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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 30

If the Cannonsburg cannon were as big as Bob Alcumbrack believed how could he have imagined it would be easy to raise such a cannon. Service wise it'd take 38 men and 38 horses to handle a cannon. This was the standard military requirement to service this gun. What Bob's cannon lacked, too, was the caison the cannon was attached to for ease of movement. Dragging a cannon mounted on a carriage would be exceedingly difficult for several horses to handle in trail sand. Before Bob finished his first big dig the cannon's overall length, that's cannon with carriage preponderance put the cannon's entire length beyond 14 feet and roughly five feet outside the coffer box upside down.

The preponderance is the excess weight of the piece in rear of the trunnions over that in front. It's what determines the measurement of lifting power, in pounds, which must be applied at the rear of the base ring, to balance the gun, when suspended freely on the axis between the trunnions.

The trunnion is the mechanical or cyclindrical pivot upon which a piece (cannon) turns each ot two fixed projecting pivot pins one on each side of a cannon that rests on the carriage and allows movement for vertical elevation. In French, the word trunnion is called a "trognan stump." The Cannonsburg cannon could have been made in a number of different countries and not necessarily England. England made more iron cannons, because it had all of the iron it needed, but copper, tin and lead were imported products. It didn't have master gunfounders until the late 1600's.

When Bob started his quest to find the cannon he was prepared to sacrifice the carriage for the cannon. He had made no preparations for documenting the carriage. Problems was that if the carriage was engraved he'd lose the authentification needed to document the cannon, then too, what if the carriage had a brass engraved plaque. Either one was necessary to authenticate the historical significance of the cannon.

His dowsing rods showed the carriage rested atop the cannon. Bob had never found anyone who could describe the cannon or carriage. That was the ultimate secret. No pictures, photos or line drawings were found. This is one reason why a few Cannonsburg residents repeatedly told Bob the cannon was fictious and he was chasing a ghost cannon. The carriage could have been standard issue or custom made. Iron cannons are very difficult to engrave, but brass cannons are easier, but all engravements after manufacturing can damage them. Since the cannon was presented personally by LeGrand Cannon to the town elders, the cannon and carriage might have been specifically made. The cannon could have been manufactured and poured for a specific king or queen and it could have been resurrected from a shipwreck. Possibilities were endless for where Mr. Cannon got the cannon. It might have been military issue, but not American.

Bob wasn't interested in the carriage, just the cannon, but tearing apart the carriage to get the cannon wasn't the ideals of a good preservationist. Allen Janose knew this, but didn't tell the crew until Bob said the cannon was beneath the carriage. Bob had kept a secret from the crew, a secret the crew wasn't fond to discover. Often times when Bob was mapping the cannon's energy signals they got weaker towards the end of the month. Allen sensed the falloff in power, too, but he too began to wonder what was causing the interference? The crew began to doubt Bob's reasoning power to use the rods effectively. Was his ability to concentrate along with body aches and pains distorting the electricals signals between his brain and hands? As a result his crew began to doubt Bob's expertise with dowsing (angle) rods. It was uncanny how he used those rods on dry land, but it was his inability to use them unsuccessfully in wetland areas that made his crew uneasy.

No doubt about it, Bob was tired and stressed from the throng of spectators and news media, but the realities of dowsing techniques, time and geological mysteries he began to encounter was evidence they could derail his thinking processes. Listening to negative conversations destroys a dowsers ability to concentrate and focus objects in the mind's eye.

The biggest secret among dowsers is that when using dowsing or divining rods (angle) is that the individual using them must be well rested (no aches or pains) and be mentally, spiritually and physically fit. Muscular, joint pain or body aches aren't allowed. Bob had to learn this as well as any in his crew that used the rods, too. All dowsers must be able to relax, concentrate and see the object in the mind's eye and let the brain cells supercharge electrical current from the brain fire through body and limbs with neuromuscular reflexes that manifest itself with eye, hands and rods usage. All things culminate musign the strong electrical current connection between the brain, mind's eye, hands and rods. The human brain is the powerhouse battery thats' filled with electrical current. We are technically walking computers and our brains possess great power beyond our limits of understanding.

As I said previously Bob miscalculated the power of the rods. His dowsing rods were expensive and cost nearly $1000 a pair, a small sum compared to what they might discover. What the package lacked were instructions on the proper use of them. For two years after his big dig finished we had Bob practicing his skill and he became more accurate finding objects we purposely buried, but he was unsure why the rod reactions were stronger and weaker, sometimes disappearing over time. I, and crew had to correct this before we'd do any more backbreaking work digging for another ghost cannon. We thought maybe his brain was misfiring signals, but it wasn't. Remember Bob had no instruction manual so we had to help him find the cure. Something was interupting the signals between brain and hands. What we found was that the polarity of the stones in the area of the box changed with the lunar cycle.

While Bob was practicing I was researching unexplained mysteries of electro-magnetically charged stones when I stumbled upon an Englishman who was shocked when his dowsing rod touched the standing stones of Stonehenge on a dark night. As a result the visitations of anyone at Stonehenge was prohibted for fear an individual could conceivably electrocute themselves when a rod touches the stone on dark lunar cycle nights. Electro-magnetic energy fields spin from stone to standing stone at Stonehenge and these fields spin at high velocity. These are called "rings of fire" and ley lines between stones are the strongest on the darkest of nights. Ley lines and power spots exist all over the earth and Bob found some pillars of light near Moffit Hill. We found three supercharged stones. They were electrically charged pillars of lights and they tingled Bob's hands.

At Stonehenge the ley lines of converging energy spin at amazing speed from stone to stone creating a force field of electrical energy only seen with infrared night vision gear or infrared film. Stonhenge isn't the only place where standing stones exist. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of standing stone monoliths stand worldwide, the newest discovered in 2009 at the bottom of Lake Michigan. The Stonehenge like formations at Nunica, Michigan are frauds, but real standing stones exist on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan and circles of stones of Native American culture exist in the Lower Penisula and all across America. Bob found and charted the major ley lines (the electromagnetic fields) from the Norton Mounds in Grand Rapids through Cannon Township to other ancient monuments twenty miles away. In fact, he charted the ley lines that criss-cross Cannonsburg and found several magnetic power spots in the vicinity of his big dig.

Magnetic field energy spots and circles of standing stones are places where UFO sightings have been reported. Many paranormal individuals believe these ancient sites are places where once humans interacted with extra-terrestrials from other galaxies. To understand how Bob uses his rods you must also have a fascination with mysteries of the unexplained universe. Bob and crew had to investigate electromagnetic force fields to understand all the complexities of rod usage to solve Bob's mysterious fluctuations in power signals from strong to weak to strong again. What caused this was the fact the new moon cycle interferes with dowsing signals and depending on the fattening moon it can decrease the ability of rods to find signals from buried objects.

The reason dowsers are prohibited from visiting Stonehenge is because the standing monoliths are generators of magnitized electrical energy. So too, the electromagnetic energy fields or magnetic energy spots increases six days after a full moon and decreases to zero over six days as it nears the full moon. Fourteen days of darkness exist where electromagnetic energy usage is greatest. The distortion signals weaken as the moon gets fatter and stronger as it wanes. America's war in Iraq or Israeli wars start on the dark cycle of the moon. Missiles don't hit to within a gophers whisker of accuracy when electromagnetic targeting is weakening because of a fattening moon.

The lunar cycle was distorting Bob's energy fields and what corrupted his dowsing rods. Bob wasn't aware that to use electromagnetic energy to find the cannon he had to use the rods during the dark cycles of the moon. It took Bob two years of practicing to fully understand proper rod usage. To be a successful dowser using divining, angle or dowsing rods for cannons or treasure one has to participate in the mysteries of Astro-archaeological sciences. Bob was doing a solo act without use of an instruction manual and he learned by trial and error method of achievement.

In America divining rods of Bob's day were primarily used to detect underground veins of water and not used for indiscriminately searching for cannons or treasure hunting. It takes years of study to master the art of dowsing. Bob mentally burned up hundreds of billions of brain cells to fine tune is dowsing skills. Bob was inept using the rods, it was just that he didn't have one solid clue as to the correct size of the cannon. Any dowsers intended target must be factual and precise - not a guessing game of fill in the blanks. The mind's eye must see the actual object and the mantra (silent conversations of question and answers) must be precise.

A treasure hunter in England using dowsing rods in 2009 changed one word in his mantra while searching for treasures. He changed the word treasure to 'gold and silver' coins. He found a treasure trove worth millions after 18 years of incorrectness. What you seek with dowsing rods requires correct use of rods. By 1988, Bob Alcumbrack had increased his skill for dowsing and he could locate purposely placed objects we buried and he could date coins buried in the soil. He could map out dimensions of objects buried to test his abilities and he knew how to discriminate out junk objects and hot rocks (magnetized stones). If you witnessed Bob's humiliation and failure at the first big dig sites bust it'd make you a "doubting Thomas" too!

Bob's ability to dowse may have looked strange in 1986, but in Bob's day, the electronic metal detectors couldn't show you objects, where in 2009 they can show you what is buried before you decide to dig it up or what rests on the bottom of the sea. Treasure hunting with the latest gear these days has taken some of mystery out of what you've found. It's an exercise buster. Next time I'll discuss more about mysterious history.

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