Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 76

James Thomas, the grandfather of Fred Thomas did something so remarkable as to leave Bob Alcumbrack a souvenir of the Cannonsburg cannon. In America it is called traditions and heritage and the simple truth is that the Thomas' like most people in troubled times are pack rats and don't like to part with anything valuable.

We buy, sell and trade cherished items to pay the unexpected bills when times are challenging. Some folks are 'hoarders' whose only purpose is to obtain a product, but keep it. for no sound reason other than its "mine!" Junk and antiquity collectors we've most all become during our lives. We buy on whims, collect objects that serve no useful purpose except for clutter or we squirrel away our ancient antique treasures to preserve our rich historical heritage for rekindling family memories at life celebrations. Some increase in value while others become worthless and we were fleeced and robbed by flimflammers. As the years pass we forget where we hid our treasures and fail to retrieve them when we leave, die and relatives fail to find them. Bob's secret artifacts found were cannonballs, but unknown is when were they hidden in the upper floor of the Thomas residence.

These keepsake items gave us physical evidence, the clues Bob had been searching for for fifty years or more. The cannon wasn't just a rumored legend, but a bona fide cannon. Now some items we collect in our minds are priceless per appraisers for the PBS Antiques Road Show. Some are pure junk, but the collectors teach us what is good, bad, ugly and not worth spit. Learn the lessons and don't make the same mistake again. One woman brought in an abstract painting. Her father purchased it from a young college student who sold it for $8.00 in the 1950's so as to provide him with food. It was a starving aritist sale. His painting at auction today was worth $150,000. Now that's a treasure!

Sometimes family members will try to protect heirlooms by hiding them or spiriting them away while others get moved through inheritances. Sometimes as time passes, the old get senile and forgetful and forgot where they put the treasures for safekeeping. We all do this, but some put things away in time capsules to be discovered in the future. Past precious artifacts leave others a glimpse of their lives. Rekindling the past shows us where our ancestors have been and itsrevealed in the future.

Remember thy childhood days once in a while for they were good, but we try to forget the bad. Rekindle thy spirit as a child playing in the hot sand on a Lake Michigan beach and see the rushing waves destroy sand castles faster than they were created. Be not afraid to sit, listen, laugh and cry about life's circumstances and speak often about the legends of thy youth. In this manner you safeguard memories.

Fred Thomas and his grandfather James Thomas revealved that the land upon which we live today are living organisms from past, present and future generations. We have all seen a treasure trove of changes that are connected by the histories of past people who share links to the future by present keepsake memories. Whether it's a cannon, treasure or house hunters doesn't matter, because landscapes today are the ultimate jigsaw puzzles of human existence altered by 125 years of living.

The Cannonsburg cannon and Texas' Twin Sisters' cannon all suffered the same fate. Secrets of men have kept them hidden for up to 155 years. The Twin Sisters remain hidden, but many haven't stopped looking and researching. The Cannonsburg cannon's disappearance and its hiding spot are well hidden in my text. You the post-facto treasure hunter is responsible for finding the answers. Some eyes are twinkling while others might be scanning backwards to see if I already gave up a clue you missed, which I did, but I shall not divulge the secret. Be detective Columbo or Mr. Monk. Legends do mature as the years pass. Some get twisted so badly we fail to recognize clues later on. What we once believed is no longer true. Opinions and misconceptions change as time passes. What you once believed is either right or wrong? Was it faulty thinking?

The Cannonsburg cannon's diappearance had rivaled the lost Twin Sisters' in that all three cannons disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but rather sad circumstances and all were secretly buried in the darkness hours before sunrise. No other witnesses saw either group bury the cannons. Without witnesses the secrets of those who buried the cannons or cannon were kept secretly buried by the same who with old age had faulty memory. Time had erased the landscapes keeping bearings secret, too. Both parties were either angry, or grief stricken when the cannons went missing. Both groups kept them in their respective states, but unknown is whether anyone in both groups could remember where the cannons were buried. The Texas group wanted only to keep the Twin Sisters out of northern Yankee recycle foundries, but the Cannonsburg men wanted to entomb their ancient cannon where it could never be used again to kill or injure someone, but James Thomas put "a fly in the ointment."

Amongst themselves both groups swore themselves to secrecy and none of the cannons could be resurrected without the mutual consent of all immediate participants. This was their "code of silence" that all took to their graves. I must repeat the Texas' cannons demise, but pay particular notice to the discrepancies and similarities between both cannon expeditions. Never in Bob's wildest dreams did he ever believe the job to resurrect the Cannonsburg cannon would be easy, but had he known about the Twin Sisters' he probably would have done things differently. He surely wouldn't have expended so much time, energy and money digging for a ghost cannon. Dowsing can't be based upon hunches, but clues to support facts. Time buried kept the cannons safe for 155 years. I still love Groundhog's Day and Wild Hogs.

Bob was unaware of the depth of my research over the years. He didn't want you to know where he failed and he hoped I wouldn't tell you until he passed away. He made me promise not to divulge any information until he passed away. He wanted the mystery to continue so you post facto treasure hunters could help uncover secrets. He wanted to let you know that history isn't as dry as dust. History is more than facts, numbers and dates. Enjoy our expedition and seek adventure in your lives. Next time I'll meet you in the middle of Bray's Bayou staring up at the stars listening to the celebrations in Houston when Civil War hostilities ended.

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