Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Legend of Chief Cobmoosa & Pres. A.J. -41

     President Jackson was a formidable military commander.  He had special talents in dealing with Indians and as did General Jackson of America's military operations in the War of 1812-1818.  Sam Houston was a United States politician who like Davey Crockett longed for adventure and lived among the Cherokee Indians of Texas most of his life and helped Presidents of the U.S. arrange Indian treaties.
     The Texan rebels who caused the Alamo catastrophe were those American citizens who settled on Mexican lands and did so at their own peril.  They became the squatters who didn't like President Santa Anna's rule and tried to overthrow Mexico and lost.  Jackson couldn't let Federal forces interfere.  America had no authority nor capital to wage war so Jackson abstained.
     Jackson felt the winds of change.  He had to remain neutral.  Since he was the outsider it gave him time to make preparations as a citizen and not President, but he had to dissuade Sam Houston from taking a government military task force back to aid the rebels in Texas and drive out Santa Anna's Mexican army.  This would give Jackson the time needed to figure out how to defeat Santa Anna.  Houston's volunteer citizen forces could annihilate him, but only if reinforcements arrived.
     Jackson heard after the fact that Houston broke the American-Mexican Treaty when Houston's small army attacked Santa Anna's small outposts and pushed Mexicans across the Rio Grande River.  This maneuver angered Santa Anna in Mexico, which returned full force with 7000 soldiers and killed the rebel fighters at the Alamo.  This is what started the Alamo fiasco.
     Jackson then ordered surveillance of Houston's movements and from Houston extracted a "pledge of honor" from him to respect and not invade Mexico without sufficient forces to defeat Santa Anna.  He then told Houston to collect the small bands of Texas fighters and his own fighters and retreat across the Red River near the US Border out of Santa Anna's reach. 
     Military observers wanted Houston to retreat back onto American soil, but Jackson disagreed and let Houston take charge.  He would wait before leading the charge until he had significant forces to return.  Word went out like wild fire that citizen Andrew Jackson was personally paying all the expenses to resurrect a volunteer citizen army to defeat Santa Anna out of respect for Crockett, Russell and Jim Bowie.
     Citizen Andrew Jackson paid it forward again for food, ammunition and accommodations for volunteers.  Getting the necessary manpower would give citizen Jackson three weeks or so to send from the Cincinnati foundry two 4-pound iron cannons for Houston's battle plan.
     These were the first of four cannons to be founded at the Cincinnati foundry several weeks before the Alamo fight commenced.  Two were put on the bow of a steamboat down the Ohio River and Mississippi River to Sam Houston waiting at New Orleans.  These were the Twin Sisters cannons of Texas.  The other two went to Michigan.
     Jackson's White House study was littered with maps everywhere and Jackson poured over them day and night.  He was the battle hardy commander and eventually told Houston to split.... (continued)

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