Monday, May 17, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 83

Looking back in time it is amazing how Bob Alcumbrack and friends missed seeing the cannon. We looked high and low for the cannon, and yet, we never saw three other special cannons full view that resembled falconets. That's three falconets with a 2.01 inch diameter bore and one Robinet for a 1/2 pound ball, but what is more strange is that all three were missing end parts. We looked but didn't see the strange facsimiles of them in 1986. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in projects we don't see what is right in front of our eyes.

The cannon's were visual sightings, but we failed to recognize them in 1986 and 1988, etc. Three cannons are in plain sight and one was in a secret place where Bob found that three were made between 1848-1872 while the last one made prior to 1643. Not the time or place just yet to tell you the rest of the story. In fact, I've already told you where the cannon is buried, but most failed to make the connection. The Cannonsburg cannon is a smaller falconet, but later cannons rested on ornate carriages that fired balls up to 3 pounds and fired from a 72 inch cannon. These cannons are very rare.

The Cannonsburg cannon was made by the Dutch of Austrian design, while the other three pieces are taken from English and Dutch origins, is of Austrian American design and made in America. What is amazing is that the latter three cannons only exist in Cannon Township and not surrounding townships and are akin to the Civil War. I found them by an accident of my own design in a lump sum. This was my secret, "ssssh."

Many people have seen them, but failed to recognize them. Talk about blindness? We all should have seen an opthalmologist. The sighting of the three cannons made me speechless and like Bob I scratched my hair follicles, too. Are the neurons in your brain flashing? Mine did!

Before we concluded the second big dig the possibility existed the cannons might be French of Austrian design. Bob had to find a cannon less than 60 inches long and he found it exceedingly hard to divest his mind of the six-pound image of a shrunken cannon. We were constantly putting Bob through a wringer of tests before starting the final expedition. Bob though never told his family or close friends where and under what circumstances he was looking for the cannon. Often he was uneasy and unprepared to answer questions from the public. In fact the last three secrets cannons Bob didn't know existed and it took 21 years after Bob's big dig to find some interesting puzzle pieces.

I was digging into some Civil War battle engagements in Tennessee and Kentucky when I discovered what we all missed. It was right in front of our noses. We all had missed another key player. Short for tonight. Can't keep my peepers open. I keep falling asleep so I'm quitting early.

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