Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Most Beautiful Dancer in My World

I've watched Dancing with The Stars only a few times.  Each couple tries to outdo the previous contestants.  The women are gorgeous, the men handsome.  All handpicked because of their stature and events as people performing live entertainment.  This is performance dancing to a "Wow Factor," for TV ratings.

Strange as it may seem you have no chances of dancing with the stars of TV.  Men gawk and I'm sure many see the ladies as sexual conquests - not as someone you'd dance with on stage.  I'm no dancer, but my eyes can watch the ladies dance in bars and taverns and have no inclinations to get excited by what I witness and yet the most beautiful dancer in my world of entertainment sure thrilled most of the men in the tavern Friday evening.  She was the Queen of Dance.  She was an unassuming guest until she stood up and walked up onto the dance floor with a friendly male acquaintance who was reluctant to dance with her.  She turned every male head in the establishment just getting there with her figure walking.  The other gent was very hesitant to dance.  Male eyes couldn't stop staring at her runway hourglass figure - the body shape was exquisite.  She danced wildly and her hip gyrations made women uneasy knowing their husbands were staring in her direction.

I sat on a high chair like I do every Friday night waiting my turn to sing.  My hair has silver streaks, but older ladies of 79 plus love to run their fingers through my hair, which I dislike and rarely do I get excited watching the ladies dance until that night.  Many a men stopped and asked me "How can I stand it being so close to such a wild dancer?"  Well, I'm still shy and I don't dance, but she continued to strut her style of dancing to my pleasure and turning gawking bar men into putty.  My eyes drank her into my mind.  They were melting.  Others were afraid to dance with such a gorgeous woman.  Then it happened.  She came to the dance floor and before I knew it she pulled me off my chair and said, "Dance with me darling!"  I was shocked.  She said, "I love your beautiful singing."  I felt special, but whispered I don't dance.  She took my hands and placed them on her hips, pulled me close and we danced slowly.  I said, "Not bad for a guy married 39 years."  When the music ended I thanked the most beautiful woman dancer in the world proving that old men like a good dancer.

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