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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 96

Bob Alcumbrack and Indiana Jones, one nonfiction and the other fiction, shared something in common. Both were concerned with making sure that national and international treasures were saved for humanity rather than sitting in a private individuals collection because of the wealth of objects found. Research, discovery and preservation and then presenting the right history of the artifacts found is what they sought.

As cannon hunters Bob Alcumbrack's crew had much to fear from looters who might connect our dots with their dots, which might lead them straight to the missing cannon before we arrive. Silence is the key to finding what you seek.

Since the days of pharoahs, the Egyptian rulers and Mayan Kings lived in fear of future grave robbers and to counter this insurgency they spread rumors of death guardians to all shovel-touting seekers. Its a common problem in the United States, too, where shovel-touting treasure hunters who seek riches; objects to sell as legitamate collectibles or art. These theives will desecrate Native American and Central American sacred sites and cemeteries to find something worth selling to support their destructful ways. Historians must keep secrets and not tell everyone where to look for treasures. Don't trust anyone - not even missionaries, because many tribal people have died unneccessarily because of flapping tongues about people who don't know the value of treasures sought by treasure hunters.

As cannon hunters we were beseiged with treasure looters, too, who followed us and tried using our discoveries to advance their own agenda. We kept our mouths pointed towards the ground to thwart lip readers. Beware of unsecure museums if donating something, but be even more aware that museum robberies are becoming huge problems. Bob Alcumbrack's cannon group had ghosts; not the apparition type that made Bob paranoid, but scoundrels in the crowd hoping we'd slip our tongues for their benefit. Bob feared both ghosts. To overcome his ghost phenomena, he bypassed them framing what he was seeking in his mind and then using his rods to find probable sites where he believed the cannon was buried. Being a successful dowser means nothing must contaminate the mind - focus only on what you seek.

Bob used his dowsing rods to find leys; the dimension of leys, how distant they went, how weak or strong were the generation of earth energies, but finding all this did not help him find the cannon faster, but the discovery of ley lines in Cannon Township did prick his interest. He became a new age ley hunter and found where leys intersected, crossed and places of great historical value, the holy, mystical and magical sites; all which today have become the preferred requirement sites for paranormal activities and UFO sightings.

Bob found massive magnetic energy spots (tree stumps and underground granite boulders layered in quartz) where electromagnetic or magnetic energy manifests itself in higher or stronger fields. The discovery of ley lines did interrupt Bob's psyche and that did make it more difficult to discern between cannons or hot spots, but Bob overcame this obstacle thru hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice dowsing with rods. Once he understood his strange feelings he could relax and concentrate and focus on the cannon. Even after he found the cannon's burial site he and Allen Janose continued to investigate the ley lines and magnetic power spots in Kent County up until his death in 2004.

Good dowsers don't need fancy and expensive electronic gear to find treasures, a simple pair of cheap dowsing or angle rods made out of metal coat hangars, a sharp mind and good eyes is all it takes to find the treasures of a lifetime. But, in order to be successful Bob had to understand the mysteries surrounding electromagnetic and magnetic power places on earth and how to use them.

Over the course of many years of study it was found that Crows in North America roost at these mysterious energy spots. The most favorite roosts is where magnetic energy currents intersect, but its also where major underground water veins intersect. Crows also roost near sacred sites and the magnetic energy seems to act like the crows' early radar system warning them of intruders giving ample time to escape. What the reasons for the magnetic power surges at specific sites has yet to be determined, but the core of the Earth is filled with immense magnetic energy and that's another reason why electromagnetic energy powers up standing stones, circles of standing stones or partially buried stones in concentric circles, objects, but ley lines are created seemingly without purpose. Leys will not lead dowsers directly to the objects the dowser seeks. It is time consuming, but leys will get you close, but beware of the weather and lightning.

Lightning in open country will strike the same place multiple times by different storms. It strikes directly above the intersection of two or more underground water veins. Trees are sometimes struck numerous times because the roots tap the intersects. A lightning bolt is a massive electrical charge (magnetic negative to high positive) trying to find the quickest way to discharge itself and it finds the highest point. When you are the highest object in the open, the golf club or graphite fishing pole raised is the lightning rod. A water vein underground and water under the boat is the negative charge and the implements in your hands raised is the charger. The charge dissapates very fast.

Whether standing over an underground stream or trickle in soil makes no difference, the electrical charge powers objects up. Golfers and fishermen are damp cables of lightning attractors. The old saying, "Lightning never strikes twice in the same place is wrong." Never be the tallest object in an open area - lie down.

A wet bicycle with rider is a magnetic hot spot. The electrical charge doesn't run from sky to earth, but from earth to sky, so it behooves us to understand as wet magnetic objects we can make lightning happen, too. So, too, dowsers that attempt to extract magnetic power from Stonehenge circle of standing stones have gotten the shock of their lives and that's why dowsers are not permitted to walk between the standing stones on dark nights. That's when the circle stones have an invisible ring or magnetic fire seen only with infrared night vision. One dowser standing in the back of his truck was blown away when a bolt of magnetic current jumped from a standing stone to his rods and the charge flipped him from the vehicle.

Lightning that strikes a tree numerous times gives the tree 'a nimbus of glory.' It is a sacred place of glory, like a church spire, standing stones and sacred groves due to underground streams below that powerup thunderstorms. These are visible glow charges or glowing points within landscapes. Circles of standing stones near Megalithic sites have been known to control thunderstorms in the past, but such sites must be in specific places, the shape and size of stones store energy and the conductivity properties could influence weather patterns, rainfall and electrical generation of more powerful thunderstorms. The increase or decrease of magnetic earth energies play an important role in increasing the staggering ferocity or lessening of severe thunderstorms over certain geographical areas of the earth. Raised objects store magnetic energy, but once they've reached saturation point the energy bursts forth creating more intense lightning charges.

It has been reported that some ley line hunters were conducting a survey near a circle of stones, rapped a stake into the ground near a circle of stones and were suddenly deluged with a terrific rainstorm for two or three minutes. The downpour started when they rapped the stake into the ground at the circle in line with the ley. Bob Alcumbrack and Allen Janose were struck with a massive static electricity charge when rapping stakes with anchor rods inside an a small partially submerged ring of circle stones northwest of Cannonsburg in infancy ley line research. Not a cloud in the sky, but the magnetic force field was super strong. Bob showed fear when thinking about how wide his personal was in relationship to approaching thunderstorms and lightning. Standing stones hold many secrets and Stonehenge, England (2,000 b.c.) boggles the mind.

Geologists say that 80 of the up to four ton stones at Stonehenge, known as bluestones were quarried from the Prescelly Mountains in Wales and transported 240 miles by sled and barge to its present location. They speculate it took the Stonehenge Britons more than 30 million hours to complete Stonehenge in Wiltshire County of Southern England.

Astronomers say the builders placed the stones in concentric circles creating a massive solar observatory to predict the arrival of eclipses and passage of seasons. The summer solstice begins when the sun rises directly behind the main stone called the "Heel Stone."

Historian say the circle of standing stones represent an ancient temple, a place where people can worship the heavens, but as time progressed the Druids used the site for pagan festivals. Druids were the priestly class of Celtic society. They were the preservers of the Celtic ways of life for their knowledge of the world and universe. The Celtic festival in Rockford, Michigan, this year for the first time in more than 8 years will not be celebrated this summer, but the best of Celtic culture is the musical group known as the Celtic Women, whose sweet singing is adored worldwide. The songs with smiling faces stimulate the heart and mind and draws you magnetically to listen.

Lest I forget the paranormal folks believe that Stonehenge is an ancient temple where the Britons first made contact with the occupants of the Mother Ship of aliens and extraterrestrials, while other scientists say the bluestones configuration is a sacred cemetery, where the cremated remains of the Britons rests at the foot of the stones. Cremated ashes hold an electromagnetic charge with the stones as long as they aren't disturbed just as the body inside a coffin holds a magnetic charge, but only until the magnetic wetness dissapates. Cemetery dowsers can find lost graves and determine if it's is used or not by wetness. Ashes kept in concentrated form keep their wetness, but dispersed ashes lose their magnetic properties with the standing stones. Tombstones with higher quantities of quartz have the same effect. Well, its getting late again and time for work.

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