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The Dreams and Destiny of Believers - 7

Commercial: "When I grow up I'm going to take a road trip," says an older daydreaming traffic line painter riding the tail end of a road painting truck. That guy loves his job, but sounds as if he'd rather be looking at pretty scenery someplace else instead of asphalt. Why wait until you are too old to enjoy the trip? Got a dream satisfy the itch and start your journey. Don't wait until your exhausted along life's journey.

Dreams by day or night, wide awake or asleep are gifts from God to all believers. Dreams come with voices and visions, even recalling fragrances, but be not afraid of what others might think. Just be mindful that some friends or acquaintances may ditz your dream causing your failure to grasp the answers to problems that only God can provide.

God's promises for our life assure our destiny, but he gives us no crystal ball and no guarantees on how long we shall live. We might leave by accident or design. Few men live to be 100 years old and rare is a woman of 110 years. Our dreams can happen at any age, say from 3 to Heaven's gate. Children often see something others do and dream of doing the same thing when older or some vision is stuck in their minds. Television and computers help bring dreams to reality, but to attain our dreams we must keep our eyes on the prize and God and lean not to the understandings of those who criticize our dreams. God stays true to Christian covenants.

Adam in Gen. 3:23 heard God's angry voice when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. Two angels guarded the gateway entrance with flaming swords. Never disbelieve the voices and visions in dreams. God shows us the way to realize our dream, but God or His angels want us to heed good tidings and warnings, too. Angelic voices and visions reside from dream visitations. Voices don't always arise from nighttime dreams, but rather when wide awake during the day - you might be a daydreamer. I'm big daydreamer.

Moses in Exodus 3 heard the voice of God while standing before the burning bush on Mount Horeb. The precise spot is unknown, but many Bible scholars believe it was at 7,363 feet near the southern tip of the Sinai. Moses was reluctant to obey God's commands. He tried hard to disbelieve what he was hearing from God. Moses gave God excuses why he wasn't fit to be God's messenger. Moses was afraid he wouldn't be able to explain God or "I Am" to the people. Moses tries to excuse himself saying he isn't worthy or educated, but each time God rebukes Moses lack of confidence and God installs his Truths in Moses' heart, mind and soul. God saved the life of Moses and assured his destiny when he was placed in a floating basket on the Nile River. God answered a prayer to keep him safe, but God had Moses destiny planned for the future. Voices and visions in dreams is a valid communication with God.

When we disbelieve what God wants us to know, well, that's when spiritual warfare commences within our body and mind and it results in bad dreams. It's our inner spirit of what's right and demons of what's wrong fighting a tug-of-war battle between right or wrong according to Biblical truths. It happens because instinctively we know in our heart that what we want is contrary to Christian doctrine. The Holy Bible is a dream manager and a business manual for success, too. Flesh and spirit fight over sinful pursuits and its God's way of supernaturally intervening and making course corrections in our life. Every living Christian person on earth has felt the guilt when what we try to do is contrary to Biblical teachings.

Our heart and soul are in disagreement or flux - the rocky road of life's trials. It's a battle of wits that rages within our bodies both day and night causing bad dreams. Understanding what dreams are telling us is key to whether we obey God's angels with a joyful heart or disbelieve and blame God because our life isn't going where we planned. God dislikes our temper tantrums, but He still loves us. Our outward glow fades when we don't listen to our dream callings. God wants us to be successful in life and prosper. He doesn't demand we stay poor and suffer a miserable earthly existence. Since God is the giver or dreams by all means possible listen to your heart and soul.

If people never had dreams or goals in life we'd all be clothed in animal skins and carrying clubs. The wheel might never have been invented had it not been for a dreamer to make life simpler. Nothing would exist today, including us, if it weren't for dreamers and goal seekers. God desires for us to be happy and not sour pusses because we didn't get our way in life as we thought it should. Problem is mortal man forgets God and Christ when the master he serves is his own selfish greed. Once we become believers of the faith God expects us to heed His teachings and not 'deep six' them when its an inconvenient time in our life.

Bad dreams are the result of us trusting ourselves and doing contrary to biblical teachings. Some dreams come from watching horrible thriller movies before bedtime or falling asleep while watching them, the screaming sounds recording in our minds. Eating too many comfort foods; like greasy potato chips or stuffing ourselves with spicy foods can cause bad dreams, too. In combination with body chemical changes the guilty feelings overcome our subconscious mind the brain's electrical field fights a battle over what's right or wrong. No rest for the weary, but God wants us to have good dreams to rest our tired bodies.

Here's a personal example. I'm a nonfiction free-spirit writer, but for three years I languished over trying to write a fictional romance and mystery book. The topic was non-fictional, but I was uncomfortable writing about the source. My mind and soul were constantly at war over content and what was appropriate responses should be because they were contrary to my Christian beliefs. A battle or right versus wrong raged within my heart and I couldn't shake the bad dreams. God's angels were knocking on my mind's door, but my heart was resisting letting them inside my brain. Needless to say I was trying desperately trying to forget my Biblical truths I had been taught and strained to obey secular world writers. The editors said write what you know, but the only books that sell are those with sexual content, well I'm not a romantic that way, but the demon fighting my decent brain said 'sex in a script sells the book.'

Spirits and demons raged a fierce battle, a tiring battle within my heart and mind for supremacy and that's when I had bad dreams that surfaced more than good dreams. It was God's unique way of adding angel whisperers within my dreams from men of God or those asleep (not dead, but living) in the Lord. Ancient Egyptians in the days of Moses had extensive dream manuals for interpreting the dreams of Pharaohs. The war within me ceased when I stopped trying to appease editors and heeded the warnings in my dreams. I realized God was patient and I was not destined to write a trashy book and harm my good reputation. I turned to writing about dreams about prophetic mysteries where people have been straining to hear how to interpret their dreams. Some might think I'm nuts. God is empowering me to write about dreams and destiny of believers so that others might attain their dreams. It is through dreams that God reminds us of His promises for our lives.

I'm meant to inspire and give you courage and hope. If you have a recurring dream jump into action now before it is too late and your too old to enjoy the life God wants you to have, but remember to serve the Lord, too. God will provide what you need in a troubled world of naysayers who disbelieve in your abilities to achieve great things. Dream achievement and goals in life is hard work, but to realize either you must try with all your heart, mind and soul to achieve the destiny God has planned for you. Energize your priorities and don't sit back and expect God to do all the work. God created your mind and He expects you to use it wisely. Two heads are better than one.

I love harmonizing with Roy Orbison when he sings, "In Dreams" and "Running Scared". I find it easy to sing with him climbing into higher octaves without sounding like a wounded rabbit in the talons of an owl. He had a unique voice range. As always nighttime dreams don't start until...the "sandman appears and we close our eyes and drift away into a magical world..." where we can forget all our daily or nightly stresses and dream about something more pleasurable. Not all dreams are good. Some are downright scary.

It might be our Spirit fighting a fierce demon that is trying to control our lives. Our spirit is in a battle of wits between what's right or wrong. Dreams can be beautiful one moment, sad the next or simply horrifying. Some rise in Technicolor or black and white with voices, visions and we can retrieve the memory fragrances from our childhood - things we hadn't smelled in many years.

Orbison sings, "In dreams, I walk with you; In dreams, I talk with you, In dreams, your mine...and just before the dawn I awake to find you gone," well God isn't gone even when you do something wrong. If you deviate from His destiny for your life He'll put angelic activity in your Holy Spirit dreams, too! Think of it as the progressive calling in your life... your destiny. The dreams and destiny of believers continues... Until next time God bless you for reading my blog.

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