented fact that uranium, silver, gold and platinum deposits were the cause of so much death and destruction. Some of the most sacred sites whether burial or ceremonial have yielded much wealth.

Worldwide researchers discovered that prehistoric megalithic builders; the Central American Aztecs & Mayans, the Michigan Mound Builders and Copper Culture Indians had been attracted to earth energy sites since the beginning of creation. These sites frequently possessed naturally occurring radioactive metals such as uranium and thorium, the trace elements we found in the Bear Creek Watershed areas around Cannonsburg when investigating EMF. The ancients learned to master the earth's energy fields as 'power' places to 'WOW' their people. The American Crow roosts at EMF power sites. Such things today would be referred to as "power point" presentations.

Where Bob and crew found the underground blue and greenstone ancient arrows , or small (+) formations and we removed one stone from the sequence the entire EMF vanished. Replace the same stone the EMF is restored. Some earth energies by day can scramble telecommunication signals at the most inopportune times causing frustrations on conference calls when cell tower coverages don't overlapse.

The electromagnetic shield (iron ore) in Canada is so strong above it that telecommunication and radio signals are bent to the curvature of the earth during the day. Radios fifty miles into the bush are pure static. That's because the sun heats iron ore deposits in soil and stones and as the warming temperatures increase, the density of magnetic energy keeps radio waves pressed to earth. This earth energy is so strong during daylight hours it bends the radio waves to the surface from tower to tower and the signal can't get beyond the curvature horizon 60-90 miles away. That's why you see so many short cell phone towers along major highways so frequently.

If cell towers were higher they would be fewer towers to spoil the scenic views and vistas, but cell phone coverage would overlap and that is what providers don't want you to know and this explains lost signals, but even with satellite coverage signals get dropped because of solar storms. The sun is a magnetic ball of fire and solar flares can interrupt signals from space. TV signals make for snowy or static pictures. The earth is covered with electromagnetic ley lines and energy spots above and below ground and this is what Bob and crew had to discover about EMF in regards to dowsing rod useage.

Telecommunication companies are all vying for multiple plans, because of gaps in their coverage range from tower to tower. Radio reception in Canada is silent or runs static during the day, but at night when the earth cools the magnetic blanket is lifted and the electromagnetic shield grows fainter and loses its strangle hold allowing radio waves to go higher and bend over the distant horizon for hundreds and thousands of miles. On the darkest nights you can listen to stations from all over the world and satellite signals have increased our availability to those far away places. We now return to secrets of the Cannonsburg cannon.

Between the 1986 big dig and Bob's second big dig in 1988 he had dug many holes in upland wash locations of interest dowsing for the cannon and he did find many historical artifacts from the 1700's and 1800's. No ordnance pieces or equipment. What he did find were brass buggy ornaments, buggy shoes, rigging and an assortment of rusting farm tools lost or discarded lanterns, fenders, parts of old cars, coins, perfume bottles, etc. Bob was fast becoming an antiquuites collector of unwanted junk, but never lost his sense of humor while searching for his dream cannon. His vision was always on the main prize, the Cannonsburg cannon.

We wallowed in the scientific research and it made us better prepared to overcome obstacles. We experimented with the latest treasure hunting devices and it helped solve problems faster, which led to undertaking a third bigger dig. Bob in 1988 was preparing for the second possible cannon burial site, because he thought he had found the wheel rims of an ancient carriage buried upright and felt it would be easier to dig up the cannon, because he knew it wasn't a nine-foot long piece, but a bronze cannon less than 65-inches long that weighed 500-800 pounds. It was something he could lift with chains attached to a backhoe bucket.

I videotaped his second big dig and you may see this video presentation at the Cannon Township Historical Society's museum in downtown Cannonsburg, Michigan. You are in and out of Cannonsburg within 1000 feet. This site showed lots of potential. The terrain from dryland was steep to deep mud below at streamside. No other video documentation exists of Bob's second big dig.

Two days before the second big dig started I stopped at Bob's trailer. I knocked and he came to the door and when he pushed it open he had the biggest frown, but I burst into laughter. He resembled the "Karate Kid". His head was wrapped with a magnetized refrigerator door strip, the ends of which draped down against his back. "I'm sorry Bob, but you look ridiculous" and I couldn't stop laughing. Immediately from the back of my mind I thought has his paranoia of the news media turned him insane, but that was far from the truth. Bob has always understood the healing power of magnetic jewelry as medicinal power. He looked like a nut, but he wasn't!

Bob said, "I've had a terrible headache and backache" and he refused to use a painkiller to mask the pain. Even aspirin can interfere with dowsing rod useage. He thought he was applying the lessons he'd learned over the years about the wonderful powers of magnetic energy and used the properties of the strip to improve his health. He was a visionary in May 1988, because lots of people in 2007 wear magnetic jewelry; necklaces, wrist and leg bands to fight the joint pain associated wtih arthritis, that same thing that was accecting his old age.

Scientific medical studies suggest that magnetic fields can improve or lessen arthritic pain without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, while non-believers swear it doesn't work. Always remember when you doubt something won't work it won't and that's a negative response and sets the doom stage to failure. Why go through life programming your mind for failure, because you are afraid to try instead of thinking positve - what if it does? Try it ! Fail or succeed by your own merits.

Folks thought Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison were insane, but futuristically these two inventors would be astonished with the progress others have made on their inventions. If magnetic jewelry works to combat arthritis why would you listen to the noisy negative folks? Don't disbelieve because of peer pressure. Don't go through life corrupting your psyche with negativity. Don't let the devil crack your skull and poison you brain. Think positive even if something seems impossible. Those who give up because it might go against the grain, because they failed or began to fail might make a possibility thinker richer at your expense.

Although Bob's body was stressed that morning he had some exciting news, a secret he couldn't wait to share. He had found an important cannon artifact. Although hurting his eyes twinkled and his voice was excited. It was that special something, a discovered cannonball, three to be exact of 1.87 inch caliber. It could only be fired from a two-pound cannon which explains how Walter Tompsett was hit in the knee. Falcon or falconett put it less than 72 inches long and these guns were made of bronze and usually cast as twins because they were expensive and made in the presence of kings or queens. prior to 1635. These guns were highly decorated. With crests, seals, decorations and Le Grand Cannons plaque intact made this cannon the ultimate treasure. It took bob two years to find artifact evidence to support this claim and I based my earlier findings that he was looking for a ghost cannon because of where Tompsett was struck with the ramrod.

The secret we couldn't release was whether or not it was naval, fortification or field ordnance.
Was it 6-pound or smaller of military field ordnance originating from what country? Yes and no are some answers. Bob had finally discovered solid evidence of the cannon's historical value and characteristics he could now formulate in his mind what he should envision. Dowsers must be precise and accurate. Feel the force.

Before I stop I just wanted to tell you that when Bob came to his door I laughed, but I also asked him what started first, the headache or backache. His back then his head. "There is a reason for this," I said and its because when a person is overexposed and receiving too large a dose of EMF's the warning signs are headaches, nausea, dizzyness and confusion. Its called magnetic poisoning of the human body. We are susceptible to this energy force field. Our brain is magnetically charged and too much scrambles our thinking capabilities and increased levels of magnetic energy causes extreme paranoia, anxiety and impending doom. EMF are increased by when in association with electricity and its why ghost hunters find higher EMF readings inside perceived haunted houses and buildings. Are the findings natural or unnatural.

It may seem like a cruel game I'm playing when I ask questions, but provide no answers. I'm the cat and your the mouse, but I'm trying to provoke you think positive. What I'm doing is a natural act and I enjoy toying with your mind so its back to 1885 and the cannonball men.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 73

When Bob Alcumbrack received the EMF electrical shock near Prospect Hill while searching for the Cannonsburg cannon and electromagnetic energy fields he 'turned as white as the ghosts' he didn't want to find. Spirits weren't welcome entities, but the thought of them definitely increased is paranoia, but then again when the human body receives an overdose of electromagnetic energy fields paranoia levels increase significantly. Any individual that receives too much EMF readings makes one anxious, nauseated and sometimes dizzy. Feelings of instant sickness scrambles thinking capabilities. Unseen ghosts, spirits and EMF's can make for some rather uneasy feelings you can't explain.

Electromagnetic fields cover the entire earth. The earth's core itself is one gigantic ball of spinning electromagnetic energy. I suppose it keeps the earth from hurtling off into space. Ley lines of considerable strength criss-cross the countryside and don't just end at Native American ceremonial sites. Some stop of power sources that go deep inside the earth. Some surface stones are only 'senders' of signals while others 'send n' receive'. Stones "A, B & C may connect, but C to A never.' The power sources or spots hold an EMF charge that's very strong during the dark phases of the moon and weaker as the moon fattens.

Scientists studying electromagnetic anomalies say that the South Atlantic Ocean has an area covering nearly 1 million acres of water where electromagnetic disturbances are so powerful that if it shifts northward it could wreak total destruction on orbiting satelittes if the polarity changes when it interacts in the northern hemisphere. This EMF could render all electronic devices powerless and this actually happened in the 1840's and rendered all telegraph communications powerless for about one week. If this EMF shield shifted northward today it'd ruin President Obama's hope that all medical histories be stored electronically. All computer related information would be wiped out. Obama's dream carries many flaws. That's why hardcopy documents are so important. Everything will grind to a halt. Supercharged EMF will destroy or wipe computer hard drives clean. Thank goodness we never found wayward ghosts, spirits of UFO's on our infrared film.

Over the following two years Bob discovered many possible cannon burial sites, but he concentrated on three of the most likely spots that he had previously witched. Infrared film did prove the ground was littered with energized stone readings, too. Iron ore deposits were not everywhere, but were found in clusters, but what really lit our bubbles was when we started using seismic Geiger counters and found trace elements of uranium and thorium. Even small amounts from both metals can cause cancer and it is one reason why spectators of Dale Chihuly's spires at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan are kept far back from the public. Native American Indians used areas where these metal existed as power point projections by medicine doctors. Indians chiefs viewed these places of spiritual interest and protected them from settlers seeking gold, silver and platinum reserves under them on tribal land.

Trace elements of uranium and thorium are found within the small crystalline quartz formations inside granite stones. The cyrstal lattices hold magnetic charges that change polarity. Some individuals are so sensitive to EMF they do not wander around in cemeteries and people with pacemakers are forewarned to pay strict attention to hospital placards concerning EMF. This strong energy interferes with pacemaker heart rythms. Obey the signage at hospitals.

Originally we thought that it might be the concentration of tungsten and iron ore that corrupted Bob's sensitive angle rods and confused him. The additional metals and the lack of understanding about EMF and ley lines is what caused him to get so many false positive readings and the EMF and ley lines increased the energy fields significantly. Then again he didn't tell us everything earlier before we found out the cannon wasn't buried at the first site that within thirty-five feet was a EMF power source. Bob didn't know how to explain it so he kept quiet.

A gigantic old stump held a supercharged EMF and a major ley line connected it to another. The ley line of intense EMF passed within inches of his coffer box and this is what increased distortion factors. Add to all this the fact that treasure angle rods are primarily used to find water, but water is a treasure in certain geographical areas. Trouble was water veins in the vicinity of his coffer box intersected with trace elements of iron ore, not brass or bronze cannons. It takes years of practice to master angle rods to find treasures, err, cannons.

Bob was using his angle rods incorrectly and he missed the part about triangulating upon buried objects and it took him some time to understand he needed three anchor rods at several points of a circle to find objects. Practicing took place during the dark cycles of the lunar moon. A British Wing Commander, C.V. Beadon, once said that ley lines could be construed as human thought waves that pickup bad and good signals as they travel through space. If these waves existed the electrical impulses are caused by brain cells talking to each other subconsciously by use of connecting ley lines within a charged human body. Bob's EMF again was very wide and a crack of thunder sent us scurrying to get away from him. Again the biggest EMF wasn't Bob, but the old tree stump. The stump had a 7-foot diameter EMF (electromagnetic energy field) that was responsible for increasing or decreasing energy depending on lunar cycle. Try using thought waves to communicate silently with deer you see along highways. Think hard and connect - concentrate hard and they won't move, but this doesn't work on doubters. I've used this technique many times. I drive many miles each week, but I hit one at 55 mph broadside. It panicked. Better to kill a deer than avoid and kill yourself.

The roots of the ancient stump reached down to a blind spring. For some reason ley lines centre collect over blind springs (spiral), that's dowser lingo. This spring has nothing to do with a water source. The stump is simply a collection spot for ley lines coming from from different directions (incoming or outoing signals). It's a powerful radiation energy spot. It's like an invisible wild octopus whose tenacles of EMF energy is spiraling outward in different directions.

As cannon hunters, the Cannonsburg group had stumbled into quantum physics, quantum theory and relativity and when we had trouble understanding these ramifications we sought out others to help us overcome problems. Beaudon suggested that matter and thought are purpose driven eruptions of cell matter thrust upon a sea of energy taken from the whole of cosmic space. "Huh" reread that again.

Bob's mind set thought the connection of using his brain wave activity with EMF energy could lead him to find the Cannonsburg cannon easier. Brass should find a brass cannon. Bob didn't know how Beadon explained his secret talent.

Bob became an electromagnetic pioneer, but through dowsing practices he replaced his faulty rod useage with correct visualization of the cannon using time dowsing techniques. Thought impulses would be the keys to finding the cannon. Brass was undetectable to metal detectors in 1986 and effective brass rod useage was his best possible option for finding the cannon.

Many dowsing rod doubters thought Bob was a certifiable nut. With so many negative thinkers in the vicinity of his first big dig he had a difficult time being positively charged. One rod is negative and one rod positive. Two of the same do not attract each other, but repel each other, but the key to using opposites successfully is keeping opposites away from the EMF energy. The rods in each hand must be opposite EMF fields otherwise when coupled with human brain waves they won't cross.

Are you an open-minded or close-minded individual about things you don't understand? Are you a tinkler like Dennis the Menace who investigates what made things tick? Be curious of your world and learn what intrigues you most. Sometimes our eyes prejudge others upon outward appearances and we don't see the knowledge of positive attitudes within person's like Bob. What percentage do you give yourself for negative (bad) thoughts versus positve (good) thoughts on a daily basis? Are you a mediocre thinker, a mover, a levelheaded shaker or magnetized individual who just enjoys a challenge.

Opposites (negative + positive attract each other) while two of the same reject each other. Man and female are warm blooded individuals, but a warm blooded lover with a cold hand blooded lover can keep each other warm on cold nights, but two of the same (body temperatures, skin) find it rather difficult to huddle and keep warm. Two opposites are "attraction at a distance," said Albert Einstein. We all have our bad and good days and Bob Alcumbrack had plenty of each. Rewarding and dismal is the common fraility of the human spirit when it goes exploring beyond what others think is impossible.

Well I'm running out of energy again. My bed is calling, so see you next time when I conclude this segment on the mysteries of EMF ley lines and magnetic stones.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 72

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the sunken Cannonsburg cannon had to learn the hard way that just whipping out dowsing rods and start dowsing was a fool's errand. First he had to teach himself to live within the limitations of dowsing practices. Ley lines and electromagnetic energy fields were altered by cosmic and atmospheric disturbances according to lunar cycles. He had to be physically, mentally and spiritually in touch with his body. His mind had to be a sharp as tacks. He had to learn how to manage the mysteries of leys and magnetic stones to his benefit and not get too distracted when failures surfaced in dowsing where lots of earth energy was present.

Scientists who study earth energies say there is a high relationship between large megalithic sites, ancient circle ceremonial sites and UFO anomalies worldwide. These are all sites where electrically charged bluestones, greenstones and magnetic stones appear, the favorite sites of Wicca religions. As a historian I laugh at how military officials always describe UFO sightings as swamp gas or high altitude balloons or imaginary objects. I'm proud to say I've seen two UFO's, but I couldn't identify my sightings, except for one that really intrigued me one dark evening in November 1998. The triangular craft about 500 feet wide hovered over the woods. Altitude maybe 1000 feet.

It wasn't a cloud, but it blotted out the stars and had single dim white lights on projections at each corner. It made no sound when it left. In a flash it shot straight up with no noise into a shrinking black hole, the stars appearing instantly. No wind. Stealth bombers don't go veritical, but parallel. It wasn't swamp gas. It was as if it was floating in the sky. In retrospect it could have been floating on a magnetic force field. The air crackled with a static charge, the hairs on my arms and head stood up. The feeling was similar to two invisible positive magnets being forced against each other. My mind and body said this UFO was real. Many other people have seen UFO's hovering unseen to radar and sonar installations. Don't you believe that its swamp gas or fertile imaginations from watching too much Star Trek. I'm not a trekkie!

Ley line scientists in England once believed that Stonehenge's perfect circle of Megalithic standing stones represented the shape of ancient extraterrestrial spaceship whose highly advanced life forms may have seemed goldlike to Stone Age Britons. Circles of standing stones exist worldwide and not just in England. Spoofs of Stonehenge appear west of Marne, Michigan, but Michigan sports many circle of stones; Beaver Island, Lakeview, Clam Lake, or those in Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio and Wyoming have their share of ancient ceremonial sites. In 2008-09 a mini stonehenge was found off Petoskey, Michigan in 60+ feet of water on the bottom of Lake Michigan, but were submerged standing stones.

Approximately 50 medicine wheels stretch from Colorado north into Canada. Origins of the creators are unknown, but some of these stone circles are 200 feet in diameter; the rims have fieldstone spokes of stones radiating out to a central heap of stones. These are regarded as the ancient sites that were used for astronomical observatories or ceremonial rings. Stones in circles are alternately 'positive' and 'negative charged, but the polarity of such stones changes with the lunar phases of the moon according to Celtic calendar.

Celtic calendars begin the six day after the New moon and each year on the sixth day of the first New moon after the vernal equinox (spring). Not only does the energy force surround the stones, but the stone circle formations transmit the energy from one stone to another. Bob Alcumbrack found a cluster of these stones on Moffitt Hill. Removal of one stone, the electromagnetic field disappeared. Megaliths of standing stones join between subterranean forces and straight above ground energy; all of which can be altered again by cosmic or atmospheric disturbances.

Archaeologists today believe that Stonehenge is an ancient cemetery and memorial site that holds the cremated remains of more than 250 ancient Iron Age Britons. They lived in small houses at Durrington Walls a short distance away. In 2006 some 8 houses out of 25 village houses were excavated. All sites connected by avenues to the Avon River. Some archaeologists believe this was the missing link between the megalithic stones and underground water. The standing stones appear to channel energy causing a spiral force field that can be felt by skilled dowsers using rods.

Standing stones at Stonehenge on dark nights are supercharged with fast moving spiraling rings of electromagnetic energy that connect each stone. Infrared night vision is used to see these 'rings of fire.' What's really interesting is that bodies of the ancients cremated at the base of standing stones fixes a magnetic charge into the soil, which automatically imparts that charge to the standing stones. Bodies cremated at the base of standing stones enhance the soil with a reddish color indicating the heat caused by cremation. We found a cremation site in Grattan Township. Heat from the fire keeps the energy charge confined between ash and stones. Remember each person born has his or her own field of energy and mass.

Megalithic man had found that a buried body near a standing stone will impart that magnetic charge to the stone until such time that the ashes are cast aside. As the body decays inside a coffin, your body field of energy is lost within a hundred years. Dowsers might still feel a faint energy field or they might pick up the energy from iron ore nails in the coffin. At a National Geographic Society news briefing in 2007 they said Durrington Walls, was used as shelter for the builders of Stonehenge. Stonehenge, Durrington Walls, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Michigan Copper cultures and Mound Builder cultures were all built around 2600 B.C. Mound builders cremated their dead. Stonehenge was oriented to face the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset, while Durrington Walls faced the midwinter sunrise and midsummer sunset.

Inside Stonehenge's circle on the ground next to standing megaliths are many bluestones. Bob Alcumbrack found many small bluestones and magnetic greenstones near Moffitt Hills cluster of circle stones. Ufologist believe that bluestones were set around inside standing stones to mark places of contact between man, extraterrestrials and spacecraft. If left up to you which do you think explains the mysteries of Stonehenge and what would be the relationship between the mysteries of Stonehenge and the lost Cannonsburg cannon?

We may all live on this planet called 'earth', but are we really the only humanoids in the universe or have we been visited by other life forms? Orson Wells, the author of "War of The Worlds" both radio and and video versions from the 1930's and Rod Sterling, the author of TV's Outer Limits and astronomer Carl Sagan sure riveted us to our nightly sci-fic TV seats. But were these three guys just far reaching fictionalists after all? Yacques-Yves Cousteau took us diving to the bottoms of the seass showing us the underwater sites of unimaginable sea creatures, fish and shipwrecks and the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the sunken cities from the Lost Cities of Atlantis. Such weird triangle s exist, too, in Lake Michigan and the Devil's Triangle off Australia in the Merina Trench.

From airplanes flying high above Stonehenge, the pilots using infrared night vision and camera loaded with infrared film got an eyeful, while normal vision cameras recorded no anomalies. Stonehenge was fully illuminated with night vision and spiraling rings of fire (magnetic energy) spun at high speed. Each massive stone held an electromagnetic charge. It spins brightly and is akin to strobe lights of red and organge in time lapse photography, this magnetic energy spins at fantastic speed. When infrared night vision first became available Russian and American (commercial and military) planes flew high over the world's five continents and they were startled by by the suprising amounts of "Circles of Fire" radiating from earth on dark nights. These buring rings of fire diminish after the start of each New Moon and intensify as the Full Moon wanes.

Commerical airline pilots have been warned not to divulge what night vision sees for fear of upsetting passengers, but when passengers and pilots see UFO's hovering over airports like at Chicago's O'Hare field the military ruled it swamp gas, balloons or imaginary sightings. On November 7, 2006, commercial airline pilots descending for landing at Chicago's O'Hare field reported to the control tower they visibly saw a large saucer hovering over the airport tower. FAA control tower personnel refuted any sonar contact. The saucer was visible for a few seconds ehn shot straight up through the clouds. Military officials that night reiterated they saw nothing or radar and dismissed the airline pilots UFO sighting as a weather phenomenon. Airline pilots were told not to talk about their saucer sightings. Airline officials said they didn't want the sensationalism of media hype or UFO frnzy advertising and cause a downtick in business operations. They classed the sighting unwarranted and said they were afraid it would imperil pilots to ridicule or cause fear in the flying public. They could lose their jobs if they disobeyed orders.

In the Spring of 2009 the Space Shuttle had just returned from fixing the Hubble Telescope hovering above earth. It was in bad need of repair and is now on its second ten year life to photograph the heavens with unobstructed viewing. But, one thing was different with this mission to repair it. The Space Shuttle crew expressed concern to Mission Control about all the UFO sightings they had recorded as viewed from space back to earth. Higher concentrations of UFO's were seen more than any other times in space shuttle history, but the astronauts were warned not to tell what they saw. It could be possible that UFO's have harnessed electromagnetic energy. If so this would explain the absences of noise when UFO's go vertical.

Fact is, many of us have seen aliens, oops, sorry those are the ones from Mexico that that are giving the folks in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas trouble courtesy of a Federal government bureacy that betrayed them. The Federal government dropped the ball on immigration and its because they haven't been doing their own job of protecting them from illegal aliens. If aliens landed on Earth or hover in our atmosphere from outer space or other galaxies on the opposite side of the sun they'd be illegal aliens, too. Would we know how to handle them or is that why Area 51 is so heavily guarded?

When the U.S. government so greatly protects Area-51 so vigorously and debunks UFO sightings isn't it any wonder they are hiding something? Have you ever seen a UFO day or night in the dark starry heavens you didn't understand and wish to forget for fear of being labeled a 'crackpot'?

Military officials are always prone to explain it as anything but a UFO.

Remember "War of The Worlds" by Orson Wells? That first release on the radio caused lots of fear and panic across American air waves. The newest version doesn't match the suspense of the original with Dr. Clayton Forrester and the minister's niece's screams of terror when her Uncle was reduced to dust. Certain things we remember more vividly and my night sighting of my vertical flying UFO wasn't my imagination. It wasn't swamp gas, but I'll tell you right now that on one of our late night forays around Prospect Hill, the spirits of electromagnetic energy were angry. The electromagnetic fields were so strong that Bob Alcumbrack received an electrical shock so strong he dropped his rods and was afraid to pick them back up. That's what dowsers have experienced at Stonehenge and why rod usage at night is forbidden at Stonehenge. For several weeks afterward Bob was unsure of his feelings and in fact we found a supercharged stone near the old Bostwick Lake cemetery that made his skin crawl.

Groupings of certain kinds of stones send invisible pillars of light straight up into the night sky causing an eerie version of the strobe light shining straight up marking Ground Zero after 9-1-1 to memorialize where the twin World Trade Towers stood. Bob Alcumbrack and our infrared film showed some of these pillars of light near Moffitt Hill, Imperial Mills, Prospect Hill in Cannons Township and near Rattlesnake Hill and Twin Lakes in Grattan Township and all have ancient Indian connections.

Well, its time to quit for the night. I'm burning the midnight oil. Are UFO's just a fignment of our own human imaginations?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 71

"X" may mark the spot in Big Myers Lake in Courtland Township for the demise of the Rockford cannon, but it is its description puzzled the Cannonsburg group. It was a small cast iron cannon mounted on a rickety old carriage. It fired for 20 years beyond the Cannonsburg cannon accident.

The Rockford cannon was taken from its summer Boy Scout camp storage out of concern for youngsters who would fire it soon. It's advanced age warranted its disposal. This was the same cannon that prematurely discharged in 1874 killing a Rockford man and injured Marshal Albert Pickett, the same man injured when it prematurely discharged in 1884. Unknown parties took the cannon away one dark night in 1906-07 and sunk it in the murky depths of Big Myers Lake.

Theft of the old cannon meant Rockford would be without a weapon to fire at the 1907 July 4th celebration. Merritt Lamb, a young Boy Scout, age 16, had grown up watching his father fire the cannon and had taken an interest in the cannon many years earlier. He couldn't stand the thought that someone ditched Rockford's cannon so Merritt with the help of his brothers and father built a more modern gun. It was a hand-drawn cast iron field piece, complete with gun carriage and a caisson mounted on small iron rimmed wheels. The two-inch caliber bore muzzleloader was 44-inches long. The cannon was fired with the use of an electric battery, spark coil and an automobile spark plug. The cannon's length and bore size was built heavy enough to keep it from accidental explosions or the gun would flip when fired. The boy was smart.

While doing research for secrets of a sunken cannon I stumbled across this information by accident and I wondered how a 16 year old Boy Scout had the intelligence to make a cannon from scratch. Surely he had to have seen a diagram or something from a previous cannon to know size gun requirements. It was actually made in his father's foundry in Rockford.

Merritt Lamb, a Boy Scout in the Rockford group had a sharp eye for cannon founding. Each 4th of July or Memorial Day he was fascinated with the old Rockford cannon's blast fired at the corner of Main Street and Courtland. Such was the cannon's construction that it was actually made to resemble a cannon not made during the Civil War, but a cannon produced in Scotland from 1450-1650. Cannons during this era were made of wrought or cast iron, welded together and wrapped with iron bands like barrel hoops or wrapped with wound wire. Lamb's cannon resembled a very primitive cannon called a "culverin". This gun was strange and unique on American soil. The design of such a gun had to have come from a personal recollection and diagram by Lamb's father and with his son's knowledge the cannon was cast in Rockford.

Lamb's father had an 80-acre farm in eastern Plainfield Township and south of Rockford. It butted up against Cannon Township's Barkley Creek for many years. Mr. Lamb did considerable business with Cannon and Cannonsburg residents and he could have seen the Cannonsburg cannon or it being fired and patterned the new Rockford cannon's design on it. Remember no photos, pictures or drawings of the Cannonsburg cannon have ever surfaced so how was it that the elder Lamb could make such a old style cannon depicting a short culverin?

Lamb had to have seen the Cannonsburg cannon. Many times a researcher discovers secrets while reading a different topic in newspaper morgues or on microfilm readers. Sometimes too many hours reading microfiche causes snow fiche blindness. Secrets get discovered by pure accident from the personal papers and memoire's of individuals who seemingly only had a brief encounter with the Cannonsburg cannon.

Wouldn't you know it that I discovered an important secret lying in an uncompromising position on the ground, which confirmed the 1450-1650 designs of Lamb's cannon. The eyes caught a clue and Bob and crew never recognized it during our ley line investigations in 1988. On a whim I reacted to my 2007 dream, the spirits prodding and goading me and from that prone position in cold, icy snow I saw the strangest sight.

I wondered why Bob didn't discover this clue twenty-five years ago? How could we have missed the cannon's description for 25 years? Sometimes when we look so hard we tend to not think clearly and miss the simplest clues. The mind and eyes concentrate so hard important things disappear. The intense drive to find the Cannonsburg cannon made it easier to lose it without recognizing it, but now is not the time to expose this unclaimed secret - not yet. I've got you wondering don't I? That's it use that brain! I know my halo is flickering again.

It is very important for treasure hunters to know about leys, electromagnetic energy fields and magnetic stones when hunting for the mother lode or cannons with dowsing rods. The mantra said silently must be precise wording. One word change is all it took for the English treasure hunter in 2009 to find about 18 million pounds worth of buried gold and silver treasure. All have a direct bearing on final conclusions and it takes the sting out of the mysteries that surround our lives on a daily basis. Next time its the mysteries of leys, magnetic stones and earth energies.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon- 70

Trying to discover secrets of the Cannonsburg cannon's demise took stamina, grit, determination and willpower. As Sean Connery told Elliot Ness in the movie The Untouchables, "If you want to keep a secret tell nobody." That's exactly what the Cannonsburg residents did almost 125 years ago. They swore themselves to secrecy and history would show that they took the promise of ultimate secrecy to their graves. Children of (1885) kept the secret secret and by doing so they made "Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon" an exciting journey. We kept secrets from our public spectators from 1986 to.....

If we had been asked then how to explain mysteries of earth energies and how they store and harness themselves in association with iron ore and magnetic stones many would have thought we were certified 'nuts'. But who back then could have thought that the furtistic services; called internet, TV and telephone, together would be called "bundling" as a means to save money while creating a living. These are powerful tools of our ages.

What's even more stranger is that our use of electromagnetic force fields is still in infancy as compared to how early megalithic builders, such as, Stone Age, Mound Builders, Copper Culture, Aztecs and Mayan Indians used this powerful tool. These people, the men of power, used electromagnetic fields and ley lines in the construction of their Indian ceremonial sites, cemeteries and temples. They mastered the ancient traditions and used what they learned ancestors how to "Wow" the people with feats of magic and create superstitions.

The cannon search crew found underground greenstone directional arrows and ancient crosses along the Sioux War Trail running northeast through Cannonsburg toward Saginaw Bay. Along this route was a striking network of invisible ley lines and the amounts of iron ore increased rod signals near Bob's first big dig excavation site which made the false positive readings stronger.

Ramsdell Ave to the north from Cannonsburg and Honey Creek Avenue south to Ada is the thorough fare for the Sioux War Trail. South of Ada the war trail followed to the east of Buttrick Avenue passing near Quiggle Lake. Indian chiefs of the Grand River tribes told all Indians traveling this trail that they were not to look down at Quiggle Lake otherwise the serpent from within its mighty depths would rise up and snatch them. They were forbidden to cast their eyes upon this lake in southeastern Kent County otherwise when serpent eyes met human eyes they would be powerless to overcome the serpent's mental power. Quiggle Lake according to Indian legend says it is deeper than Lake Erie and that monsters of the deep don't give up their dead.

Cannonsburg was at the center of the Sioux War Trail, but it was used by many other Michigan tribes, too. Tribal markers abound beneath the ground surface in close proximity to trail locations. Magnetized stone arrows were supercharged with electromagnetic current and did interfere with Bob's angle rods as the moon fattened. Bob knew he had to discover the secrets between leys, buried objects, junk, iron ore deposits and underground rivers. He had to know how to distinguish between these things so he could find a smaller 65-inch or less cannon with an ornate carriage than a cannon more than 108-inches long.

Did you watch President Gerald R. Ford's funeral when they fired his 21-gun salute using seven 6-pound military cannons? Whether in person or on TV did you see the awesome firepower of each cannon? In person you could feel and see the awesome shock waves; the windows vibrating and hear the thunderous percussions off stone and steel monuments (buildings) then hear the thunderous echos crack louder off steel. The barren trees shook violently after each cannon barked. This is supposedly what size cannon Bob Alcumbrack was hoping to resurrect on July 4, 1986.

Can you remember the the burst of gunpowder smoke? Had leaves been on the trees near the Gerald R. Ford Museum each time a cannon belched fire and smoke they would have been blown off. Standing barren of leaves the tree branches rocked wildly during each successive blast. Now
see the scene like witnesses to Walter Tompsett's accident if he was standing in front one like Gerald Ford's funeral salute cannons and see the Cannonsburg cannon belching fire and smoke as in did in 1885.

Had Tompsett been shot by this 6-pound caliber cannon it would have injured more than just him. It would have killed him instantly by blast concussion and not shot in the knee. The ramrod would hit his fleshy stomach or chest area tearing through soft tissue and not muscle and knee bones. It could have cut him in two pieces, but the scene of him being struck in the knee was a ghastly scene. This cannon prematurely discharged in attendance of seven men, but five disposed of it in 1885 and five men in 1986 tried digging it up the third time. Destiny was riding again.

Seven predestination shots fired thrice brought Gerald R. Ford and the Cannonsburg cannon together as destiny driven. Our cannon expedition was turning into a sci-fi radioactive giant octopus that had more tentacles and the search for secrets of a sunken cannon took us to new heights in discovering what made Cannonsburg so mysterious.

We began using brass-seeking directional range finders, voltmeters, Geiger counters, electronic scanners, infrared film, EMF, magnetometers, geological maps, magnetic compasses, electronic metal detectors and dowsing rods to locate all the magnetic ley lines and identify power sources in Cannon Township. We had to learn to dismiss all the major intersects outside a six-mile limit of Cannonsburg. Some strong ley lines existed within two miles of Cannonsburg with several powerful power sites that received power, but mysteriously ended. We had to know why and where it resurfaced and triangulate it in our search for the cannon. The media paparazzi soon became frustrated and lost interest in our late night forays into paranormal investigations. The brambles and poison ivy discouraged a few. It was their fault stumbling around in the dark trying to follow our lights. We hoped they got the message to stop following us. It was rattling Bob's psyche.

Local residents in the Myers Lake area were easily spooked and were afraid of us and called police, because we acted really weird. Using cameras without flash and lasers in total darkness spooked a few south of Myers Lake, but we were able to chart a spider-like network of ley lines across Big Myers Lake with a laser. The old Rockford cannon tossed into the lake 1904-07 rests in the deep bottom depths. It was also a post Civil War era cannon discarded because town elders thought it was a liability factor, too. "X" marks the spot on our maps.

In 1986 a Cedar Springs treasure hunting group began using underwater sonar and submerged metal detectors to try and find this old cannon in late summer. Both groups had secrets not shared. What was most interesting was that we knew that if they had found the old cannon they'd remove it cladestinely, because the bottomland would be governed by the DNR and EPA.

The State of Michigan, the DNR and EPA would raise a stink and not permit its removal because of the intense bottomland disturbances and water recovery regulations about bottomland preservation. It would be a paper nightmare of official documents. Successful treasure hunters must speak little to keep others out of the project. Government officials don't keep quiet - they listen and read the secret informaton you provide and squeal giving away hard gotten secrets to others who rip off the rightful discoverers. Got a secret - don't squeal. Tell nobody. Its funny, Mother Nature can destroy without consequences because its an act of God, but perish the thought if man or machine directly or indirectly spills or disturbs a tablespoon of sand, silt or mud in a stream or lakes bottomland. Oops, its getting late and I've got things to do this Saturday night. See ya, Monday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 69

The electromagnetic mysteries of Cannon Township fascinated us when searching for the lost Cannonsburg cannon. It was the quantity of magnetized stones and strange energy fields of straight tracks and power spots that made a fascinating adventure. Area geologists were greatly interested in the presence of high-grade tungsten (greenstones), which normally was found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These heavy stones were used by ancient Indian tribes to make axe heads and other pounding implements. Fact is, the appearances of occasional bluestones and availability of quartz is quite prevalent in the Cannonsburg watershed area along Bear Creek and at other mysterious places around the world.

Pure quartz is hard to find and is generally found as a particulate in granite stones used for grave markers (tombstones). Lake Superior's southern shore in Michigan has lots of washed quartz stones that aren't pure. Quartz comes in many colors. Big stones of quartz you find in Colorado. Strange as it may seem quartz produces static electrical charges that can become altered by the lunar cycle each month.

The presence of quartz at ancient cross location is a window for infrared and ultra-violet wavelenghts. Areas with lots of quartz produces uneasy feelings and can raise the hair on your skin or it can literally make your skin crawl. That is precisely why some folks avoid or appear nervous walking through cemeteries. It's not spooks or departed spirits. Some people are supersensitive to the unseen magnetic rays given off by quartz inside granite tombstones. Granite contains iron ore, too.

Between 1986-1988 we discovered in northeastern Kent County a striking network of ley lines of considerable electromagnetic force around Moffitt and Prospect Hill. The strength of this electromagnetic field at Moffitt Hill near Five Mile and Pettis area is greatly increased since it once had the highest tower in Kent County at 100o feet, but had been downsized because it is along the flight path of the north/south runways and the Gerald R. Ford International airport.
It was about 1/2 mile east of this junction and the ground beneath is layered in copper wiring, which intensifies electromagnetic anomalies.

The strong energy fields and electrical current radiate outward from above or underground objects and stones. These things transmit energy from one stone to another, which sends it across the countryside for six miles to a distant stone, which either receives or stores energy before the signal changes course to sometimes 340 degree angles. Removal of one object from a series of above ground stones can break this electrical field. Three large greenstones separated by several feet hold a magnetic charge between all three. Displace one stone the energy field disappears.

Bob found several of these groupings near Moffitt Hill. The straight track northeast passes just south of Prospect Hill, otherwise known as Ball Hill near Ten Mile Road and Ramsdell, which interconnects with the Sioux War Trail to Saginaw. This ley caused Bob much anguish on his late night forays. This major ley line raised the hair on his body when using his dowsing rods. In fact, the electrical field was so strong he received an electrical shock strong enough so he dropped his rods.

Prospect Hill was known as Superstition mountain to ancient and late Indians. The home atop the hill has been struck by lightning and several people have died when the home burst into flames. Indian spirits didn't take kindly to a house being built atop their ceremonial site. The spirits were exercised in the 1980's and nobody has died since then. The spirits may have been purged, but my oh my, did angry spirits make Bob uneasy.

We traced this ley line backwards for twenty miles to its source of power - in front of the Gerald R. Ford Museum. Ley lines travel in straight lines, but the strongest current is six miles in length. At the end of this line the charge is fixed in an object, the current dives into the earth and goes underground until strikes another magnetized object, which deflects its upward back to surface and continues along the same straight track until it stops at either energy spots or objects again before altering course. Objects are either receivers or senders of electromagnetic current. Displace an object the entire energy field disappears.

Treasure hunters with electronic metal detectors sometimes scan old fieldstone basement walls of homes and barns and find a stored signal. Very few treasures are hidden behind these stones, but still they smash thru the wall only to find nothing for toiling work. What many fail to understand is that the stone's magnetism was charged to another stone someplace else inside the walls. Removal of one stone without all the other will short-circuit the entire energy field. When removed the current is broken between the second and third stone . This field is rendered powerless. All three stones are needed to triangulate on buried treasure elsewhere in the basement. Usually any treasure is inside the aura of the triangulated leys or not. (A) sends signal to (B) which alters course to (C). Signal between C and A is lost. Stones are either a sender or receiver. This is what puzzled Bob until he figured out he needed a rod anchor between C and A for triangulation to an object.

The spin of energy or magnetic fields as I understand it is created at the circumference of a circle. That's how Bob saw it. Magnetic stones with iron ore seem to channel energy between the surface and underground water veins where iron ore is present. When Bob used his dowsing rods he was sensing the helical magnetic force fields in stones and water, giving him a false dtection signal it was a cannon. It took Bob and us a while to understand that the magnetic force fields can change the polarity of objects according to the phase of lunar activity.

The sixth day after the New Moon, the polarity of certain charged stones changes from positive to negative (solid detection to weak detection). This was why we had to spread our infrared photography shoots across a month. We had discovered that when studying Astro-archaeology there seems to be a high incidence of ghost sightings and UFO paranormal acitivity and other unexplained mysteries of the universe.

Ancient Indians and Stone Age Britons practiced some pretty weird science thousands of years ago, which we haven't fully unraveled, not yet. We found leys and power spots fascinating, but didn't dabble too long. Still the ancients were masters of sciences, with us just dabblers trying to understand all the benefits magnetic force fields can achieve. The ancients used leys to line up their cemeteries and ceremonial sanctuaries exactly 20 miles distant apart. Leys travel straight lines called tracks about three feet above the ground and don't deviate over the steepest terrain an dpass right over connection cemeteries.

At ancient sites it was noted that energy field strength can increase around decaying trees or clumps of trees, whether living or dead, which gave line of sight to Indian burial mounds, cremation sites or buried objects. Ancient or landmarked trees are often ley mark holders whose track lines point towards earthworks, other burial mounds, ceremonial or cremation sites. The strongest leys are found at the top of hills. Butterworth Hospital - Spectrum Campus sits atop one of these electromagnetic power spots.

Ley lines travel above ground, both at the circumference of a circle and in the cross-country ley lines of magnetic energy. These flow charges above ground travel in straight lines, while underground lines deflect off underground objects like buried treasure caches, chests and military cannons. Stones half-buried interface between bending in and out of subterranean forces and straight above-ground energy, which are enhanced by cosmic and atmospheric changes. Underground straight tracks go deep and travel on the ley lines some 275 feet below ground to another object that sends the signal upward to surface objects and it resumes its above ground travel. Power increases the more the ley line strike objects.

Bluestones, greenstones and quartz act as conductors of an unknown force called "earth energy" and channel it in invisible streams of electromagnetic curren that follow ley lines or track alignments about waist high above ground. Those using sensitive rods can sense even the minor currents. A channeling psychic predicted and sensed the death of the world's greatest musical icon Michael Jackson. She used the force of electromagnetic channeling to predict the demise of this superstar.

Where two most prominent leys intersect multiple stones create a sort of storage battery, similar to send and receiving stations that are tied into a mysterious power grid. With compass and map coordinates the cannon crew and Bob charted the major leys radiating outward from the Cannonsburg area six miles distant. Moffitt, Prospect and Rattlesnake Hill, that mountains to Native American Indians had to be explored -- all ancient power sites.

Strange things have happened throughout the history on Prospect Hill. Two houses burst into flames and apparitions seen of angry Indian kind. This superstition wreaked havoc with Bob's mind and rods and after several scary moments we all got the creeps. It felt like the spirits were hovering and peering over our shoulders and huffing a cold breath of air against our ears. Ever felt this way? It might be your guardian angel trying to get your attention.

The ancients used not willow rods, but Hazel and Hazelnut wood, the preferred wands of magicians worldwide. Moses and Aaron in the Holy Bible used hazel rods to bring plagues to Egypt and Moses used his rod (staff) to part the Red Sea, so too, Hazelwood is the best source wood for dowsing water. It was endowed with power from God. Moses' rod was the most powerful rods of the ages.

Mysterious earth energies of stone harness themselves in association with iron ore remains. Many stones are magnetized. Today, we'd call this "bundling" of communications.

Oops, getting late this morning. Next time you'll discover what mysteries of Bob uncovered with earth energies. In the meantime do some research and look up ley lines with your search engines - try Seattle Ley Lines. Look for the Gloucestershire pictures to understand what Bob was finding and disclaim the end quotations by skeptics.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 68

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon hadn't planned on sharing the scene with Wiccan witches that appeared in Cannonsburg in 1986. We kept a low profile when we discovered them. They were simply just something that slithered into town to interrupt our attempts to find an rich historical treasure (cannon).

The presence of iron ore in the area is the best real defense against witches, demons and evil spirits. Many iron objects are buried below the threshold of old farmsteads and ward them off. They are protection charms, but if you are religious your guardian angel protects you from evil angels and the Holy Bible tells you to beware of them.

On the hit cable TV program "If Walls Could Talk" people have found numerous iron ore objects buried beneath thresholds of old houses being remodeled in Massachusset's, Colorado and California. In Massachusetts an old homes former life was a funeral parlor. Many in Michigan, too, have rooms with heat venting that have cold spots and things go bump on dark nights or the sounds of children can be heard playing in dark halls and stairwells. Ghosts or spirits appear and disappear.

The presence of iron ore in Cannonsburg is another reason why Wiccans didn't stay too long. Iron ore wards off witches, demons, spirits and ghosts like fictional Crucifix's ward off fictional vampires and people who profess vampirism, so too, the iron ore crosses and iron objects protect you. To saved souls these apparitions are Satan's helpers, the evil angels and many small towns are the hotbeds of regional psychic activity at certain times of the calendar.

Bob's big dig site had trace elements of hot granite and tungsten rocks. All this shows the litany of things that tried to derail Bob's attempt at finding the lost missing cannon. Would you have given up looking for the cannon after the first failure had you seen a ghost, witch or other earth mysteries far beyond your own comfort range?

Bob didn't like it when some spectators thought we were chasing ghosts including a cannon some people thought was a "ghost cannon." I was surprised when several black clad witches (female) with open palmed black gloves appeared with raised arms and started mumbling at mid-span on the western catwalk of the Rockford Dam one night. These witches parted the fishermen fishing from that span like Moses parting the Red Sea. The fishermen were actually frightened by their presence and watched the women encanting spirits from the parking lot. I witnessed this from inside the Rockford Historical Museum and the old ladies (docents) said always be aware of witches. This historian wasn't afraid and I was curious so I walked out and stood between two witches and asked "What are you chanting for?" She wasn't an old hag with warts on her nose.

"SHH!" She said, and mumbled they were trying to conjure up the ghosts of Lewie and Albert Pickett, the son and grandson of Albert Pickett, who drowned and whose bodies had never been recovered from the Rogue River's violent spring currents in 1851 and 1907. Albert Pickett, town marshall was injured when the Rockford cannon prematurely discharged in 1884 and it is this accident that stirred the hearts of Cannonsburg town elders into considering getting rid of the Cannonsburg cannon, that and the warnings by the Federal Government. Lewie Pickett, age two, crawled away from the Pickett residence, the original site of the pavilion and fell off the dam. Albert Pickett, age 12 fell slipped down the dam spillway into an ice clogged river and drowned, his body not seen again. A man named Milford tried blasting the thick river ice with dynamite, he tripped, slipped and fell the dynamaite exploding killing him. His body was found with missing arms. Three violent deaths with three possible ghosts.

The witches had been visiting Rockford for years in October to celebrate and Albert Pickett's ghost reportedly is said to hover in the rising mists beneath Bridge Street on foggy full moon nights. Milford's ghost appears with dim lantern in hand searching along the west bank opposite the Reds On The River restaurant hoping to find Albert Pickett's body. Witches and ghosts had gone unseen for years in Rockford and they continue to be the spider webs of intrigue and superstition mystery attached to our sunken cannon. Our infrared slides taken of Cannonsburg were successful and Kodak scientists who studied the slides said we were the only scientific minds to understand what we were trying to observe. We spent several nights in Allen Janose's basement eating barrels of popcorn, no beer, and staring at an enlarged screen studying our slides.

In the end, the nightly observations revealed that the Cannonsburg area sparkles with magnetic blue and greenstones laced with trace elecments of iron ore. Some tungsten was almost pure and geologists thought they came from the Upper Peninsula. In the beginning we didn't know what the infrared lines were that dipped in and out of the earth in straight lines. These were electromagnetic ley lines of earth energy. We found several major leys traveling across Cannon Township that headed in a northeasterly and southeasterly direction.

Cannonsburg is an eerie place on foggy nights. Is Walter Tompsett and Bob Alcumbrack's ghost along with the ghosts of their crews dancing around the cannon dedicated to Cannonsburg Bob by Don Kurylowitz on the corner of Honey Creek and Cannonsburg Road on dark foggy nights. Introduce yourself or take some infrared film photos to explore the ghost mysteries of Cannonsburg. Are they laughing and pointing fingers at you?

Don't be afraid! Ghosts can't hurt you although they can cause you to scream real loud like the minister's niece who screamed holy terror when the alien spacecraft's deadly antennae rays fried her uncle turning him into falling white dust. You won't find Tompsett or Alcumbrack's ghost because they believed in Christ's resurrection, since those who believe in Jesus Christ their spirit or soul goes to Heaven and doesn't ever leave, except to possibly return as a sainted angel. I'm certainly not an angel. My halo flickers too much! If you see Tompsett or Alcumbrack's ghost it's time to stop drinking earthly liquors.

Matt McCarthy standing outside Bob's trailer home in La-Em-a-Land mobile home park in Cannonsburg looked up into the blue fall sky freckled with white wispy clouds and said, "The guys in Heaven or sitting on those clouds looking down are having a good belly laugh at our expense, because we failed to uncover their secrets of a sunken cannon." We could sense their spiritual laughter. How could they have kept its burial spot so secret? Were we that stupid?

Bob scratched his thinning black hair, rubbed his jaw and burst out laughing. Laughter is the best medicine in defeat, too, but it simply inflamed his passion to keep on searching for secrets of a sunken cannon. He wouldn't quit, we didn't quit, but not if you are a hang glider. Those who always succeed usually can't fix it when it fails. They've never learned from past mistakes what made it successful. We learned from mistakes encountered. All were valuable lessons to apply what you learned and not make the same mistake twice more.

Bob was uneasy when we encountered the Wiccans, but he was more fascinated with the fields of magnetized stones and ley lines and cared least for catching supernatural spirits on our film. The film helped us understand how to handle and discriminate between magnetized stones, magnetized metals, electromagnetic energy fields and power spots , buried objects and leys when using dowsing rods. Next time I'll get into the electromagnetic mysteries of Cannonsburg. It's fascinating, simply fascinating that led us to discover... Rats, I leading rats to the precipice of a cliff... don't ya' just love the cliffhangars of life. My halo, oops, its blinking brighter.

Note: You might be wondering about when I blog? When my creative writing juices are flowing like water from my organized brain. Like dowser skill I prefer to hone my writing skills when I awaken from a good night's restful sleep, however, my writing prowess depends again on my level of physical activity during the day and how supercharged I've become by exercise and adequate sleep. Sometimes my mind is invigorated by a dream of the topics and I act responsively to that dream sequence. When are you the most supercharged?

I take a daily nap, but not more than 20 minutes. Beyond that I am wasted and never accomplish another thing the entire night or day depending on my schedule. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 67

Bob wasn't hoping to find Tompsett's ghost hanging around in Cannonsburg, but had Tompsett's apparition appeared he keep that secret. We had hoped Tompsett wasn't trying to resolve his death, but Bob was on pins and needles wondering what we'd encounter on infrared film.

What really flustered Bob was when we began to see strange dressed women in Cannonsburg and Rockford. There was a major Wiccan witch conference towards a full moon in October shortly after his big dig failed to produce a cannon. You can't miss them. We saw the women dressed in black garb with black open palmed gloves practicing their religious witchcraft that rivals Harry Potter's magical sorcery. October is major incantation time. Rockford has many churches, but so, too does it have Wiccan churches with witch conferences in the fall.

Bob saw Wiccan's wandering the street near Bear Creek, the arms up as if trying to conjure up Tompsett's ghost or in Rockford, the ghost of the Pickett boy who drowned in the swirling waters of the Rogue River during a freshet in 1910. We weren't impressed with Wicca presence and didn't want them any where near our time-lapsed infrared photography shoots. Be wary for Wiccans appear to prey on ancient ceremonial grounds of Indians and we found our share of ancient Indian grounds. America is the land of opportunistic religious affiliations of one's choice.

Even Congress recognizes the Wiccan religion, but they are forbidden to stick pins in voodoo dolls. Those who practice illicit pin behavior lose their Non-Profit 501c3 postal classification. The TV series JAG had an episode entitled, "The Witches of Gulfport, Mississippi," that had military officers practicing the natural craft while dancing naked around bonfires, the women being harassed for sex and those who refused were raped. The women officers felt trapped and humiliated and were committing suicide to hide their embarassment for not reporting the rapes. Real military officials have been getting quite concerned because the Wiccan religion has blossomed at Gulf Coast military bases (real) and it is affecting the performances of officers to lead. It seems the smartest and brightest officers are being attracted to Wiccanism from Protestant, Catholic and Muslim beliefs.

Practitioners of Wicca aren't un-American citizens and the Federal Courts and IRS do recognize it as a legitimate religion. Sticking pins in dolls, casting spells or putting curses on individuals they don't like is prohibited and yet, when a Pentecostal Christian minister serving in Camp Anaconda, the largest U.S. support base in Iraq petitioned to become a U.S. Army chaplain practicing Wicca in 2006 he was denied the religious change.

This minister while serving in Iraq had a change of heart about his Presbyterian religion and doubted the sincerity of other Christian religions when so many soldiers were killing each other in the name of the same God (Allah). He was depressed by the fact that so many soldiers could foster so much hatred for each other in the name of God. He felt he could no longer serve the church that unleashes it clergy to preach that particular individuals and faith groups are damned if they don't share the same beliefs. Is it not better to know what you believe than what others think you should believe as they do?

Wiccans celebrate four great holiday seasonal festivals at certain full moon ceremonies. They tend to seek out treasure hunters who accidentally stumble upon new discoveries of Indian ceremonial grounds and it was that reason we wanted to keep our wanderings secret. We couldn't stand crowds of people watching our every move. We didn't need Wiccans desecrating ancient Indian sites in the Cannonsburg area. We found plenty by accident as we tried to uncover the ultimate secrets not shared by the original five cannonball men who buried the cannon after Tompsett's death.

The presence of Wiccan witches can make you squirm if you believe their religion is stronger than your own faith. Stand firm in your own beliefs and stronger against those you deem servants of the devil who blend witchcraft, feminism and nature worship with ancient and pagan roots. Wiccans are often misunderstood and pay no homage to the devil with kisses, oaths, pacts or blood sacrifices nor are they devil worshippers, however, some believe they are are servants of the devil worshippers. Satan abounds on earth and some do his bidding -- murderers and serial killers, but the Wiccan religion is one out of 1,004 religions in America recognized by Congress and not Osama Bin Laden's radical Muslimism and Taliban rule. Al Queda terrorists kill their own people in the name of Allah and sacrifice the innocent for tyrannical rule. Allah is the same God of America and force innocents into martydom for their own wicked causes.

Witches and pagan worshippers do not recognize Satan and when Wiccan's initiate people into the craft of paganism no renunciation of the Christian faith is required. They blend their Christianity beliefs with Wiccan beliefs secretly and survive as practicing witches in our communities. It is because of their secrecy they have become ultimate secret societies where man and neighbors don't know who is or isn't a wiccan. Only God knows their hearts and obituaries tell no lies. They practice witchcraft the same way as other religions by gathering together at precise times to worship and celebrate life, but at secret or undisclosed locations. It is their outward appearances that tip off their secrecy.

Wiccans believe they can find hidden treasures at ancient sites; stone circles, Indian burial grounds and other celebrational ceremonial sites. They seek out Circle Sanctuaries for marriage ceremonies and full moon fire festivals celebrating May Day. Circle stones, like Stonehenge in England and the minor circles at various Michigan sites; ancient cremation sites, earthworks and circle sanctuaries in Wisconsin or Worldwide they seek. Many of these sites were used by the ancient Indian tribes who know more about earth energies (electromagnetic fields and power energy spots) than modern man. These sites are why Indian witch doctors and medicine men were so gifted with power that made people cringe. They were made privy to secret traditions and the medical practices of their forefathers. People with power share their knowledge. I shall end this right here. Next time a little more knowledge about Wiccan religion as it pertains to what treasure and cannon hunters must guard against as they search for cannons or treasure.

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 66

Bob Alcumbrack's cannon search was to be secret, but it wasn't because of squawking public tongues. Whoever leaked the top secret Gates memo to the media should be charged with "treason or radical terrorism." This is not where freedom of the press exists. Whoever leaked the secret pre-emptive strike plan against Iran and the author and insanity publisher need to be thrown into prison.

What on earth is the Obama administration thinking? Who leaked Gates secret memo and gave the media permission to flap their tongues tipping off rogue nation Iran to possible sanctions for secret nuclear proliferation practices? The Obama administration is seizing with incompetent idiots. American and world security trumps the needs of media to tell leaked sensitive secrets and communiques. A radical tongue, a traitor in our midst leaked the secret memo and threatens world security. It's time Obama stopped flitting around the country like the butterfly he isn't and start getting serious reigning in his ignorant administration in Washington. Find the crumb-bumb rats responsible. Media publications should have the brains enough not to publish discovered, but not cleared secrets from government officials before airing sensitve secret plans. "Stupid is as stupid does," said Forrest Gump.

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the Cannonsburg cannon had to overcome negative reactions with positive thoughts. He couldn't just ignore the potential for catching Walter Tompsett's ghost or spirit form on film.

"All of us have an energy field within us...and ghosts are energy left behind. The main reason for a ghost's existence is a traumatic or violent death. Spirits of the departed stay behind to continue doing what it did when it was incarcerated in a body, replaying the death scene, perhaps in a robotic way, or resolving conflict left at the time of death," said Norm Gautheir, the founder and director of the Society for Psychic Research.

Are you afraid of ghosts? How about witches, warlocks or extra-terrestrials aliens from other galaxies? Would you scream like the minister's daughter in "War of The Worlds" as the alien ray reduced her Uncle to dust? Her screams on National Radio caused fear and panic across America. The people thought we were being invaded by aliens.

Would you be afraid of Hell's Bridge in southern Michigan where "The devil screams at midnight." From the steel footbridge over Cedar Creek's mouth at the Rogue River one can hear the screams of young children being cast into Cedar Creek and river to drown from Elias Friske. For such a devil why did they name a road after him. One can hear the odd splashing sounds of children striking the water. Ghost hunters report that on dark nights a dim orbed apparition appears standing on the bridge at mid span. EMF meters go crazy on the bridge and at midnight you get the sensual feeling that a spirit is trying to push you off the bridge. Paranormal activity does exist at the bridge. Something was thrown at a paranormal investigator it missing and landing in the river when they were the only ones visiting the site at midnight.

Apparitions of ghosts could be found anywhere where violent deaths have occurred and Cannonsburg was no different, since it was the thoroughfare for Sioux War Party's on the way to Saginaw Bay and Skulls Island. Most of us weren't afraid of Tompsett's ghost if it did exist, but Bob, well he squirmed with the thought that maybe it was Tompsett's ghost that made him feel as though the young man was watching and hoping Bob would stop searching for his killer cannon. We trained our infrared film Dr. Patterson's house and Methodist Church sites. Bob felt insecure invading the sanctity of the church. It was holy ground, but it was important to note that we investigated the Cannonsburg area for presences of ghosts and in several locations on dark nights of explorations did make our skin crawl. What Bob most feared was snapping a shot of Walter Tompsett hanging around at the deadly cannon site and his big dig.

Our cannon mission became a scientific expedition to explore the shivers that dogged the operation. Who was watching from the shadows? Ghosts, EPA, DNR or media? We knew the media for sure, because they spoiled many shots our infrared film with flashes from normal cameras. Leading them into a poison ivy patch got rid of some shadows. Ghost hunting wasn't Bob's 'cup of tea'. He thought he had enough suspense. I found ghost hunting a little unnerving, but when searching for secrets of a sunken cannon we had to be prepared for what appeared on our film. Tompsett's ghost was a definite possibility. Would you have stopped searching for the cannon if Tompsett's ghost was caught on film or would you continue the search?

Kodak scientists warned we had a greater than 69% chance to photograph ghosts in areas where a person died a violent death (the school property) and along the trail leading out of town into the vicinity of Bob's big dig site. This gave Bob the creeps, but today's international and national ghost hunters use primarily infrared film, EMF meters and video cameras linked to computers to find ghosts, spirits and other paranormal anomalies. Infrared has become our tidal wave to ghost hunting. The Cannonsburg group became pioneers to the future using the exciting sphere of cutting edge infrared technology to find the cannon.

As I said we spooked people on dark nights who saw us using scientific nuclear range finders and late night infrared film sessions without flash or strobe lighting on area streets. Some residents who recognized us were curious and others were extremely superstitious of invisible men studying gelologicalmaps benearth a street light in dark clothing. Would you be afraid of what goes 'clunk' in the night? Ghost hunting was fun if you want to overcome those shiver feelings. The cold spots in warm darkness make for some scary moments. Those that doubt ghost appearances feel it is from a fertile imagination caused by watching too many sci-fi flicks.

Kodak scientists expected us to find ghost appearances or paranormal phenomenon. Paranormal ghost hunters, scientific exploration communities, the military's best now use infrared technology for enhanced military night vision to document targets, ghosts, apparitions and UFO sightings. Infrared is for anyone with a vision to explore the unknown. Its a great tool for cannon and treasure hunting. We felt our elite status with infrared we would discover the cannon faster.

First field tests failed because of flashlight touting midnight media paparazzi that chased us down meeting outside the Honey Creek Inn on dark October nights. We tried splitting up and rendezvouing, but that failed, because it was more them than us. The paparazzi (news hounds) have a nose for following the right vehicle. They made Bob paranoid like they cause Doty Fiad's drunken limo driver to flee the paparazzi, crash the car killing Doty and Princess Diana. When you become a celebrity in the eyes of the media Bob no longer had freedom of movement without shadows. It sometime leads to confrontations similar to Al Gore recently who didn't like being ambushed by FOX for an interview on global warming. The journalist tried to get him to react to his comment about the global ice increasing two fold over ice being lost. Gore wouldn't answer and acted indignant. What a rube.

Bob became a man of interest to the media paparazzi and paranormal folks. He felt vulnerable and they rattled his psyche. He sensed someone was watching and this made him paranoid. He didn't enjoy the limelight or spotlight on himself. He didn't want more of JQ public snooping around near his cannon site and in fact he didn't like reading about himself in newspaper articles.

Curator, Karen McDonnell at the White Lake Light Station Museum north of Muskegon, Michigan once said "Its the reporters, the ghost chasers, the barely paranormal psychology folks using time-lapse infrared photography on late night junkets who tried her patience more than she feared the ghosts roaming the lighthouse stairwells at night." This is an important reason to keep secrets about ghosts, missing cannons and lost treasure. It brings out rats! Political rats, too. See ya next time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 65

Blooper! Aw shucks! Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 64 doesn't exist because of fumble fingers me this morning. Serves me right for not exercising my fingers this morning, but you know Bob Alcumbrack's mission wasn't all exercise digging for the cannon. We got into areas of science we knew nothing about, but we had to learn to deal with electromagnetic fields and supernatural disturbances.

In our search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon we found numerous instances where there was a surprising number of supernatural disturbances along major ley lines (fields of electromagnetic energy) and these straight tracks of energy showed remarkable alignments to prehistoric sites, dolmens, stone circles, mounds and cemeteries in Michigan. Ley lines and ancient sites exist worldwide, too.

Different assortments of people; some ruled by religious cultures described as witches and devilworshipers prey upon ancient ruins and ceremonial grounds. We had to protect ancient sites from them in our travels. Other individuals visiting these sites have seen ghostly spiritual visions of the historical people engaging in things performed in living life. Even international ghost hunters investigate old buildings, houses, prisons, vessels investigating paranormal anomalies, ghosts and spirits haunting the living. Working with infrared film photography we had to be prepared for what we might find on our photos. We had a 69% chance of photographing ghosts or anomalies, but we had to chance them because of Walter Tompsett's violent death in the Cannonsburg area. Bob dowsed along the major ley lines leading to ancient sites.

Bob Alcumbrack and his crew felt the strange physical and mental forces they could not see let alone identify, but the cold feelings were sometimes so strong it affected our moods. We found that the lunar cycle each month changed the polarity of dowsing rods and granite/quartz stones near full moon's. Tombstones made of granite and quartz ooze with electromagnetic current, which explains why some people feel very uneasy in cemeteries. This explains why some people don't go to cemeteries. Nerve endings are susceptible to the invisible rays of magnetic energy. The strange feelings are more pronounced on dark nights and weaker near the full moon. More crimes of passion occur near a full moon, which brings out the scary lunatic fringe and we wondered how it affected the ancients.

Our group was getting scary, too, and a few people who saw us with metal range finders in darkness didn't like it when the swirling antenna pointed at their house. They were afraid and asked us to leave. Full moons bring out the Wiccan witches who live among us today hoping to catch treasure hunters. Like spiders they pounce on the prey (us) hoping they lead to ancient sites. Witches use the ancient Indian circle sanctuaries for religious craft conferences. It's very popular in the southern regions.

Wiccan witches aren't devilworshippers and some are Christians who practice their crafts secretly. They do not denounce Christian beliefs, but when it comes to treasure hunters they are all eyes and ears hoping that treasure hunters will lead them to ancient Indian ceremonial sites. Many exist in Michigan, but do not exist along the straight tracks nor does buried treasure. Bob and crew found this out after many months of practicing our dowsing techniques.

Unknown are the reasons why, but Astro-archaeologists, dowsers, engineers, geologists, physicists, statisticians, paranoral investigators and UFO enthusiasts have all tried to explain what drives them to conquer the universe in regards to ley line studies or electromagnetic explorations. Electromagnetic scientists believe that where leys intersect (power points) on earth are where the energy fields are strong enough to set off physic phenomena. Bob Alcumbrack and crew were not physics, but used slim fractions of psychic mind and spirit with his ability to use dowsing rods to possibly find the cannon. Don't assume he didn't find the cannon. This isn't the time to tell the biggest secret of the hunt.

Treasure hunting magazines advertised heavily that angle (dowsing) rods are expensive, but the right person can find treasures, which includes cannons. Bob thought with his adaptability to use the rods he'd be a winner more than a loser. The rods were touted to be the ultimate in finding brass objects when hunting for treasures of gold, silver, platinum, emeralds and diamonds that could be surface mined. All these could be found by sluicing once sediment was removed from the ground or debris pump disposal. The metals are found with electronic equipment, but not brass in 1986. Today, the newest electronics can detect brass.

Bob had the ability to date coins and objects buried in the ground. Time dowsing is useful because it was a way of knowing if we should expend the time and energy to dig for it. Bob helped his crew master time dowsing, too, and we got to the point where we could identify the denomination before digging. With today's electronic metal detectors you get a visual image before you dig.

My wife was livid on several occasions when she caught me rummaging around in her closets or finding me cutting her best brass coat hangars apart to make cheap dowsing rods. Despite my destruction of her hangars we are still happily married. She on the other hand was hoping her husband wasn't getting nuttier than Bob. When I first began trying the rods I failed miserably. My brain had doubts - those negative feelings it can't work. When you don't think positive it won't work. Doubting is the prescription for failure. The mind is the tuner and it wasn't on the same frequency. The mind and hands must concentrate and visualize the object being sought. I wasn't a believer in dowser theory and as such didn't believe in myself.

Being a dowser doesn't mean we possess warlock power or use sorcery with incantations to find the cannon, but rather using silent precise word commands in the form of questions and answers while focusing on the object. Some will say that either way it could be construed as practicing witchcraft to unbelievers, but God did give us eyes, ears, brain and extremeties and we are no different than Moses. He had divine power from God.

God used ordinary men in the Bible to fulfill phophecy. Samson's outward appearance looks just like us and God did endow Samson with lots of hair on his head, which made him strong. Once Samson fell into their trappings the women cut off his hair and he lost that power. Moses used his rods to bring Plagues to Egypt and part the Red Sea. God gave Moses power and God gives us the power for our appointment with destiny in His time. Sometimes we fail to see His purpose in our lives.

MISSDIG utility markers use electronics to find buried cables, but sometime weather conditions interfer with signals making it difficult to know whether all the flags mark true lines. When confused, those with rods double-check the electronic readings. These are gifted dowsers. Electronics and rods are foolproof in inclement weather. Can you make heads or tails out of the spiderweb of flags on a street corner? Is what they found really a cable, ground clutter debris or magnetized granite, quartz, tungsten, blue or greenstones? Never assume all flags are accurate and keep in mind when digging that lines aren't always as marked. Most are, but a few aren't.

At least when someone reports to MISSDIG an underground utility line is cut you have the documentation to prove it was improperly flagged. Never dig without lines being marked. It might cost you $500-1000 in fines for cutting underground cables or gas lines.

Here's an example of positive thinking when using dowsing rods for finding small objects. After I had mastered the art of using Bob's brass rods I borrowed them for a weekend and used them from the back of my brother-in-laws boat in Ludington. Remember these rods are used best to find water and I found plenty, but I was trying to dowse an $8000 wedding ring that fell off a woman's finger from a Charter fishing boat. Her ring fell off her finger and bounced off the stern board into the Pere Marquette River Channel near the steel bulkheads at Crosswinds where it widen's into Pere Marquette Lake.

My brother-in-law is a fireman for the Ludington Fire Department and heard the woman's story in the marina office and decided he'd try to find the ring. She gave an approximate location and I standing on the back of his boat witched the location. Since dowsing rods work great finding water over water wouldn't you think it should be easy to find a diamond ring in water on bottom don't you think? Sure that'd be a feat in itself or am I a bonafide nut extraordinaire?

The current in the channel could've washed it away or it'd be buried in shifting sand from the giant propellers of the carferry "Badger" and other cargo ships entering and leaving the Pere Marquette Lake and Lake Michigan. Bruce was skeptical of my new treasure dowsing skill, but as his boat moved slowly forward against the river current off the bulkheads near Crosswinds, the rods did cross and we noted its location.

The ring was in 30 feet of water alongside the dredged shipping channel. The current of the "cool running water" as local Indians called the Pere Marquette River could cover the diamond with shifting sand. Several weeks later Bruce, a scuba diver, too, dove on the spot. Surface water was clear, but near bottom the current was strong, the water extremely cloudy. After 20 minutes of unsuccessful diving he pressed his mask against the bottom rocks and the diamond ring caught his eye and retrieved it. He gave it back to the woman who lost it. It was found exactly beneath the spot where I had dowsed it weeks earlier. The current hadn't moved the ring, but strong water movement kept it from being buried in shifting bottom silt.

I had successfully dowsed an expensive diamond ring using the description of the ring and from then on I didn't doubt the power of a positive mind. It was a life changing experience. If you are going through a rough patch of life and you feed on negative thoughts too long pretty soon that's all you feed off. Feeding off pollutants will rob and cloud you mind. This will make you a bottomfeeder forever.

I know the economy is sour and maybe you are unemployed, but try to keep your head up and think positive thoughts. Don't end up being a bottomfeeder forever? Rise with the sun and shine with the abilities God gave you. Overcome the negatives and think positive thoughts. Why continually beat yourself up? Advance forward - you might be marching towards a different destiny. Don't give up! Never give up!

Bob, the crew and I didn't! Until next time "G-o-o-d Day" as Paul Harvey signed off with at his noon broadcasts.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon- 63

Believe it or not, we all live together on this planet earth. Only a select few work and play on the International Space Station orbiting the earth. Some people are more gifted, like dowsers and professionals while others are nuttier than last Christmas' fruitcake. Some lead exciting lives like Bob Alcumbrack, his cannon crew, but we don't know about you. Since we've never met, you could be nuttier than Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show or a fringe element from Outer Limits, the Twilight Zone or a Star Trek fan.

How we use our talents decides whether we are destined for success or failure. Obstacles in life are thrust upon us whether we want it or not. Our lives and destinies can change instantly, but it is how we react to the change - for better or worse.

Understanding the use of angle or dowsing rods in discovering bluestones, greenstones and gold flecks in black sand deposits sure stretched our vision. When first encountered Bob couldn't distinguish between electromagnetically charged stones and brass objects. While he practiced his dowsing skills after his first big failure we embarked on a discovery journey to explore other possibility sites first with Thermal Mass Infrared Photography (TMIP) for two winters. However, the winter El Nino weather conditions from 1986-1988 spoiled our results to use this technology, because it required a 12-inch deep blanket of snow in the Cannonsburg area which melted too fast. TMIP is used from an altitude of 10,000 feet or greater when snow insulates the ground.

Concrete, metal and bronze objects buried in soil store a heat value signature that is easily seen with aerial infrared photography. This infrared imaging technology has advanced since the 1980's and today it is used to find mountain climbers and alpine skiers buried by avalanche snow before their bodies cool and is masked by the coldness of ice and snow.

Skiers today carry beacons or cell phones to summon help and rescuers can triangulate on the signals to find buried skiers, but cell phone users can't tell another phone user where they are buried. For phone to phone you need a signal locator and cell phones require a strong battery charge, because phone signals fade fast in cold weather. This TMIP technology is used by Fire, Search and Rescue teams to find drowning victims before body heat image is lost. That's the urgency requirement for emergency crews.

Although our first infrared photo ops failed to produce the cannon because of bad weather it did lead to better results towards understanding and using "Earth Energies and Infrared Imaging" when searching for the cannon using dark night photography sessions from tree and roof tops. The Cannonsburg area sparkles with hot magnetic stones -- granite, quartz, tungsten and iron ore remains. Geologists from GVSU were puzzled, but used their experiences were used to help us decipher the makeup of certain stones that held stronger or weak magnet signatures.

The geology investigations helped expose some secret mysteries of Cannonsburg. Bob felt our search for the cannon was evolving into scientific research and exploration fields he wasn't prepared to do, yet it kept us in suspense with each new discovery. It gave him time to focus his mind and when the cannonballs were found he had a timeline where he could begin to envision the right size cannon. In the meantime we kept testing Bob's abilities to solve problems. Flat out, Bob failed, but we didn't quit on him because he failed. We team players!

We had faith in Bob's abilities, but he needed our help to overcome his insecurities. Two years gave him and us time to hone his dowsing skills. We didn't quit digging holes and in fact in 1987 we started digging at site #2. Bob began to shine when he understood how to master the rods. His angle rods, mind and hands proved to his crew that "all of us have an energy field surrounding us."

Some have narrow or wide auras. The narrower the personal energy field, the more difficult it is to concentrate and use angle rods. Beware of those with wide encapsulating energy fields for they are most dangerous in lightning storms. If you hear distant thunder escape them for they are more likely to attract lightning. Healthy positive minded individuals have wide auras, too.

I hope you aren't superstitious? Some people normally get afraid when something points at them. They get antsy or feel anxious when they don't understand how dowsing works.

Dowsers like Bob could use his dowsing rods to measure the width of anyone's energy field. Bob's person was 3 feet in diameter, mine about 18 inches and Bob Markle's field is non-existent. Bob worked for Lear Seigler as a pipe fitter so he'd be dabbling with electromagnetic energy fields most of his life. He learned that all living and dead things that store water have energy fields, too, that we can't see, but with rod useage or instruments we can measure, see and feel the force.

When Bob with rods in hand walked towards another person, it would appear as if the pointed brass rods were going to skewer you, but suddenly like magic each rod senses your magnetic energy field and the rods swing outward around you. The rods are repulsed away from you body when it encounters the magnetic energy field. Dowsers find lost cemetery graves because bodies in old caskets haven't turned to dust and still hold a magnetic charge or they may concentrate on nails. Cremation ashes lose their energy fields when the ashes are dispersed to the wind, but not if buried near standing stones and together they energize. The electrical charge is transfixed from ashes to stones and the electromagnetic field remains strong.

Dead or decaying things buried in the ground sometimes because of magnetized (iron) water, will retain their electrical charges. As water evaporates the electromagnetic field grows weaker over time until it disappears. Decaying bodies in cemetery graves lose their electromagnetic energy fields over time (75-100 years), but one secret cemetery dowsers won't tell you is how they can detect whether graves are used or unused. They must ask secret questions to get the right answers. Cemetery sextons and dowsers disagree frequently when plots are being sold and dowsers can tell you correctly if the grave is occupied or unoccupied before digging commences. Some funeral directors who are puzzled will ask dowsers for help in deciding whether or not that vacant lot being sold is used. It might be a grave without marker.

The Mound Builders and Copper Culture Indians in Michigan cremated their dead. Past archaeological excavations of certain mounds show the only things buried within are personal aritfacts, religious jewelry and trade items. Mounds contain no bones from past civilizations, but if it does it usually is an (1600-1800 a.d.) Indian who favored being buried in a sitting position inside the mound. These Indians regarded mounds as spiritual places. They didn't know anything about the mounds or Mound and Copper Culture era, but felt it was a sacred place to be buried.

An Indian Princess' skeleton was found during road construction at 9 Mile Road and Wabasis Avenue in Grattan Township in 1910. Her wrists had copper bracelets and surrounding her head were ocean shells found only off the South Carolina shore. Her gravesite overlooked Muskrat Lake, the shining jewel.

When they layed the sewer lines on Monroe Ave. in Grand Rapids in the 1880's many diggers found ancient crucifixes and sterling silver jewelry, the Norton mounds on the other side of the Grand River. Early archaeologists believed the area was the village so the Indian's could see the rising sun on the mounds. If later Indians were buried within them they believed their departed spirits would see the rising sun. New World customs abound today where Christian tombstones face east. The belief is that your spirit will meet the second coming of Christ in the rising sun.

Many early Indians (5,000-8,000 b.c.) believed that cremation meant no stored energy fields for others to find graves. So too, without stored energy fields treasure hunters can't find Indian graves or cemeteries and rob graves of their cherished possession. Then again the practice of cremation is still here today. Ashes in a container still hold magnetic charges. Cremation made it difficult to find ancient cemeteries, depressions and mounds, however cremation sites exist in Grattan and Oakfield Townships of Kent County, Michigan, but I refuse to divulge this secret.

Archaeologist believe that the ancient medicine men from 10,000 B.C. to around 2500 B.C. used assorted dowsing rods to sense or witch the pulsating energy (straight track ley lines), the same Bob Alcumbrack discovered, across the earth and built their monument sites where the strongest energy sites occurred. At these ceremonial sites they built ancient, but large magnetic bluestone and greenstone crosses underground that if found could point modern man towards their ancient cemeteries and ceremonial sites.

The ancients kenw how to use the power of bluestones and greenstones and geophysical properties for the benefit of the tribes. This is why medicine men and witch doctors were so revered by the tribal leaders. They had harnessed the metal and mental powers of reasoning. Bob and crew found some bluestone crosses and ancient sites with the use of infrared photography. Yes, we found them, but we kept our eyes out for a lost cannon. Finding the bluestone and greenstone underground crosses was not without problems. We felt a strong sense of uneasiness as if someone, a ghost or spirits watching.

The feelings were similar to pulling a shirt or blouse over your head in warm, dry winter air feeling the static electricity lift hair and fight each other. The cold air caused us to shiver and it was a very unsettling feeling that Bob Alcumbrack didn't like. It was sort of like Bob's complexion turned white when Don Kurlyowitz asked Bob had he ever entertained the thought the cannon was recycled at the blacksmith shop. Tell Don hi at Honey Creek Inn or Cannonsburg Deli. Visit the museum on Sunday's.

Any ghost hunter knows that when searching for apparitions or ghost anomalies that when a ghost is near you'll get a chill feeling, a cold breath on back of neck. Medical personnel say that ghosts inhabit the halls leading to the morgue at Butterworth's Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its the cold spots in warm halls that seize your neck and keeps you hostage to your own fertile imaginations whether ghosts really exist.

Well its time to quit for this weekend blog. Next time I'll discuss the supernatural disturbances Bob Alcumbrack, the crew and I experienced.