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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 93

Searching for secrets of a sunken cannon got more fascinating when Bob Alcumbrack started investigating magnetic fields and ley lines in and around Cannonsburg. Bob found several strong ley lines near Imperial Mills on Chauncey Ave. in Cannon Township. Weak ley lines were up to five and a half feet wide and traveled straight lines invisibly three feet above the ground for distances of six miles. That's from Imperial Mills to Prospect Hill's springs that start Bear Creek, the stream so cold that if you fall into it "It petrefys all who enter." Stronger leys around the world, but especially in Europe average from 20 to 30 miles long. More powerful leys can go on a straight line for hundreds or thousands of miles and follow the curvature of the Earth.

What scientists have yet to verify is how this energy is connected to changes or shifts in magnetic fields on earth. Adverse weather conditions did distort and corrupt Bob's rod usage as a dowser, but cosmic disturbances such as lunar cycles, sunspots and solar flares did disrupt his use of dowsing or divining rods. The sun itself is a gigantic ball of magnetic energy fields and its solar flares bombard Earth daily and increase the levels of magnetic storms. Solar flares can disrupt satellite TV reception and increase the static electricity heard on AM radio stations. So too, the inner core of the Earth is charged and receives positive electrical charging from the sun. Opposite attract.

At Bob's dig site number two we scanned stones with a Geiger counter. Several stones had higher concentrations of uranium and thorium held in the crystal lattices of granite stones. Those sensitive to even low level magnetic energy often feel uneasy. Trace elements of these minerals corrupted his dowsing rods. Uranium and thorium were concentrated in the siliceous rocks of granite. High concentrations of granite tombstones contain radioactive ingredients and Earth energies do cause strange feelings to those who wander cemeteries or dowse for treasures. Earth energy is caused by the decaying of radioactive elements within the earth's interior and what's really interesting is that the richest metals; gold, silver and uranium are often found under Native American Indian monuments, which were the magical and mystical spots of the ancients. Treasure hunters hope to strike it rich and they didn't care how many native they killed to get the riches.

In 2008 scientists studying the shifting magnetic fields on earth discovered that over one million square miles of the South Atlantic is enveloped in a massive triangular area of increasing electromagnetic energy so vast that if it shifts it could wipe out all electronic and electrically operated equipment. It shifted from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere in 1859 just before the start of the Civil War. This powerful magnetic field hovered over the earth and it shifted northward and it halted all telegraph signals for days and if it could happen again within the near future. Imagine the lost electronic data if this magnetic storm shifts northward. This massive electromagnetic energy field could bring the world to a crashing halt wiping out all computer generated information and backups won't be of any use. Obama's plan is to put all medical records on computers for instant usuage, but everything will be destroyed. That's why its in the best interest to keep paper copies of all medical records stored in secure locatiosn. If the current southern hemisphere electromagnetic energy field shifts northward all data is lost. When will it happen? It could happen tomorrow!

Scientists watched the South Atlantic's electromagnetic energy field expand in 2009. They admit they don't know what causes it to collect in this spot and the best scientific minds on Earth admit they won't know how to stop or even alter the shifting course of this powerful magnetic field hovering above the ocean. That's why in this day and age of technology it is still in the best interest of all to keep hardcopy evidence handy. Hardcopy evidence is still a treasure hunters best friend. Cyber chatter is full of inaccurate distortions and information can be hidden, changed or destroyed easily. Cyber misinformation and fraud is rampant. Embellished realities are turned to fiction.

Lest I digress I should point out for the historical record that Bob Alcumbrack in his use of infrared film had to be aware of the fact he might find aliens or he might capture a UFO on his dark night filming of electromagnetic fields; ghosts included. NASA astronauts on the Shuttle mission in the summer of 2009 report 'Never had they recorded and seen so many close encounters with UFO's.' Astronauts were warned not to talk about such encounters, but this information was leaked anonymously. Who's playing possum on this planet? Are we really the only humanoids on Earth? Do higher up authorities fear outer space aliens? Bob got a little paranoid when he learned he just might see something government officials won't admit exist.

One night from 8-10 p.m. on Channel 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they aired a special program entitled "UFO coverup." The host was Mike Farrell (Dr. B.J. Honecutt) of MASH fame. Farrell broadcasting live talked about the magnetic fields between earth stones (earth lights) reflected off the earth and how this invisible spectrum bounced off UFO's and airplanes flying over specific places on Earth. Many UFO sightings appear real occurrences to eyewitnesses, yet such sightings are downplayed as hoaxes or imaginary swamp gas appearances. Military authorities from the U.S. and U.S.S.R. consistently deny the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth. Since 1965 some 400 additional planets have been discovered using more sophisticated telescopes seen from earth or from deep space probes; satellites and one way (rockets) into galaxies they never knew existed.

Polling during the program revealed that 66% have reported UFO sightings to law enforcement or military authorities, but they did not get satisfaction with explanations given. 87% of respondents wanted Congressional investigations into whether or not the military has UFO spacecraft stored at Area 51. The military staunchly refuses to say if UFO's have crashed with results of alien bodies being found. The military denies the existence of aliens. Mike Farrell wasn't convinced with military answers and near the end of the program he gave what to look for in alien descriptions. Aliens might have football shaped heads with large black eyes, small nose and toothless mouth, four fingers and toes, but no thumbs or big toes. Look for short 3.5 to3.8 feet tall aliens with silver skin. The first seven physical features sound to me like football players after a Super Bowl game, but these actually are what physical features terrestrial are supposed to have as portrayed in sci-fi programs. When infrared filming Bob Alcumbrack wasn't amused that he might find UFO's on his film and he hoped he'd never find any aliens while dowsing. He was superstitious.

Stonehenge in England, The Great Pyramids of Giza, Mt. Everest, Sedona in Arizona and countless other sites worldwide all have strange and spooky characteristics where powerful energy fields are massive and can change polarity with cosmic disturbances and lunar cycles. In 2007 an archaeology professor at Northwestern Michigan Univeristy amazingly discovered a mini-Stonehenge of standing circle stones on the bottom of Lake Michigan. He was shipwreck hunting when his latest new experimental underwater scanning sonar found a wrecked boat and two cars inside the standing stone circle. Stone circles appear on Beaver Island in Michigan as well as some ancient landmarks near Lake City, Michigan and many ley lines crisscross the countryside. Leys are simply invisible spectrums of light or streams of electromagnetic energy that are only detectable by dowsers, EMF's or infrared photography. Any skilled dowser can find ley lines coursing across the ground to distant locations.

Bob used is dowsing rods to sight in ley lines. Many times we watched as energy bounced Bob's rods away and he found pillars of invisible ley lines (earth lights) shoot beams straight up into the sky on dark nights near Moffit Hill, which has an elevation of 850' above sea level. Knob's Hill is the highest natural hill in northern Kent County at 975', but Moffit Hill in Cannon Township, the Pitsch Hill (900') in Algoma Township and Prospect Hill (950') in northeastern Cannon Township are the next highest hills and all have ley line phenomena.

Our use of infrared photography during our two-year hiatus showed that the Cannonsburg area has many power energy spots. The ground is strewn with hot rocks made of high-grade tungsten and polarized quartz stones we found so prevalent at Bob's first big dig site. Outcroppings of big stones buried sub-surface on Moffit Hill sent spirals of energy skyward. Not only did the stump corrupt Bob's rods, but so too, did the fattening moon, which once we understood the effects it plays on the rods, we opted to stop our nighttime research until the dark cycle of the moon returned. The ground literally sparkled with hot rocks near the first big dig site. When to use dowsing rods during a lunar cycle was the key to using them correctly. Bob had learned to overcome the hot rocks and could descern the difference between hot rocks and objects buried underground. It took lots of failed practices to get him frustrated, but he had a way of making us smile and laugh so hard once we nearly busted our guts. Well its getting late again and I need my shut eye, too.

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