Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 95

Bob Alcumbrack after two years of practicing dowsing in his search for the lost Cannonsburg cannon had finally figured out why he had to make sure no energy spots were located near his excavations. He finally figured out how to distinguish between ley lines of electromagnetic energy, energy source spots and buried objects minus where water veins connected.

Bob's personal aura of encapsulated magnetic energy field was very wide at 3.5 feet in diameter. He was a virtual lightning rod and dowsers with high energy fields you must error on the side of caution for those with wide energy fields are gifted, but dangerous. Allen Janose's energy aura was 2 feet wide, Harold and Matt McCarthy and my aura was 1.5 feet and Bob Markle, well his was nearly absent.

Together as a group of cannon dowsers we all had electromagnetic brain power in excess, but Bob was getting magnified doses of electromagnetic energy when he wrapped magnetic refrigerator strips around his neck and head. This increased his energizing power using dowsing rods to sense energy sources. When using the rods both are negative charged, the hot spots and ley lines positive charged and this gave him the power of lightning rods. Between all working in the group we had enough stored energy between us to attract lightning long before a lightning storm approaches. Dowsing can be dangerous to one's health since they can attract lightning long before thunder is heard.

We never checked Bob to see if he glowed a whimsical green, which some dowsers have experienced and witnesses such as archaeologists have seen dowsers glow green over power energy spots or when standing atop sacred mounds and standing stone circles. This is the reason why the ancients called them the mystical and magical spots and its where medicine men had the greatest power, which "wowed" others.

The portrait of a killer is a mosquito, but the second deadliest killer is lightning and it kills more people each year than tornadoes and hurricanes combined. Those who survive a lightning strike often suffer long-term injuries and personal disabilities so when you hear thunder, head indoors and don't raise a golf club, fishing pole or use dowsing rods as these a negative charged and lightning is positive. Individuals who have metal pins, screws and plates inside their bodies makes them more susceptible to lightning strikes and lightning does strike the same things many times where electromagnetic energy fields (EMF) and objects are geographically located.

EMF meters are what ghost hunters use to find anomalies in reported haunted houses, buildings and ships and they use them to find locate EMF fields of energy, such as bad wiring. We were constantly monitoring weather channels for incoming storms because lightning can strike out of a seemingly friendly sky. I mention this because the first week of summer is lightning safety week and this is what makes dowsing under certain conditions so dangerous.

Undoubtedly many people have never heard about the phenomenon called 'ley lines'. The Chinese refer to them as fierce 'dragon lines' because they hiss when intercepted by audio recording devices. Ghost hunters listen for the sounds of invisible apparitions and anomalies in total darkness where some has died a horrible death by accident or design.

Walter Tompsett died a horrible death, too, in Cannonsburg, Michigan, but our research group never encountered his apparition, but Bob and crew did sense the presence of strange feelings at Bob's first big dig and final conclusion. The hissing sounds are heard by tribal Indians in Alaska when the night sky is illuminated by the aurora borealis that dances wildly on distant horizons on dark Alaskan winter nights. I've experienced this sound standing on a Lake Superior shoreline watching the red curtain dip and shimmer across the western lake.

Legends abound that the hissing sounds are distant spirit voices of dead family members talking to each other as they climb Heavens staircase to find St. Peter standing at the gateway to Heavens eternal life. It would be best to say that whether American or Chinese most people don't know that ley lines or power spots exist and those who have studied them for a lifetime have used them to the betterment of society. Some are destructive, but most are beneficial to saving lives, but if metal exists in the human body it can be ripped from the body by MRI or cat-scan tehnology (EMF). Ley lines are the unexplained mysteries of North America that do affect a dowsers ability to use angle or divining rods to find treasures.

Bob Alcumbrack had found the power source of the leys before he found his first big dig, but he dismissed the strange feelings and opted to shelf them never thinking that the additional power being generated might interrupt or corrupt his thinking and rod useage. At earth energy spots the leys pass invisibly through buildings and homes. Dowsers who make contact with negative leys feel energized, but when alone the accumulations of EMF's cause they to suffer from anxiety induced panic attacks, neurosis or tension. Blood pressure rises and they feel stressed to the wazoo. Even I suffered from panic attacks during the years I worked with Bob and crew. People are affected by different levels of magnetic fields. Some are hypersensitive to the least amount of magnetic interferences.

Ley lines in North America are avenues of straight line magnetic energy that connect power places and objects on earth with each other, but only if one knows how to understand them. Little is known about this energy, but electromagnetic rays and PCB's do fall to earth from high electrical towers. What is known is that domestic cattle and humans who live beneath them within the EMF range have higher rates of cancer and brain tumors. Cows produce lower levels of milk.

Leys are negative and power spots positive. That's why they attract each other. Two of the same shun each other. It takes lots of ley line mapping to neutralize negative energy that causes life threatening diseases and decrease feelings of positive anxiety. What dowsers can't do is use leys as the direct source for finding lost buried or sunken treasures or cannons, but they may aid in finding it sooner. I found the key that unlocked the mystern and Bob used his master key of understanding leys to find the cannon.

In England the ancients used leys to mark ancient sites; holy places, wells, churches, temples, Stonehenge and Durrington village. They fall upon the straight track of ley lines. Skeptics, those who disbelieve in straight line doubt these were planned or conceived by ancient cultures. Skeptics tend to disbelieve or dismiss anything they can visually see.

Spiritualists and new age dowsers use ley line technology to conjure up ghosts, spirits, apparitions and most of these are found during thunderstorms when lightning increases magnetic energy. This is often downplayed by skeptics because of the prolific use in horror films and they refer to ley line science as "crap" sciences, because they never try to understand all EMF complexities. They refuse dowsing techniques and debunk dowsing and ley lines as witchcraft. Oops, I head thunder approaching so I'll stop here.

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