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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 103

A cemetery was the most logical place on earth where the Cannonsburg cannon could be buried by a sexton and five men forever without being exhumed by man with the exception of Mother Nature. Never would it be disturbed again, but needless to say, the men of past didn't know that men of their future could use ground penetrating radar (GPR), MRI's, infrared photography, dowsing rods, metal detectors or radar tomography to find just about anything put into the soil or water. We had reason to believe that the cannon was buried at the end of the trail - that being the Cannonsburg cemetery. It was an honorable site for the end of the ancient cannon and it was once the pride of joy of Mr. Cannon. This was his favorite view of Cannonsburg.

In a rerun episode of NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) the boss' Mark Harmen along with his investigative team with smart gal Abby used a hypothetical GPR to search a cemetery grave for a body inside a coffin. On a dark night the clandestine acting group of forensic scientists dragged a GPR device over the grave, which highlighted the casket minus the body, but it showed cement blocks - a vivid visual image. I must warn you no such device is in existence today - no clear images like what was shown. If the government did have a highly sophisticated GPR that showed such clarity it wouldn't acknowledge its use. The NCIS version GPR didn't exist, but real trials of such a device have been disappointing. Not just anyone can understand what is being seen. It takes a skilled geo-scientist to read GPR devices. They cost near a quarter million.

When the living walk into cemeteries they see engraved tombstones or plaque markers, but it is only the living who have seen the faces of those who've departed this life. Some long lifers can remember the physical features of the dead; tall, short, skinny, fat, etc. The tombstones we see leave a tag or marker in our memory bank. Whenever we go in cemeteries its a sacred place of the dead, but most of us return to the cemetery to respect the dead with flowers and prayer. We reflect on fond memories of those who lie in eternal sleep. We go to cemeteries to show some respect for the dearly departed or dead. It's a place where the living go to remember the love of our lives.

As we neared the conclusion of Bob's third dig in 1988 we couldn't help feel that it was plausible that the five men who hauled the killer cannon out of Cannonsburg did so with every intention of making sure it'd never see the light of day again. When Tompsett died the funeral and graveside services were secret. No obituaries for Tompsett were written for newspapers. The cemetery sexton could have buried Tompsett and cannon in the same grave. Bob didn't want to hear this when I told him what I'd found concerning how peacetime cannons were decommissioned when it killed a private citizen. Military personnel are buried alone, the cannon on the surface, but not below ground.

This was a Federal recommendation in the mid 1880's for disposal of non-military peacetime cannon's. Bury them deep and place the coffin on top of the cannon. Placing them deeper than coffin shielded the cannon from grave robbers. It'd keep the heritage and history of the piece intact.

The time between the cannon accident and Tompsett's death was extremely hard on Rena Tompsett, especially those surviving Tompsett family members who arrived to late. The five men and town elders who failed to keep quiet probably argued most of the time who's fault it was and what to do with the killer cannon. Teardrops fell by the thousands that night. The cannon five spirited the killer cannon out of town fast. They took it upon themselves to make sure it went missing before sunrise and forgo the rutted wagon trails of public roads.

The clanking, rattling and squeaking wheels of the ancient cannon would have woken area farmers or those tending to early morning chores. They couldn't risk being seen with the cannon in tow. They took the wayward trail off Joyce Street. That was the secret route and they hoped nobody would seen them, but alas it was the squeaking wheels that woke up 8-year old Estella Ward and her bright eyes saw them twice. Once pulling the cannon and returning empty handed. She was the only eyewitness who could supply Bob with a time frame coming and going.

A cemetery sexton plus five grief stricken men could he even dug a deep grave for Tompsett that Sunday morning and buried that cannon deeper than the casket. The cannon would be right at home in the Cannonsburg cemetery. The honorable gift cannon could rest without ever hurting anyone else again. Was this their biggest secret? We knew where the cannon wasn't buried. Surely they wouldn't destroy or recycle it and wouldn't sell it.

We did know through our ley line investigations that two ley lines ran through the Cannonsburg. One from northwest to southeast trajectory (Cannon Twp. northwest Section 4 to SW Section 26). It went ended at the pine stump near Bob's first big dig. The stump was a power projection source of magnetic energy. It's aura was six feet wide, the largest we ever found in Cannon Twp. The other ley ran nearly due south from near the old Bush lake in Cannon Twp. Section 3 and ended just inside the north property line of the cemetery. The pine stump had many other leys coming to it from southwest to northeast. Local Indians would say the previous ley was abad omen. The discovery of the ley lines thru the cemeterty got our attention. Leys persay don't lead to buried treasures, but research along leys did support the fact that some treasures have been found within the triangle of leys.

I suggested to Bob in 1986 he'd be wise to investigate Cannon Township cemeteries. He couldn't bring himself to believe the men buried it there. His mind wouldn't let him believe this. It would be a death knell to his wildest dream. He felt it disrespectful to his dead friends and family to investigate the probabilities that cannon and man might be buried together. He thought it terribly disrespectful of the dead and dearly departed and today dowsers are used in cemeteries to find lost graves and identify graves lost in time before the lots may be resold or used by someone else. Bob couldn't stomach trespassing against the spirits of the dead. He refused to use his dowsing skills in the Cannonsburg cemetery until his third big dig was a bust. His men had suffered enough failures and the group sought closure.

Cemetery dowsing for lost gravesites is an honorable profession. Bob was to become a pioneer as a non-destructive gravesite surveyor. That's a skilled professional dowser after nearly two years of intense dowsing instruction and practicing. He had become a gifted practical dowser and indeed able to accurately dowse objects, tell what it was before digging commenced. He could time date the object and coins unseen. White's electronic metal detectors today give you an image of what you've found before the owner attempts to dig up the treasure. Lots of treasure is plain junk, but on occasion someone strikes the mother lode.

Like children practicing a musical instrument, the art of concentration and mind focusing or tending is what makes dowsers successful. Practice makes perfect and one has to listen to the rotten squeaky notes many times just like those who wear headsets for metal detectors and listen to the squawking. It takes lots of patience, concentration and focusing to dowse objects.

God provided us all with a brain and body. They don't always work together, but if you are daring enough to believe in God, why isn't man daring enough to use what God gave us all. He gave most of us the ability to use the gray matter between our ears to focus and concentrate and use our electrical charged brain and nerves to increase our own aura of electromagnetic energy fields. This dimension aura spins around our bodies like the electrical charges that circle around Stonehenge on the darkest nights. Whether living or dead it is the electrical fields that causes dowsing rods to cross for unknown and unseen visual objects. This is why some humans glow in the dark when sitting atop Indian Mounds or tombstones glow at night. As long as the dowser can envision an object in the mind's eye so much the better, but the brain must think like a computer to envision objects. Don't disbelieve in dowsers simply because someone else is a doubting Thomas. To understand the principles of dowsing you just need to fine tune your mind, body and spirit. If you disbelieve in one why bother?

Once upon a time most parents told their children to believe in "Santa Clause, Kris Kringle, Para Noel, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy" until parents shattered their dream friends. Just because you've never seen God, Jesus Christ or Angels doesn't mean they never existed. Dying people have said, "Did you see the angel or Christ standing at the foot of the bed?" Many of the living and healthy see nothing. The heart and mind must be in tune with the Spirit. The living aren't prepared for the end. All dowsers just want you to accept them and be daring enough to believe that anything is possible. If the prophets of the Bible made miracles why fear dowsers?

Our living physical being, brains and nerves are supercharged daily with free flowing neurons and electrons and these electrical impulses travel thru our nerves in our bodies at the speed of light. In a few seconds I want you to close your eyes. I want you to drive to work or favorite play spot using only your mind's eye. Picture your residence and everything. My mind is getting duller since I can see all the sights for one hundred miles in about 10 seconds. Short-term ride 3 miles in less than 2 seconds. Whatever you see is locked in your mind's eye -- the memory center of your brain.

Get ready, get set, go! Take a few minutes to explore what is recorded in your memory banks.

As I previously said, "Some individuals generate wide electromagnetic energy fields while others have little to none. Whether living or dead doesn't matter just as long as the body remains intact in a casket or cremated ashes remain inside a vase. Each has its own electromagnetic energy identity. When bones and ashes are separated the magnetic field ceases. Segment 104-106 tell where all this ends. As legendary Paul Harvey would say "Good Day!"

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