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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 98

The 21st century still has an abundance of unexplained mysteries and Bob's search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon had some strange moments. During dark cycles of the moon the ley lines he found at numerous spots in Cannon Township were strong. As the moon fattened by day and night the signals decreased. At his first big dig he was confused, but as time passed and he practiced his dowsing skills he found the area was speckled with small hot rocks, too, but not until he saw the images on our infrared film. He wasn't hip to the dangers of absorbing too much electromagnetic current.

It took several years before he understood that increased levels of electromagnetic energy can produce vibrations from a low frequency inaudible to human ears. These can alter our preception and create sensations of unbalanced dizziness. In extreme cases electromagnetic poisoning can cause nausea and extreme headaches and Bob was getting more frequent severe headaches and pain. Bob perceptions that something was amiss was due to the fact his body was absorbing too much electromagnetic current when he wrapped magnetic refrigerator strips around his forehead and neck. Magnetics can mask pain, but dowsers shouldn't expose themselves to too much magnetite without first consulting a physician. He felt doctors would only make dowsing harder since they'd probably dope him with prescription drugs decreasing his brain's ability to function correctly when using dowsing rods.

His nausea and headaches mirrored the symptoms of people who said they felt the presence of spirits in haunted houses, buildings or cemeteries during and after thunderstorms. Lightning and thunder stimulate our body and brains into believing something is wrong. We felt the presence of spirits numerous times on our journeys to ancient sites on dark nights. Using technical listening (audio) devices or EVP (electronic voice phenomena) we changed frequencies often hoping to catch Walter Tompsett's voice. His ghost chattering is something we had to consider and we had to go last where Bob was most uncomfortable.

In Hollywood motion picture flicks heighten the suspense using adverse weather conditions to mix horror and drama investigations. Too frequently they use the sounds of loons to make us cringe as if something dreadful is about to happen. A frightening storm can heighten the drama that evil spirits exist. Our imaginations run wild with anticipation that something is about to happen that is scary or isn't normal. Ghost hunters capitalize for TV ratings and these cats aren't the only curiosity seekers on earth. Believers in ghosts think that spirits are getting energy from the power of magnetic forces that produce more 'paranormal' or UFO sightings during or after storms.

Electrical storms with intense lightning can affect and alter our senses and perceptions. Cats have exceptional hearing and can hear thunder sixty miles away. That's why they act restless or hide. Bob's absorption of magnetite was real, the opposite fiction of Superman's kryptonite. The invisible energize spectrums of electromagnetic energy lines (light) are undetectable with the exception of infrared photographic films and infrared night vision, EMF meters, magnetometers and gifted dowser using dowsing or angle rods. Bob got so good he could detect the size of auras around objects. The art of dematerialization and regeneration of the human body (cloaking) might not be as far fetched as it appears on Star Trek. Electromagnetic shields (jammers) might one day protect us from those who wish Americans harm.

Our physical bodies and our minds intuition can turn us into extremely sensitive receivers of Earth's mysterious energies. When Bob failed to produce the cannon at the first big dig we had to wonder if the increasing energy near the stump could tamper or distort Bob's audio and visual perception enough to cause his brain to interfer with his ability to detect a brass cannon. Scientists believe it is only coincidence that leys line up sacred or historical sites, while others claim these were purposely placed on the ley line so mystical places could be found more easily.

To test Bob's detectiblity we purposely planted brass objects to test his thinking abilities; focus and concentration to help him discriminate between leys between leys and objects. Within two years he was better able to discard the junk, but he found lots of discarded 19th century junk; like 150 year old perfume bottles and buttons. The area had lots of ley lines of energy.

Prospect Hill in extreme northeastern Cannon Township was once a powerful Native American power spot. Lightning has struck the house atop the hill and burst into flames. Many believed the hill was visited by evil spirits. Bob did hundreds of hours of research near Prospect Hill and on one dark night with arms raised, a rod in each hand he received an electrical shock so strong his body and arms violently shook. "WHOA," he said and wanted to get back in his truck. He had found the same powerful ley line that when mapped southwesterly passed across Chauncey Ave near Imperial Mills. This ley line originated from the Norton Mound energy spot on the west side of Grand Rapids near the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Grand Rapids attorney John Ball once owned Prospect Hill. Ball was Le Grand Cannon's attorney and land agent.

What was most interesting was that the ley line trajectory was from GR to Prospect, but it ended at a magnetic power spot near the petrified springs below the elevated hill. This the northern most headwaters of Bear Creek. The ley lines never crossed Ten Mile Road north of Prospect Hill, but they did surface again and transected just north of Wabasis Lake near the Wabasis Lake caverns thought to be where Chief John Wabasis hid his gold and silver cache. The Prospect Hill location gave us the creeps on dark night dowsing. You could say it was a 'superstition' site.

Over the course of several years of study our belief was that ley lines go beyond are simply invisible energy lines of magnetic current of different degress of electromagnetic fields that contain creative patterns of mystical and magical energy sources. A ley is simply an altered form of the earth's magnetic field. Some are greater or lesser.

Seattle, Washington bills itself as the first city on Earth to balance and tune out its vast network of ley lines for the betterment and health of its people, but not without ridicule from skeptics. The Seattle Arts Commission awarded $5000 to a New Age GEO dowser group that produced a visual image map. A high altitude photography shoot documented leys and energy power spots within the city. Skeptics described the Art Commissioners as fools and charged them with practicing paganism. The photographs taken resemble what looks like altered satellite imagery, but the dowsers fired back and released a mission statement to the public.

'The vision of the Seattle Ley Line Project' was to identify ley lines and heal the power spots called Earth Energies within the Seattle City limits. They neutralized the negative energies and the amplified the positive aspects of the ley line power centers. This they hoped would decrease disease and anxiety, while increasing a sense of wholeness, wellbeing and the achievement of Seattle's potential as a center or power for good on Spaceship Earth'. It was the second to last word (spaceship) that caused such a furor amongst skeptics who didn't have the foggiest idea what the New Age dowsing group discovered about leys and power sources. They viewed the study with old age prejudices and pre-pagan thinking. They had no working knowledge or understanding of what ley lines were supposed to represent.

Bob was ready to begin dowsing again, but instead of concentrating on his step-fathers property he started using his nuclear metal range finders, dowsing rods and infrared photography shoots in his search. With the discovery of the Falconnet cannonballs, this provided him with concrete evidence the cannon wasn't just rumor, but fact. It did exist despite the fact that no photos exist of the cannon. By accident or design they all disappeared when Walter Tompsett died. This is when the secret society of Cannonsburg was born. Bob was given the cannon's physical dimensions so he could form accurate pictures in his mind that was correct. No guessing!

We already knew the third hole would end without resolve, but in order to complete the searches he first had to investigate and cross off an extensive list other possible sites, that being, all properties of the seven Cannonsburg men firing the 1885 cannon and all township officials from 1843-1885. He had originally concentrated all his efforts on his step-fathers property and never ventured a guess it might be someplace outside Cannonsburg.

Le Grand Cannon like Bob Alcumbrack were both complicated men of unknown secrets. Leys, too, and next time I spill the beans on where the cannon rests. Good night!

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