Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Dreams and Destiny of Believers - 6

Oops! I was just getting into the progressive callings in our lives from dreams in number five when I accidentally touched the wrong key and posted my blog before publishing. My dreams and destiny are played out each time I wrestle with writing another blog about a prophetic ministry.

What I'm learning in my Bible studies is how to interpret dreams based upon my dreams and dreams shared by friends and associates. They talk and I listen and its truly amazing how many mortals have been visited by angels in dreams and have heard voices, but were afraid to tell. The Bible contains many passages about Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit whisperers. Many prophets and disciples in the Old and New Testaments experienced visions and voices in dreams or in broad daylight with eyes wide open. Adam in Gen. 3:8 said they heard the voice of God walking in the Garden. As such God has given me the ability to write about the lives and dreams of others and to share God's promises for their lives.

The more I write about dreams and destiny, the more informed I am that people are watching and straining their ears to hear how they can interpret their dreams that come inside their dreams in living color or black and white visions in silence or voices. Personal dream interpretations are up to you and not someone else. You can explain your dream to others if they ask, but never tell them to interpret your dreams, because many will trash your dream or steal it. To not seek the understanding of your own dream is to let negative naysayers kill your dream, before you try to make it part of your life. Disparaging thinkers will kill your dream. If you've got an invention in your mind seek answers and clarifications from God. Ask God for help, pray to Him about the dream and obey what your heart and mind tell you to do. God wants you to be happy and successful, not sad and a failure. He wants you to prosper, not remain poor and struggle. Our Lord will drive you to excel and create something new. Have faith in God and lean not to what others would do.

In Romans 3 it says that God seeks out and saves those who believe in Him and Jesus Christ, because men do not seek God out of their own initiatives. It usually takes someone else to introduce you to God and Jesus Christ. Your dreams are special gifts from God to all believers and to realize your dream He'll push you towards action if you listen. You can't motivate your dream unless God is in the picture. Dreams of destiny reveal your progressive calling in life, but dreams require nourishment; passion, vision and expertise, and God placed dreams in our minds and hearts to honor Him. Don't even consider giving someone else the keys to control and drive your dream. God wants you to achieve your goal or vision. It is you and you alone that must drive your visionary dream. An example: With all your blood, sweat and tears to save up enough money to buy a new car why would you give someone else the keys to drive your new car (dream) in a reckless or irresponsible manner?

If you wonder what we use in life, even in a church, school or business, well, everything we have or see was based upon someones dreams and goals. Without dreamers what might the world resemble? Just remember you can't do everything yourself. Surround yourself with others who believe in you for they will push you forward towards your dream. Just never forget God.

Nourish the dream! Feed it! Pray, but don't badger God, but do seek out possibility thinkers and don't dwell with those who think you are a lunatic or nuts. If your dream vision is stuck in your mind have vision enough to seek your dream. Make the dream live up to your expectations - go ballistic. Next time more dreams...continued.

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