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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 7

Virginia Dare was the first English child born in America. She was the daughter of Ananias and Eleanor (White) Dare who were two of the original 87 men, 17 women and 11 children that comprised the Lost Colony that John White left on Roanoke Island (North Carolina) in 1587. John White left his daughter and son-in-law and all the rest when staple supplies were getting low and returned to England only to find the country gripped in war with Spain. White hoped to return soon before the colonists starved to death, but Queen Elizabeth had other plans and used his ship in the war and White didn't return until 1590. When he returned he found no colonists -- all he found were iron tools and farming equipment, but no sign of the colonists -- no decaying bodies and no graves. They simply vanished without a trace. The only thing found were the letters CRO carved into a tree trunk. At the abandoned fort the word 'CROATOAN' was carved into a log. Croatoan was an island.

John White could only hope the colonists weren't massacred by Indians. Theories speculate the colonists intermingled with the Native American's -- the Eno and Lumbee Indians, for a hundred years later, the tribes had individuals with light-colored eyes and light colored hair. and spoke English Reports had been garnished that four English men, two boys and one young woman had been sighted south of Jamestown as slaves within the Eno tribe. Could it have been Virginia Dare ? Uncertain and nobody is sure, but according to Indian legends an Indian witch doctor turned Virginia Dare into a white doe, because she spurned his affections. Since the early 1600's many people have reported sightings of a ghostly white doe figure near Roanoke Island. That's to this day.

You shall read about the lost colony later in this journal, because I shall discuss the lost colony cannons, because the true Cannonsburg cannon dates itself around the same time period. That's right. In the beginning Bob Alcumbrack was chasing a ghost cannon at dig sites 1-2. His view of the cannon was a fuzzy 101 year old picture based upon circumstancial evidence, but in reality the cannon had an illustrious 400 year history prior to 1986. Bob only knew it was pre-Civil War.

It took two years of physical digging to discover the cannon's true identity and what we discovered surprised us but it didn't stop us and we charted a path into the future, which is now commonality. We experimented and in our day we were the elite and leading edge of technology in treasure, err, cannon hunting circles. The discovery led to better understandings of world history, the traditions and cultures we inherited from across the big pond (Atlantic) that still are commonplace in our hearts and lives today. Lots of streets and subdivisions carry Old English names. Ours and your destiny must start someplace, but history does repeat itself and where our journey began it ended in destiny. Through better exploration of our dreams we discover our destiny.

Bob passed away in May 2004 and he was laid to rest in Cannonsburg Cemetery a short distance away from Walter Tompsett's. Only 119 years had passed and yet I sensed the spirits of both men as I walked in this cemetery in a December blizzard in 2006. I meditated between these two graves, the snow pelting my neck, the cold winds cutting my coat like a sharp knife , but I sensed these two spirits talking. I hadn't had such intense feelings since 1988 while digging at night near site number 3. Were the departed spirits talking? When I tripped on a broken tombstone I fell in the snow and grabbed a tall monument to break my fall and it moved. Looking up I heard the spirits laughter and in my mind I heard them say "You dumb cluck, we brought you here to discover and you try to kill yourself before you can see...

I was in the cemetery that day because the spirits invited my mind to explore further. The spirits in my dream were adamant I had to "Come today." I was acting on a dream sequence with the same gusto as Bob when he started digging at site number ONE. Bob once said, 'the spirits talked in my dream and told me to dig now. ' My destiny with Walter and Bob is the journey of explained destiny that will unravel before your eyes. Lots of lives from the past will intermingle.

If you are superstitious you'll be quaking in your boots and turning 'as white as a ghost' the same features Bob, the crew and I experienced several times. Only through reading will you be able to see new discoveries, but you won't know what spirits helped me discover in the cemetery about mysteries of the unexplained in Cannon Township. History like many things in life can be dry as dust, but only when you are disinterested and have a closed mind. Enjoy the sights with an open mind.

Bob kept silent about what he and the crew discovered. Why tell you the secret conclusion now? Because Bob and I were friends and he swore me to its secret conclusion until after he died. He was a private individual to the end. He poured out his life and money into his "wildest dream - the cannon project." His dream was similar to Tina Turner's wildest dream concert, where he was the star in the eyes of the world. He wasn't comfortable in his old age basking in the archaeological preservationist limelight, yet he was proud of his accomplishments and his band of cannon hunters. Over the years he got extremely paranoid of the news media. He felt fingers were pointing at him and he perceived their laughter.

When so many problems infected his mission he said "I felt like a treasure hunter"and he sensed Walter's ghost hovering over him and huffing his cold breath across the back of his neck. Cold shivers broke his concentration during several untimely dowsing sessions on dark nights. Near the end of his life he said, "sometime's I think the cannon was cursed, because so many things went wrong or from bad to worse." Even his crew felt being crowded with the ghosts and spirits of the original seven cannon firing men when digging or dreaming at night. Moffit and Prospect Hill locations were utterly suspenseful places to investigate on dark nights or during electrical storms. Were the Indian spirits chastising us or were the strong electromagnetic power sources affecting our reasoning powers? Were our imaginations running wild or were the angels and spirits whispering? Can dreams really benefit man? What is it inside the human brain that triggers dreams about spirits and angels? I'm provoking your mind to answer these questions.

Seek and ye shall find the mysteries of life, the unexplained of mind and destiny. Next time a little brain food for thought before we start to jump into Bob's wildest dream.

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