Thursday, December 31, 2009

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon -8

These are my end of 2009 thoughts.

I believe in the existence of angels, spirits and God's use of them coming in dreams. This is the destiny of any person who believes in the highest powers. God uses dreams to answer prayers for they are special gifts from Him. Angels and spirits shape our destiny. Through them we can interpret what is said in our dreams. Any religious person who believes in God or Jesus Christ must believe that answers can arrive in the form of dreams. Whether angels and spirits are real depends on what we believe as individuals. They can be real or imaginary, but how the vision effects our life determines our destiny in life. Some angels and spirits are good and some leave us with bad vibes (ghosts). Bab vibes are the least personally shared with others for as humans we are afraid of what others might think. Bad spirits can awaken our curiosity, but some people go off the deep end and use it for ghost entertainment - to shock and believe in paranormal activity.

Bob said numerous times he didn't want to meet any ghosts. He was superstitious and I was open to the fact angels and spirits can walk and watch over us, but they can't physically intervene. We change our outcomes. The outcomes in our lives are dependent on how we interpret feelings and spirit filled dreams. Here's some examples of how dreams turn into reality or pre-determined destiny. Do we arrive in time like an appointment with destiny?

My neighbor Joyce Fulwiler was undergoing chemo for breast cancer when Al, her husband had a major heart attack. It was bad and doctors gave dim prospects he'd survive more than three weeks. Several days later Al still in intensive care said he woke up and standing at the foot of the bed were two angels who spoke and said 'You'll be okay.' They turned and walked out the door, it closing behind them, when seconds later the doors opens and there stood Joyce.

Al exclaimed, 'Did you see them?' "Who? said Joyce. She thought he must have been dreaming. 'Two angels said I'll be alright' and they walked out the door seconds before you opened the door. Joyce left the room and asked a nurse if Al had two visitors this morning -- 'None and nobody passed by without us seeing them' they replied. Al was excitedly adamant that he'd seen two angels and heard them speak. Joyce was a Christian - Al wasn't and despite all Joyce's doubts she thought maybe the angel dream might change his destiny by converting Al to eternal life in the belief of Jesus Christ. Al until his death believed that higher powers existed, but he never acknowledged belief in Christ at least not to me. Only God knows if he believed in Jesus Christ. Joyce died in June 2001 and Al in Feb. 2008.

Another neighbor was a Michigan State Police trooper working out of the Newaygo post. One night I received a strange phone call from him and I met him on his lawn the following day. We were talking an he said the voices in his dream told me 'to put my house in order.' The spirits in his dreams and how he described them gave me goosebumps. He had had several dreams he couldn't shed nor did he fear them and his mind was intrepreting them to mean I'm leavin'.

His name was Kevin Marshall and he lived next to Mark Hill, a U.S. Marshal. Kevin was a Roman Catholic and Gov. Jennifer Granholm was a family friend at his wedding. Kevin called me again several nights later and again we met on his lawn only this time he asked me to take care of his wife (lawn mowing) in case something happens over the 4th of July. He wished me well with my firework job and I wished him safety in traffic duty.

Kevin was killed by a deranged man named Woodruff three days later and this man was a relative of my other neighbor that lived within a stone's throw of each other. Kevin was correct in his dream intrepretation that he was destined to die shortly. Was it devine intervention -- his destiny or did he receive the 'Devine kiss of death' from the spirits or God in his dreams?

Kevin and Al's destiny did collide and it was strange how they met. Al was restoring an old MG from scratch. Just the engine sitting on a skeleton frame with tires. Al drove that bare bones hulk down the street, the wind blowing and caressing the white beard on his face. He smiled from ear to ear. The engine purred as he drove thru Kevin's neighborhood. Al returned past his own house and pulled a "U" turn at the crossroads intersection just as Kevin in his squad car came over the hill. Kevin couldn't believe his eyes -- it was Santa Clause -- Al with red shirt and white beard.

A stripped vehicle -- no reindeer. Al ducked into his garage, but Kevin knew the lawbreaker by sight and pulled in behind Al. The car was void of everything except engine, tires and frame. No plates, registration, insurance - nothing else. Kevin had hit the mother lode of illegality, but it'd taken him a day and night to write up the infractions. After slight chewing out for the teenager stunt Kevin deep down knew if he had arrested Al his children would be livid. Al was Santa personified. Kevin introduced Al to other members of the Rockford police posts MG club. I heard two different tales how they met, but destiny collision of MG's at a specific time in personal history sealed their friendships.

I told this to my old former Pastor from Kent City Baptist Church this past June after the big wind storm raked a narrow band of tree destruction across northern Kent County. I stopped to visit. Tom lost a massive oak tree. It split at the root ball. One major tree with two segments joined at the rootball. One fell completely across his backyard missing the house by ten feet. The other fell opposite. Pastor Tom resigned because of circumstances in life where his father died at an early age and he'd been having dreams that he intrepreted to mean he should experience life before its too late (motorcycling). Ugh!

Tom resigned the church after many years of faithful service. It wasn't until he returned from an extended vacation did he realize why some churchgoers heads dip down (sleep) during his sermons. He said, 'I confess. Those who work physically deserve to sleep, because I never understood how hard it was to keep eyes open after physically working so hard.' He said it was alright to sleep, because in our dreams we can interpret what is being said. After his vacation ended his spirit filled dreams said it was time to quit.

Pastor Tom resigned and began a new career and life. He drove school buses for the Kent Intermediate School District -- busing mentally challenged individuals - students with down syndrome, who he said always smiled and he became Chaplain for the Newaygo County jail thru forgotten man missions. You could say he went fishing for souls and taste fish. He loved life, people and his new found freedom, but he commented this past June, when I announced I took early retirement, that his latest dreams said 'he'll never collect a dime.' He said, the dreams were stronger and the spirits claimed he didn't have to worry. Were his dreams 'divine interpretations or was he receiving word from God about his claim to eternal life? Or was Tom receiving his 'Divine kiss of death' wish from his God, spirit or angel. Tom was killed in a November traffic accident. Driving his car he missed a stop sign, a surburban hitting him broadside and he died instantly. Did a spirit give him a premonition that he'd die before collecting one dime? He didn't worry about his destiny -- he just plugged along. In June I told him the story about Al and Kevin's dreams. Three friends whose destiny was ruled by dreams - the spirits and angels in our midst.

And now for my own sequel when talking about the personal destiny, where my actions saved the life of a young woman because of listening to the voice within my dream. I was scheduled to help my brother-in-law with the Freedom Festival's Fourth of July celebration at Manistee, Michigan in 2006. The previous night my dream reiterated that I was to bring my fire jacket and turn out gear in the truck for it was going to be cold that day. I stuffed my gear into the Rider truck and my brother-in-law backed it out onto the pier. Two inches on each side of the tires was all the wiggle room. One slip and we'd be in a mess the likes of which would be disastorous.

It was sunny and windy. Water tempature 55 and air temp. 75. I was cold all day and in fact I wore that jacket to warm up, but the nagging in my dream said keep that coat within easy reach cause it had to be there. Ever had a nagging dream where if was hard to escape the dream. It was an uneasy feeling -- almost to paranoia state. As the truck was being unloaded and as I carted the mortar racks out onto the pier I spotted a young lady swimmer bobbing in the waves. She was way beyond and she shouldn't have been swimming opposite the pier in the cold waves. She'd sink then huff to the surface and then swam towards the big stones lining the pier. A big wave picked her up like body surfing and smashed her onto a big stone. I yelled you alright and she said 'mind you own business.' She bobbed in the water sputting water. I felt something was wrong and again yelled you 'okay' and she yelled back 'get over me'. I could sense her agitation.

That water was cold and how could she keep swimmin' I thought. Looking around we saw her beach blanket near water's edge, the purse open. Nobody goes swimmin' and leaves a purse where anyone can steal it. She didn't look right in the water - gasping and eventually she came to shore holding her stomach and belching water, but she made no attempt to dry herself with the beach towel. It remained neatly folded and she walked away to the pier and slumped beside it with her back resting against the cement. When a beach walker looked down at her purse she made no attempt to rescue it. Something was drastically wrong. Bruce and I watched her eyes close, her mouth drool and her head bowed as if she were going to collapse. I told Bruce this picture isn't correct. He knelt beside her his hand on her shoulders, his fingers trying to find her pulse. She was very cold to the touch, but she opened her eyes, shrugged off his hand and told him 'leave me alone.' Bruce, a fireman, said he couldn't help her until she either collapsed or went unconcious. We watched her head droop and collapse slowly downward then he rushed to her aid, but again she spurned his attention to help her, but she was turning gray. Bruce gave her my fire jacket and we thought she readily accepted it, but she didn't and soon she was so cold she couldn't answer our questions. Bruce tried her pulse -- exceedingly slow and we called an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived, the paramedics and fire department rushed down to transport her off the beach to waiting ambulances. Twenty-five minutes later the Manistee fire chief returned my Algoma Township fire dept. jacket and said 'It saved her life when she went unconcious.' She had been trying to commit suicide by drowning first by cold water submergence, then being dashed upon the pier rocks and finally by hypothermic dry land drowning.

Low core body temperature fanned by cold wind produced her hypothermic brain stupor on dry land. She had my jacket on, but what we couldn't see was she would open the jacket to catch the wind when it blew in off the water, which kept her frontal body in a cold state. She was trying to complete her suicide attempt by using my jacket, yet the jacket's overall warmth wouldn't permit her to dryland drown due to hypothermia. Her brain was freezing faster. What was stranger was the fact I was the only pyrotechnician to have a jacket on scene that day. The chief asked 'why I was the only one with a heavy jacket that day?' I told him today it'd be cold. I couldn't shake the dream request. I was cold myself that July day and during her attempted suicide I was shivering. I believe it was destiny that the woman and I met that Fourth of July day. Was our meeting destiny or was it pre-destined coincidence?

I had another dream once that said 'Go to the fire department where you live and get a fire helmet with face shield. I did. I arrived to find our township fire chief in his office. He stood shook my hand and said 'Here for the face helmet and shield?' I never said a word and then he blundered out that that night his dream said someone wanted a helmet and shield and that unknown would arrive soon. I did. Our collision course of destiny was sealed. Were we predestined to meet in time? It saved my life two days later. How?

I had just lit the opening barage of fireworks. "Phoom, phoom rapid fire succession of firework shells going up and when I turned to sideways I lost my balance and fell face down into some small pine trees, the flaming debris covering me in burning ash spewing upward from the rising firework shells. No firemen or firework personnel could see me laying on the ground. in a mass of spot fires. I stood, brushed off the flaming debris and stumbled out of the woods like a glowing doughboy. Distant firefighters said I looked frightening when walking, then the flames went out. Out of the darkness I stumbled around a fire and rescue vehicle and partially collapsed near a female paramedic. I was her destiny that night because she said I was the person that dogged her dream the previous night. She was the only one who was carrying a chocolate candy bar that night for this diabetic. Her dream said 'Be there with the only candy bar." She did and I ate it. Destiny rules our lives. This concludes my 2009 post.

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