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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 92

Bob Alcumbrack's "oops" were nerve wracking. Treasure hunters, err, cannon hunters need to confide in each other with no "oops" after something has gone wrong. It is essential to communicate and solve problems before you expend to much physical labor. If Bob couldn't he wouldn't be able to achieve his wildest dream. After two failures to find the Cannonsburg cannon we knew we had to help him overcome his skill for dowsing water where water veins merged or connected. It was difficult to teach him not to find water, precious metals, jewelry, Indian artifacts, lost graves, ghosts and a host of other paranormal anomalies, but use his rods to find only brass objects and the cannon.

First he and Allen Janose had to figure out what was causing the strange feelings - the tingling and vibrations in their arms at choice locations. Both were being zapped with high levels of magnetic energy they received from diluted iron ore in water. No we can all sense electromagnetic energy, but in some individuals it is magnified if they receive too much electromagnetic energy. The key to better dowsing is to understand that some objects give off high eletromagnetic energy impulses and dowsers that have mastered the craft are more sensitive. Some individuals are so magnetic energy and magnetic field sensitive that it causes high anxiety feelings, which are similar to those who experience panic attacks. Magnetic energy oozes out of granite tombstones and this is the anxiety sensation some people feel when walking thru a cemetery. It's what forces them to leave. It isn't necessarily they are afraid of ghosts or spirits of the dead, but the feelings are caused by electromagnetic energy stored in the quartz crystals along with radioactive elements such as thorium and uranium in the granite gravemarkers. This is what gives some people the creeps walking in cemeteries.

Whenever possible Bob tried putting his strange feelings aside, but his body couldn't. His muscle aches and pains were increasing, so too, were his migraine headaches. Bob was getting a toxic overload of magnetic energy and research over the last twenty-five years suggests that people who live near magnetic power spots have higher incidences of brain tumors and cancer. Hot spots are electromagnetic energy source spots that connect ley lines that form an openended triangular pattern. Points (A) to (B) and (B) to (C) connect, but not (C) to (A).

I'm supersensitive to computer screens. Can't sit in front of screen for more than three hours without tingling. Causes me to feel jumpy and nervous. What I found more intriguing was the fact that it wasn't revealed until the second big dig failed that Bob confessed his cannon search was done only his stepfather's property - Luther Augustine's 80-acres, the front part being La-E-Ma-Land Mobile Park. He never ventured to look outside of Cannonsburg mainly because the five men who buried the cannon were only gone about one hour. It had to have been close and Bob felt Mr. Murray's tears were reason enough to suspect it was buried along the glacial stream. This is what clouded Bob's judgement and its one of the reasons why Bob never investigated beyond Cannonsburg. It is highly probable it could have been thrown into an old cistern well and buried or thrown into a kettle pond or other geographical spots to the northwest of Cannonsburg.

I suspected early on the five men wouldn't bury the cannon in the same hole. That'd be too easy to find and too close to town. Surely someone would see the disturbed ground. After two unsuccessful attempts to find the lost Cannonsburg cannon we had to find out the reason for Bob and Allen's strange feelings. The electromagnetic energy spots were corrupting Bob's rod and both men had to learn how to discriminate between ley lines, energy spots and brass objects. Thirty feet northwest of the first big dig was the lone remnant of a bygone pine tree that once inhabited the stream's basin since before the Civil War.

Bob took his rods and concentrated and walked towards the old decaying ruins, the mushy red wood oozing with water. The rods swung wide showing the diameter of its electromagnetic field. It was six feet in diameter. The energy was very strong and try as Bob might his rods bounced outward, the magnetic energy repulsing the rods. Allen tried the rods. His arms were straight, the rods pointing at the stump and within six feet the rods in his hands visibly shook. The electromagnetic energy was so strong that Allen was receiving an electrical shock. Dowsers at Stonehenge, in England, have experienced the same feelings. The vibrations get so strong and in fact this ancient site is closed to everyone after sunset. Some report that dowsers who have passed between the rocks during the dark cycle of the moon phase report this wild tingling sensation and report it as an electrical shock. Normal photography film records nothing unusual, but with infrared film one can see the electromagnetic energy current spiraling around the entire structure -- from massive stone to another. This is precisely what is supposed to happen when a diviner dowses water or when dowsers encounter standing stones. One rod is negatively charged and Bob's stump was positively charged. Polarities of the same do not attract each other, only opposites.

Bob's stump was a power source. It was receiving energy from a distant source and was being deflected straight passing within thirty feet of his first big dig stie. An invisible spectrum of high energy called "ley" ran past southeast and was close enough to cause the distortions in Bob's rod usage. At first Bob didn't know what to think of the ley line. No where in his research had he ever encountered such a strong invisible energy field. In England and Europe ley lines have been studied and researched since the heady days of Alfred Watkins (1855-1935) who was a self-taught amateur archaeologist and diviner who floored the world's greatest scientists in 1921 with his discovery of ley lines. They thought he was a "nut" too and scientists repeatedly scoffed at his theory and discovery of ley lines, because he referred to these as old straight tracks meaning they were the remnants of prehistoric trade routes. Fringe elements thought these ley lines linked prehistoric sites while others believed they were cosmic energy lines inside the earth. Ley lines in the 1960's were thought to be the linkage lines for UFO's.

It took scientists in America fifty years to finally be able to understand what ley lines encompass, but scientists still do not understand precisely what the intended purpose is for magnetic ley lines. We are the living like phantom spiders within the earth's invisible network of web (ley lines) that crisscross the earth connecting to good and bad energy spots. Dowsers can easily pinpoint the density of these energy spots, magnetic fields and ley lines. In reality ley lines are the earth's mysterious electromagnetic energy ley lines that skip across the ground, go deep into the ground ((265 feet) and reappear later on the same straight track to another power spot before being deflected to some other distant power spot. The earth is covered with this mish-mash network of invisible electromagnetic current and it is this same type of technology that is used by military jets to pinpoint missile targets.

Now in England ley lines are presumed to be alleged alignments opf mysterious earth energies to prehistoric sites, but skeptical scientists or those with shallow minds who can't think outside the box, don't believe that this special energy is channeled to align ancient sites or holy places, such as stone circles, standing stones, cairns and churches. The same is true to ancient sites in Michigan. Durrington Village and Stonehenge are sight upon the same alignment of leys. Unsure is whether or not the ancients purposely planted them in these special landscapes by accident or design. Both sites are power points of stored energy. Watkins though believed he could link a number of ancient landmarks by series of straight lines. He was convinced that he had discovered the ancient trade routes. Stonehenge is still a place of mystical energy and is a very popular site among New Age Dowsers in England. Stonehenge and many other standing stones spots are catagorized as the world's strongest sources of "energy or power" places on Earth. Bob's stump was one of these massive power places, but it was the receiver of this energy and gathered more power from another power spot southeast of Cannonsburg. The ley line from the southwest was weaker.

Bob wasn't willing to tell anyone outside of our core cannon hunting group that he was dabbling in ley line research. They might think he really was daft. He spent years up until his death tracking the ley lines across Cannon Township. He was afraid of being ridiculed for his ley line findings and feared they might be afraid of his findings. Watkins faced humiliation, but he never gave up his quest to understand how ley lines work. Nobody during the mid 1980's had any clue that ley lines traversded across Michigan. North American studies indicate that most ley lines run north to northeast. Native American Indians said that as long as ley lines ran this direction "peace" would reign, but when the ley lines ran north/northwest be prepared for war with the whiteman. Well it is getting late and its bedtime, but before I quit I'm going to vent my disapproval of BP's oil disaster.

BP and Obama's administrative handling of this whole fiasco is disgraceful. As I've said numerous times what did Obama ever accomplish as a Senator? In my view he's never accomplished anything. He spends money unwisely and shows he doesn't know how to work with anyone. He talks a good game, but what he says isn't worth a shit. This whole environmental disaster wouldn't have lasted 56 days if they had worked to permanently cap the well. If BP can put sensors inside the well to see how much oil is polluting the Gulf, "Why can't BP seal this well below bedrock by inserting another pipe with bladders on the tip and thousands of feet below bottom inflate said bladders with air sealing off the flow of oil. If a bladder can work inside a water tank why can't a bladder inflated the opposite way inside a well do the same thing? Bladders would give them long enough to pump concrete into the pipe and then install a permanent cap without vents or top hat filling it with concrete. BP isn't trying to stop the well, they are simply stalling to harvest the oil, because they don't want to cap this well. How is drilling two relief wells going to stop the flow of oil in the damaged one? Too much time is being wasted doing nothing to stop the madness. The real disaster hasn't happened yet. A hurricane in the Gulf will put millions of people out of work and oil will be hundreds of miles inland.

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