Monday, February 15, 2016

The Legend of Chief Cobmoosa & Pres. A.J. -45

     So what happened to Cobmoosa's gold coinage is unknown, but some scholars assert the Chief's gold and silver coinage was hidden or buried in a secret location along Cobmoosa Creek or Cobmoosa Lake vicinity.  Think iron kettle.  Like Wabasis' lost treasure so to Cobmoosa may have buried his cache.  Afterall he probably told Wabasis where to bury his treasure, too, and many have tried without success because they never knew exactly what might be buried.  Oh sure, some have claimed they have found the treasures, but it's never been proven and claim's are just hearsay evidence.
     Back then nobody knew what it was they were looking for?  Treasure yes, but they couldn't describe it.  But now you know the coins are stamped Treaty of 1836 or 1836 and those who are skilled with diving rods can actually time date the coins and find them.  Happy hunting.
     You might wonder what set me off on the story of Cobmoosa.
     Well, I like Cobmoosa am prone to not traveling highways just to get someplace fast.  I take my time traveling off a direct path and seeing the beauty of Michigan.  I enjoy exploring the back out of the way roads and found Cobmoosa's monument in Elbridge Township as shown on a western Michigan map and found it.  Actually there are two monument sites.  Another is in Ionia County somewhere along the Grand River.
     Cobmoosa was indeed "The Last Designated Indian Chief of the Ottawa's of the Grand River Valley in 1855."
     As Paul Harvey would sign off at his noon hour Chicago radio show, "Now you know the rest of the story," about The Legend of Cobmoosa and President Andrew Jackson.


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