Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon

The last sentence of my first post on the subject of Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon left you with the impression Bob Alcumbrack and five crew members including myself found the missing Cannonsburg cannon in Cannon Township, Kent County, MI between 1986 and 1988. Sorry, excerpts from the newspaper articles written in the Rockford Squire newspapers had never revealed whether or not the cannon was ever found and the last sentence of the first post gave you the impression it was found. Wrong! Never have I divulged the series conclusion, because of a theft of information by a hacker and I've been waiting to see if anything appears on the Internet listed under someone else's name with my published works. Some of my computer files were erased, deleted or stolen from two different private computer systems separated miles apart, but all data was not deleted, and that's why backups and hard copy evidence exists.

The story about the disappearance of the ancient cannon of Cannonsburg and Cannon Township centers around its burial or destruction after the ancient weapon prematurely discharged during a July 4, 1885 Independence Day celebration and killed a farm laborer named Walter Tompsett. Upon his death the cannon was spirited out of town in the wee hours before dawn by five men who returned to Cannonsburg an hour or so later. The cannon up until 1988 had remained hidden from public view. The cannon accident in 1885 was so disastorous to the community that they swore themselves to ultimate secrecy and destroyed all documentation that the cannon existed.

Current day advertisers of the paper concocted false tales about the cannon's disappearance and to further their own agenda of having treasure hunts for specialty coins and services to substantiate their businesses. A few advertisers have gone so far as to say the whole story about the Cannonsburg cannon didn't happen and choose to ignore the hard copy facts of the accident in the old Rockford Register newspapers of 1885. Some have claimed the story is a hoax and/or that the individuals that fired the cannon were teenagers and seemingly the newspaper is willing to go along for the sake of advertising dollars to trash the memories and legends about the cannon.

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon is about Cannonsburg resident Robert Alcumbrack's attempts to find, preserve, restore the history of the small cannon given by LeGrand Cannon to Cannon Township in honor of naming the township after him. For 55 years Bob Alcumbrack dreamed about locating the cannon and he thought he found it in 1986, but it wasn't until... Bob's dream was fantastic. He was literally and physically trying to resurrect his wildest dream of finding the missing cannon. The circumstances in the story are real, not fictional, the places, things and people are real, not imaginary. Yes, this story talks about the mysteries Bob encountered, some good and some he wished he didn't have to encounter. His constant dreaming without action made him paranoid of the news media and he shied away from cameras and reporters. He always felt like someone was looking over his shoulder, that's real or personified imaginaries. Tompsett died an agonizing death so isn't it any wonder his ghost could be lurking the dark shadows. Bob and crew shivered many nights while digging in the woods at his various dig sites.

At the age of 55 it was time for Bob to do more than dream. His body was being challenged daily with senior maladies. Time was running out - it was time to actually try to find the cannon. He had the machinery, the men and thought positive thoughts and didn't dwell on the negatives and when the first dig failed to produce the cannon it just sharpened his resolve to keep truckin.' He never slowed down - he was a human dynamo of energy. He kept his mission in focus. He didn't give up when he failed. Have you ever had a dream you couldn't shake. Bob's dream infected his closest friends and he met many new people every day. Some could help him and those who soured he let them go. To find your own dream you must be a positive thinker. Those who dwell in the sewers of negativity never realize more rewarding dreams.

What would life be like if Alexander Graham Bell believed in the negativity folks who said his telephone invention was a fools errand? Bill Gates father thought his son was wasting his life by not buckling down with college courses. What if Bill Gates gave up his dream about computers and software? Thank God - Bill didn't listen to all the negative naysayers. in his life God gives us the ability to use our brains and we are to use them to the best of our abilities. Our dreams fuel our destiny and our destiny can only be realized if we believe in ourselves and act to fulfill our dreams. Bob's dream was so fantastic he couldn't shake his wildest dream - the dream never left his mind. So lets go treasure hunting for Bob's dream cannon. It's based upon a real occurrence in local history. This story covers a lot of history - local, state, national and international. The only prerequisite for learning is you must enjoy challenges, people, places and the unexplained mysteries of past historical events. Have an open mind for learning something new. Some info may be hard to swallow.

I ask many questions and leave you to fill in the blanks. You are the post facto (imaginary) guest in the story. If you don't like my assumptions it is up to you to help figure out where as the post facto treasure hunter of cannons you might achieve a better outcome.

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