Thursday, June 10, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 91

Bob Alcumbrack's failure to produce the Cannonsburg cannon on the second and third big digs broke the will of several men. Several men could no longer afford to keep using their physical brawn on Bob's wild dream. Bob had to either get his act together or more men would walk off into the sunset. He also knew the latest failure meant his men were under extreme pressure to quit wasting time and energy chasing his dream. Cannon hunter wives were getting lonely and angry and were complaining husbands were more infatuated with Bob than paying attention to her, the children and home. Two years of 'Honey Do Fix-it Slips' kept the job jar filled with things men are supposed to keep current.

Bob knew his men were under pressure to quit so he sat down and wrote personal hand written notes to all the wives thanking them for their patience and use of their husband and son's on his exploratory search to find and retrieve the Cannonsburg cannon. The cannon recovery crew knew that when you love something it isn't work, but FUN! When you love what you do and do it from the heart you'll never work a day in your life. When you hate your job that is when your life becomes a miserable existence of unhappiness and that makes you a disgruntled slave laborer. Allen and I helped Bob figure out what he was dowsing wrong and we took the time to help Bob redefine his dowsing skills before we started his third excavation in May 1988, but before it concluded and we moved on to the final dig we already knew what happened to the cannon. We chose to keep silent. It was a fantastic secret, the biggest secret Bob and crew didn't want to share with the public. We couldn't trust township officials to keep the secret. Tongues would slip as anonymous tattletales.

I had to dig deeper in research to find what Bob missed. Bill O'Reilly on the FOX news channel always states you are about to enter a 'No Spin Zone', well you are going to enter the opposite camp with Bob's brand of 'Spin Zone' discovery. Bob was stumbling his way into the unexplained mysteries of Cannonsburg. He stepped lively into areas of scientific research years ahead of American scientists and was using cutting edge of technology to understand ley lines, straight tracks, magnetic energy and electromagnetic power spots.

Only a smidge of information was available in America, but straight track and ley lines had been studied in England and Europe since 1921. We are still in the infancy stage in how to interpret ley lines of electromagnetic energy, but much is still unknown. Skeptics still consider ley line studies junk science and Bob was beginning to doubt his dowsing skill, but like a marine he chose to 'overcome and adapt' his problems to better understand the differences between ley lines, energy spots and buried objects. His silent mantra, too, had to be precise. Where we took Bob made him squirm once he understood where and what he had to investigate. His mind thought he was disrespecting the friendships and memories of those who gave him bits of flawed information about the cannon's disappearance.

Where I lacked muscles for physical labor Mat and Harold McCarthy used their brawn to bust roots and excavate soil and rocks. Charlie and Chuck Alcumbrack, Bob's brothers, were the pump and air injector engineers. Allen Janose was Bob's welder and coffer box construction engineer and Bob operated the backhoe. We all had our own secrets, but Bob even after two digs failed had to shift his attitude and share his feelings if he wanted to keep his crew from deserting the mission. Bob was like a Rubic's Cube of unshared secrets only because he didn't understand or could explain the feelings or signals he got at different sites. If he couldn't explain his feelings the men might think he was mentally challenged and quit, too. The news media already made him paranoid. TV cameras made him uneasy and camera flashes and the constant chattering robbed him of his sanity to concentrate. One can't be a dowser if one can't concentrate without constant interferences.

His discovery of earth energies might make him a whack scientist. Those who refuse to believe in earth energies and ley line straight tracks could have driven a stake thru the hearts of his crew. Was his exploration for the missing cannon factual or fiction? Bob confessed he stumbled upon the energy spot (tree stump), but he didn't know how to explain the electrical shock so he kept silent. He wasn't secure enough to tell his crew about his discovery. He felt if his crew knew about the electrical shocks they might have been spooked. He felt this secret had to remain hidden until he was sure he could trust his crew not to repeat it. He had every intention of resurrecting the cannon at the second big dig site, but when he failed to produce the cannon it is then he told us about the mysterious power spot [earth energies] he found in his physical search of the streambed.

Bob responded that he felt strange and his arms vibrated when using the rods near the tree stump. It scared Bob on several occasions and he wasn't alone. Allen Janose sensed greater electrical shock sensations. His hands pricked and tingled. He later confessed he didn't know why and couldn't explain it. The electrical shock was intriguing and it puzzled us until we understood what caused.

Our focus now was to help Bob and Allen achieve the level of success that dowsing requires. Harold McCarthy couldn't believe that Bob based the tears in Mr. Murray's eyes to discern where the cannon was buried. Bob based all his assumptions on Mr. Murray's tear filled eyes at the bridge crossing, but never ventured a guess that this was the first burial site and not the last. Bob, too, had fallen for a scam artists portrayal that brass dowsing rods are best to find treasures. Bob found the advertising enticing. It was a simpler way to find treasures or cannons, since electronic metal detectors still couldn't locate brass objects. His mind said 'brass should find brass' and that's how to find the missing cannon.

Copper and brass rods, metal coat hangars bent to "L" shape and Witch Hazel rods are primarily used for dowsing water where underground water veins connect. Iron ore deposits will corrupt dowsing rods. Twenty-four years later (after 1986) these rods can find just about anything, but it takes lots of dedication and precise practices of mental power, concentration and focus for grave dowsers, treasure and ley hunters to find what they seek. A dowser can't guess.

All three rods use bundles of electromagnetic energy - some to greater or lesser degrees based upon accumulations of manetite held in human tissue near the ethmoid bone, which is the perforated bone in the front human skull.

Animals, birds and mammals all have this bone, too, and many of them migrated with the use of magnetic fields stored in this bone. Pigeons, bees, whales and bacteria naviagate by the earth's magnetic fields, too, and changes in nagnetitie levels cause living creatues to sense magnetic changes.

The ethmoid bone's outer surfaces form part of the outer wall of the nasal cavity and the inner wall of the eye socket. Out mind's eye is a powerful invisible recording instrument with no wires, but the body and minds electrical current, that's nerves and neurons must function as a whle in perfect working condition. No variables.

Turtles always know where they are going crossing a busy roadway. They travel along a magnetic field of energy. If you stop to rescue a wayward turtle, lift it up and take it across the road for safety people interrupt its magnetic compass. When placed on the ground and after you leave the turtle is lost and it'll turn around, walk back across the busy highway, get its bearing and walk back across the same traffic road increasing its chances of getting smushed. Female turtles use this magnetic compass to follow the invisible magnetic lines to find t he exact place where they were born and bury new eggs.

Today high altitude military radar planes and drones can light up a target with a blast of electromagnetic fields of energy. Another jet fighter hones in and fires a missile that is guided to the target striking it within millimeters. To overcome Bob's most present problem of finding water it was necessary for Bob to find solid proof of the cannon's existence and its size and we were astonished to learn he had done it. We were ecstatic and this helped Bob get to the bottom on how to use the dowsing rods effectively. We couldn't live anymore with Bob's 'oops.' We had to have better communication. Oops, I'm getting sleepy. Till tomorrow.

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