Monday, June 21, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 94

I heard a country western jingle on Willie's Place XM-13 and the tune said, "Do what you do, do it well ..." and when hearing this song being sung I immediately thought of Bob Alcumbrack and his search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon. He had an itch and scratched it. He poured his heart, mind and soul into the right history. "Research, discovery and preservation" is what he hoped to accomplish.

Bob lived that motto of "do what you do and do it well" and he hunted for the cannon with all of his resources. Bob was hyperactive when digging and using his dowsing rods and he felt he had to be energized to keep up with his younger crew. What he didn't know was that the absorption of too much electromagnetic current was one reason why his headaches increased. It is one thing to use refrigerator magnetic strips to ease muscle pain, but when he wrapped the strips around his forehead that was a foolish error in judgement. To overcome his old age maladies of body aches and painful muscles the strips decreased his overall health to the point where his headaches were getting more painful. He was exerbating the problem and his stamina was decreasing.

Since Bob's death in May 2004 scientists have concluded that, yes, magnetic energy can make you healthier in small doses, but absorbing too much of this powerful energy makes a person act hyperactive to the point where one feels tense leading to anxiety or panic attacks. Medical research scientists believe that those individuals that sit or stand purposely on ley lines or spots where high magnetic energy exists for long periods of time is the cause of cancer in general or cancerous brain tumors and hyperactivity is prevalent in humans. Mice used in laboratory studies suffer from hyperactivity and cancer when exposed high levels of magnetic energy. Too much absorption of electromagnetic currents or fields is responsible for turning children and adults into hyperactive zombies. To combat hyperactivity Ritalin is perscribed to turn them off.

Humans are receivers of magnetic and electromagnetic energy rays when they sit for hours in front of computers and TV's playing mindless video games. Absorption of increased levels of magnetic energy does affect how the brain functions. It decreases test scores. Doing without TV and computers increases stamina and energy and the result is better sleeping and greater thinking abilities. Our muscle tissues and nerve endings are being bombarded with too much magnetic energy. When the magnetic euphoria wears off we crash and burn. Radon gas is the suspected cause of cancer in many households, but an unequal circumstance of life is that too many households are built over positive power energy sources and this is why some occupants have increased levels of cancer in one household. Add to this the excessive use of cell phones, which some suggest is the reason people suffer from brain cancer.

Some people swear that wearing magnetic jewelry relieves painful arthritis faster than pills, but physicians warn that it isn't for long term use without consequences. Bob and Allen Janose were receiving too much electromagnetic energy and that too is what gave them strange sensations that gave them perceptions that something other than normal was happening. It was creating psychic disturbances to the point where they couldn't understand their feelings.

Magnetic rays affect the olfactory nerve endings inside the nose, the path of least resistance thus increasing naturally magneti levels in the brain. Bob and Allen's personal auras to the power grid of the tree stumps magnified their levels of electromagnetic energy. The electrical energy of highly charged electrical thunderstorms intensifies strong feelings and it can trick the brain into thinking what you are feeling isn't a normal response. Oops, now I'm getting tired its bedtime, but I can't help but wonder who is doing all the shooting outside - gunfire off in the distance.

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