Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dreams and Destiny of Believers

I believe in the existence of angels, spirits and God's use of visions and voices coming in dreams. This is the destiny of any person who believes that God is the giver of our destiny at birth. God uses our dreams as a platform for answering our prayers that's if we choose to listen to his commands. These are special gifts given from Him. Angels and spirits shape our destiny. Through them we can recall what is said in our dreams. Any religious person who believes in God or Jesus Christ must believe that our prayer concerns can be answered thru dreams.

Whether angels or spirits are real depends on what we believe as individuals. They can be real or imaginary, but how the visions and voices appears determines our destiny in life. Some angels and spirits are good, but some leaves us with bad vibes (ghosts), that are both good and evil, too. Bad vibes are the least personally shared with others for as humans we are afraid of what other Christians or friends might view as devil thinking. Bad spirits can awaken our curiosity, but a few people go off the deep end and use what we say for ghost entertainment to shock an awe paranormal activity.

Personally I'm not afraid of ghost or witches for God stands beside me or with me, but some people are superstitious and don't even want to meet a ghost, witch let alone a spirit. How about the Holy Spirit?

If I remember my Bible teachings I think it was JOB who had a nerve-wracking visit by a spirit or Holy Ghost and his description of it might shake up anyone when he said, 'Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones shake. Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up.' Paul later called Saul in ACTS 9:3 said, "A brilliant light from heaven spotted down upon me surrounding my every being and I heard a voice" saying "Paul, Paul! Why are you persecuting me?"

Paul couldn't believe it might be Jesus as he weakly asked, "Who is speaking, Sir?" The voice replied back, "I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting!" The men with Paul stood speechless with surprise for they heard the sound of someone's voice, but saw no one! Paul stood up and to his surprise he was blind from the intense light and the spirit told him to have his men take him to Damascus and stay at Judas' house and wait praying for Jesus had given Paul a vision of Ananias laying hands upon him to return his sight. The "Holy Spirit of the Lord who appeared on the road has sent me to fill you with the Holy Spirit and return they sight."

Paul [Saul] was on fire after that miracle for the Lord's kingdom. He couldn't wait to tell anyone the good news. Job was surprised unwittingly by the Holy Spirit' visit. Other Biblical references to ghosts include the witch of Endor who conjured up the spirit of Samuel who warned King Saul of the Philistines defeat. Brutus was haunted by the ghost of Caesar whose assassination he plotted. Sitting in his tent alone Brutus was confronted by another a spirit of 'horrifying' dimensions with a 'pale, emaciated face' that announced 'I am your evil spirit.' It said, 'You will see me again at Philippi' and it did the night before Brutus was slain on the battlefield at Philippi. The Bible is no stranger to ghost sightings - visual or voices.

Ghosts, those spirit beings of the dead continually rise to haunt the living and even today they have fascinated those of the world who try to understand them. Ghost hunters try to capture the apparitions on infrared film or with EMF equipment (electromagnetic field) meters. Sometimes the voices of spirits can be heard as they roam around us. Those who study such paranormal activity believe that certain events or people from past civilizations leave an imprint of themselves based upon strong emotions left behind or violence [an echo from the past] from murders, killings and misery that can last for centuries. Some theorize that the whole of the past is somewhere recorded in space time as though imprinted on film. It's sort of like a momentary time-warp giving us a quick glimpse of the past in rerun form.

In Brutus' encounter with the evil ghost it brought him a dire warning. That ghost was his harbinger of doom, but not all warnings conveyed by ghosts or apparitions bring harm. Listening to the voices or visions can save lives, too, and I've been visited in my dreams with voices telling me to heed the warnings. I've only heard voices and I obeyed the command, but many of my friends have not feared the dire warnings coming in their dreams, too. Ghosts appear before anyone and warn us of impending disaster or relief from a disaster, but it is how we interpret what is revealed in our dreams that determines if we survive or die. Ghost ships have been seen sailing out of fog banks and many ghosts have been seen and heard in castles, houses, ships and old mansions.

King Henry VIII had six wives, but Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were beheaded, and both of their ghosts haunt the Chapel Royal to this day. Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife wanders the corridors as a miserable soul in her blue dress. Catherine Howard, who had an adulterous affair, his fifth wife is the palace's noisiest ghost. She has been seen and heard numerous times running and screaming along the long gallery hallway leading to the Chapel Royal door in an attempt to save herself from King Henry's wrath.

Jane Seymour, his third wife died giving birth to Henry's first son, well she has appeared from the Queen's apartment dressed in white carrying a lighted candle as she walks along the Silver Stick Gallery and down the stairs. The baby prince was cared for by Mistress Sibell Penn, his nurse and she appears as a thin, hooded figure in a grey robe that is occasionally seen walking thru walls. Elizabeth I has been seen in the library and King Charles I (beheaded in 1649) too in the Library. King Henry VIII, the master facilitator of all the Chapel Royal ghosts, well his own ghost was seen in 1977 walking the battlements and disappearing into the wall. King Henry's realm was ruled by violence and misery.

Many people today are superstitious when it comes to ghost sightings. Either believe or disbelieve, but ghosts do and will appear from time to time. Some people say my halo flickers from time to time and I'm not dead yet. I'm not quite an angel, but for all intense purposes I'm neither the devil, too. I love to flirt and tease. I put humor in life to make others smile.
I do believe that angels and spirits can talk and watch over us, but other than that they do not have the power to physically intervene in our lives, but I believe they can and do affect outcomes by how we interpret our dreams. We change our destiny seen and heard. The outcomes in our lives are dependent on whether we turn our dreams into reality or pre-destination. We seemingly arrive in time with a God inspired appointment with destiny.

The next several blogs will deal with dreams and destinies of several individuals in my life. You might be surprised at what you'll learn from examples of dream destinies.

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