Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dreams and Destiny of Believers- 3

I've been writing about dreams and or destinies in life. Life is short, but God has our destiny planned since our birth, and yet, he leaves our destiny in our own hands. Some lives are snuffed out sooner because something unforeseen happened. God's plan can be interrupted by an unperceived tragedy in our life.

Case in point, the young 34-year old Youth pastor in Michigan who died with his one-year old son in a house fire. Both died of smoke inhalation - he in the living room, the son upstairs. His wife and two other children were vacationing out East. It was an unknown fire in the basement. He was well loved by the congregation at Crossroads Bible Church. His death untimely? Was the fire divine accident or was it the destiny of the wife and other two children to be saved? We sometimes shorten our own lives before God's plan is realized and yet God welcomes those who pass from mortal life to eternity before the path to our destiny is fulfilled. Was this his destiny - to die so that others might live like Christ? Or was it to remind us that life is fleeting? Is it time to accept Christ as Savior before the unplanned happens to us? Your heart can't work without your mind and soul. The three are companions of life.

Not all of us are Christian's. Some refuse to believe there is a God Almighty and refute the life of Jesus Christ as our Savior. That is there loss and my gain. As Christians we have no right to brow beat unbelievers. In America it's freedom of religion. To believe or disbelieve. We simply must pray for the unseen and trust that they will see that the real 'Light of the World' is faith in Jesus Christ. Many times priests, rabbis, pastors, etc. preach for years to Congregations and it seems to them nobody is growing in the faith. Many see smoke, but no burning fires. They see no sparks and become frustrated thinking that with all the flapping of their lips they don't see any flames or the burning desires to service the church. As a congregational member I can see their frustration when week after week they preach get more involved, but it falls on deaf ears. Churches need plenty of new help - volunteers to fill posts of the 'burned out' who've given of their own time and talents in excess and need a rest. Why?

I think it is because preachers turn religion into a cult where they think it best to put all eyes and hearts on Jesus or God and forget about the mind dreams of parishioners. It is fine to put God and Christ at the head of your own household, but not if it robs the parishioners of their own dreams and goals of life. People who don't strive to reach goals in life or invest time in their own dreams, well, they seem to wander in life as aimlessly lost. They've got nothing to grab onto and never seem to accomplish anything of much useful value. Many times they let parents, friends, associates, colleagues and preachers tell them what they can, should or shouldn't do in life instead of going on a fabulous adventure to find out for themselves. They are afraid to trust what God and Christ has given them - trust in themselves and prayer. Simply put too many dreamers give up on their dreams. Some put too much emphasis on faith rather than understanding that God-given voices and visions rise from dreams. Never ask others to interpret your dreams. They destroy your life. Seek out possibility thinkers.

What others think isn't always important for they will always tell you why your dream is impossible to attain. If it's your dream, vision or prayer never allow them to bury your dreams. It's your dream - not their dream. Never give someone else the chance to destroy your dream or vision. Forget their opinion. What others might believe is wrong you must forget and believe in your ability to reverse that opinion. Don't let anyone beat you into their submissive life style. Discover your own talents and life style. Never let someone else decide your life, because you are afraid of what others might think. Whose life is it - theirs or yours? Be bold - find out!

Dreams are, I believe God-given, but in order to realize a dream they need nourishment and letting friends, parents, associates, etc. decide your life isn't nourishment, but lazy fodder. Without go-go food dreams die. Surround yourself with possibility thinkers - that's what Dr. Shueller, of the Crystal Cathedral in California always preaches. Rise above difficulties and impossibilities - soar like an eagle on eagle's wings. Be aggressive. Trust your own subconscious feelings and you might achieve a lifetime of rewards that others lost. They'll steal your dreams. God and dreams can coexist.

Have you gotten any visions from a dream? Trust your own instinct, the gut-wrenching feelings. Visions in dreams don't always pan out and many dreams die an untimely death from those who don't put forth the effort needed to support the vision. Dreams die because of lack of personal confidence in our own abilities to understand what it is we are trying to achieve. To make dreams succeed rise above the criticisms from others. Dreams are like postage stamps for we must stick to something until we achieve our end goal. Trust that you are right and everyone else is wrong - I mean legally right or wrong. God is the ultimate judge.

Where and what would the world look like today if Bill Gates, the Creator of MicroSoft never followed the voices in his head? He had a dream and despite his father's demands that he get a college education he acted upon his own dream that made him almost the richest man in the world. His father didn't like young Bill spending so much time playing video games. Something clicked in his mind, soul and heart. Bill's dad never believed that anything good would happen without college. Bill went six months or so then when his father went to visit him at the dorm he found out he quit and had started his own software business. Gate's life went ballistic because he followed the gut-wrenching feelings from his dream. His dream caused a revolution that challenges millions of dreams and countless billions of other dreams. Remember dreams are God-given challenges to us. You just need to find the right encourager's to go beyond what others believe is impossible. Our dreams and goals need nourishment. Go in peace. Dreams and destiny of believers continues...

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