Thursday, January 28, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 15

'I don't quit' said President Obama during last nights State of The Union message on Jan.20, 2010, but he doesn't walk the talk. He blames Bush, the news media and descenting people for everything that's wrong during his first year in Office, but what did Obama ever do as Congressmen? I've never heard the fill in the blank answer. He hasn't learned the value of being a team player, because he never did anything as the team player. His mantra has been charismatic with 'change we can believe in.' He promised transparency between the dems and repubs and Americans, but he 'quit' on his campaign promises. You don't win brownie points with uneasy Americans by trying to cram health care down their throats to rationalize what they consider a bad plan. Saying 'I don't quit' is never a realistic goal if he 'hasn't started keeping his promises that got him elected' since 2008. He failed to follow his own mantra causing widespread descension and distrust of big government with skull duggery hands within the democratic party. Inflating numbers with fuzzy math and demo Congressmen meeting behind closed doors promising (buying) vote favors were glowing misjudgements of the public trust. Sniping at those who don't agree is not what America needs -- it already has too many terrorists trying to destroy us. They aren't combatants or criminals. Failing to call them terrorists emboldens the murderous thugs. Silent pandering to their whims shows weakness. Failure to call them what they are is arrogance. They are killers of innocents - terrorist radical Muslims who hate freedom borne Americans. He 'quit' on Americans before he 'started his speech' and didn't apologize to angry Americans for his first year shortcomings.

That's all I'll say. I said I wouldn't talk politics, but sometimes I must vent frustrated thoughts, like you, to a President and his party members that seemingly turned a deaf ear to people who don't agree, but ' I'll do better' would have been much better than 'I don't quit' to smoothe the ruffled feathers of angry People. Can we trust the President and Congress to work together for all the People instead of special interests or is it more of the status quo democratic politics with more hide n' seek games? Italics are my personal thoughts. Let's return to Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon.

When I think back about Robert Alcumbrack's quest to find the missing Cannonsburg cannon I can truthfully say that whatever Bob encountered he didn't 'quit' even when problems were insurmountable or stopped progress. Many strange twists of fate puzzled him. Mysteries surrounded him he couldn't explain. He always sought resolutions to problems outside his sphere of knowledge, but we couldn't keep our appointment with destiny if we quit as non-team players. We kept Bob going forward with his wildest dream. Got a dream? What's stopping you? Probably not enough extra income -- that was Bob's problem, too!

Mysteries of unknown sequences made him push harder, but all the while he had my help to unravel and educate the cannon crew about how not to become bad treasure hunters. When stumped with problems we had to search and educate ourselves the best we could knowing all too well we might get into something that was over our heads. For two years after the first big dig we practically drowned in mysteries we never knew existed, but Bob posted a letter to his crew that said, 'I won't quit' no matter how long it takes to understand and resolve unforeseen problems as the ultimate treasure hunter. He wouldn't quit on his wildest dream.

What was Bob's first big dig problem? I'll divulge a little secret and show you how Bob's destiny and mine were on a collision course to make our friendship solid. Our pre-destination to meet each other at a precise time in history was orchestrated by our Creator when we were born. There is a purpose to life and He will make sure we arrive at our destiny with others unless we do something foolish by accident and change our arrival destination with eternity. Have you ever felt you were at the right spot at the right time to meet that someone special in your life? Was it design or accidental? Or, was it the fault of two different atoms colliding with each other?

I believe God or higher spirits of belief can pre-destine people to interact in the lives of others at precise times to help them overcome problems they couldn't otherwise solve. I didn't have all the answers to help overcome Bob's expeditionary problems, but I and the 1986 recovery team did possess enough knowledge to solve his problems beyond his own comprehension and vice versa.

Bob and I met the second day of operations. I became the ninth member of his cannon recovery crew. It's ironic that nine men in 1885 were involved in the cannon's disappearance and nine men in 1986 were trying to resurrect the lost cannon after a 101-year absence? Now that's uncanny predestination!

Common interests and goals brought cannon and ultimate treasure hunters together. Interesting to note is that nearly 85% of all treasure hunters are searching for saleable artifacts. Depending on localities worldwide, the prospects of finding hidden treasures increases to 95% for self-serving bad treasure hunters. The last 5% can be divided into three groups, but most belong to historical organizations, institutions or museums. Of the 5% some 4% have good intentions to restore and donate their finds back to many fine institutions, but most fall short. The last one percent do it for pride of community spirit and the benefit of humanity. This was Bob's lofty goal. Do the right thing the first time, return and preserve our rich historical heritage.

This doesn't mean that everything that treasure hunters find is donated to a special institution. Some artifacts might be housed in personal collections or for lifelong case studies until a manuscript or book is published, but many are lost when the individuals creating them die. It becomes very important to "will" away an individuals prized historical artifacts lest they end up on auction blocks to the highest bidder, lost or discarded as unsaleable junk.

Among treasure hunting circles 'serious treasure hunters tend to be flamboyant and entrepreneurial by nature.' They either use their own capital or with investors fund to further their own goals. Some become public-trading entities selling shares to raise the necessary investment capital. They hire well paid professionals with the best equipment and extra money.

Bob didn't want investors or sponsors with capital. It was his turn to dig up the lost Cannonsburg cannon and realize his wildest dream. His team would share in the glory when the cannon was found. His team and researcher were highly trusted friends who could keep their mouths shut until the object of Bob's affection was found. We had become an ultimate secret society, too. That's a pre-requisite for treasure hunting.

Next time we'll start delving into treasure hunters versus preservationists. We'll be traveling around the world searching for treasure and cannons. Some names you'll remember and I might uncover secrets you never knew existed. History is only 'as dry as dust' if you are disinterested in the first place and don't have an open mind to see the sights from a different perspective. Only thru reading past historical passages can you appreciate the lengths treasure hunters must go to find treasures.

One final comment: Remember I'm a storyteller like Mark Twain and like him I sometimes slaughter the English language. Both his and my early years - we both suffered much illness and when we turned about 12 years old we ran wild with imagination and enjoyed hands-on life experiences. As always I welcome your comments to my written posts.

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