Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Spirit Intrepetation in a Dream - 158

I've talked about spirit visitations coming in dreams.  It happened again.  Bought some Chrysanthemums for the big pots in front of church from Rockford Hardware in Rockford.  My intention was to transport them on Tuesday afternoon, but since I was tired I thought I'd take a nap [Monday].  Low and behold I visited dreamland for about a half hour, but a spirit of bright light visited - a light so bright that it glowed and  the pulse voice from the beyond said, "Go to church now!"  I snapped from my slumber and the first thing that came into my mind was, "What's the rush?" I was tired and reluctant to leave my Monday afternoon nap, but the spirit said, "Go as in immediately."

Snatched from my dream I asked my wife to help seat the large bronze/red flowers at the entry to church.  We planted those mums and my wife was watering when a red car pulled into the church parking lot about 50' feet from the back door.  A young woman came rushing forward and she asked, "Did we know where the church secretary was.  I said, "The church office is closed on Monday's."  Her face was sullen.  She was hoping someone at the church could give her some money for gas from the benevolent fund , because she had no more money for gas to get her Vet friend to the VA hospital in Grand Rapids.  He was sitting in a pool of blood, the result of Colon Cancer and was bleeding heavily from his rectum.  He wouldn't let her phone for an ambulance citing the costs.  Tears flooded her eyes causing my wife to cry, too.  I asked the two church staff (maintenance) , but each didn't have much cash themselves.  I walked down the hall and all I had was $11.00.  I pulled it from my wallet and gave her $10.00.  She cried heavier and wasn't going to accept my money, but my wife told her that's what I we as Christian's are supposed to do.  My wife had no money to give her either.  I was spirit sent from my dream to help her in their hours of need!  When a Vet or anyone is in need the Bible commands I help them.  Don't ever underestimate spirit dreams.  Listen from the heart.

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