Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Dreams and Destiny of Believers - 5

Roy Orbison recorded and sang the song "In Dreams", but as part of the song says the sandman must put us to sleep. It is only then can we dream and it becomes apparent that when..."I close my eyes, and I drift away, into the magic night, my dreams of you."

Of course what he's singing about the love of a woman..."In dreams I walk with you, in dreams I talk to you, in dreams your mine." Stranger is the fact this dream jingle can invite us into a rewarding relationship with God and Jesus Christ. When dawn appears our dreams end. Sometimes good dreams are worth remembering and the dream scenes are burned into our subconscious mind to be recalled in nanosecond timing.

Bad dreams we remember, too, and we think about them less during the day, but evil dreams seem to haunt us for days and nights only to repeat the horror feelings and they are hard to shed. Our flesh and spirit are angry as if pitched into fierce battle over our sinful nature, where we've strayed from God's destiny for our lives. The battle rages at fever pitch within our bodies telling us that God's dissatisfied and we've deviated from His design plan for our lives. Matters of the heart require dreams of repentance. He desires to heal our emotions and memories, but nothing works until we repent of our sins. God is sickened by what he sees in our hearts.

He wants us to obey the voices and visions in our dreams and not cast them away because it's an inconvenient truth or time. God's word or will intervenes in our lives. Remember God is the Creator of the human mind and nobody knows more about you than He. The angelic activity in our dreams arrive from men of God like pastor's and those asleep in the Lord.
It is God that gives us the power to do as He requests to insure our destiny. Dreams from the Holy Spirit give us courage to jump into action and faith to achieve the goals set forth in dreams. He is the inspiration that drives us into the future. He is the co-pilot and He will tell us when we do something wrong. God wants us to achieve or dreams and not throw them away simply because we are afraid. Where would the world be without dreamers; the building architects and designers, the automobile stylists, the surgeons, dentists, firemen, policemen, bankers, businessmen, entertainment celebrities, communications experts, computer geeks, etc. These were the dreamers and do-er's who started something from crude sketches and brought to life by other talented people that God put in our path.

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