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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 97

Bob Alcumbrack and Allen Janose were constantly using their dowsing rods checking and rechecking their mapped ley lines when searching for the missing Cannonsburg cannon. It was tedious work and they spent hundreds of hours in daylight and darkness making survey maps of Cannon Township. The discovery of a major ley line near Imperial Mills and across Moffit Hill was time comsuming, but Bob was determined to figure out where the ley lines disappeared.

In doing so Bob, Allen and I were practicing 'geodesy' and 'geomancy' and together we charted the geodesic lines across Cannon Township which led to several nearby anicent Native American historical sites in northeastern Cannon Township, Grattan and Oakfield Townships. Springs were regarded by ancient tribes as sacred places including some ancient ceremonial sites and cremation pits from 2000 to 6000 b.c. within the exact time frame when Stonehenge was created. Exactly where you need not know since there are those treasure hunters who don't value the historical heritages of Native Americans.

We backtracked the major leys southwest of Moffit Hill and Imperial Mills to its original power source on the west bank of the Grand River in Grand Rapids. The Imperial Mills ley started near the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum once the site of the Norton Indian Mounds - 49 of them along that side of the river from just south of Leonard to Grandville. were gone before 1900.

Prehistoric tribes were aware of these cosmic lines of magnetic energy sources that ran overland and underground. The Indians purposely buried magnetic charged stones deep in the ground in series of three to seven to mark or enhance the power of these places. The stones were granite with quartz or tungsten (greenstones) enhanced with uranium or thorium, but if stones were buried subsurface; meaning the greatest part buried and either stone was removed from sequence the magnetic field that links them was broken. Put the stone back in sequence the magnetic field returns. Retreating glaciers naturally deposited some magnetic stones, but one would think it would be different kinds of magnetic stones and not all the same. The giant cross of magnetic stones buried west of Ramsdell Drive, the old Sioux-Sauk war trail, really captured our attention. The crosses pointed towards another ceremonial ground.

Priests, shamans and medicine men of great power placed these structures in landscapes with the purpose of holding onto their power and used them to mark the way to Indian burial grounds and other sacred sites. These made it easy for them to tap the magical properties to 'wow' others no matter what generation used them.

Spiritualists, those few who are ghost, apparition and alien hunters based the creation of that power using music, laws of mathematics and magical formulas that provide harmonic settings for ancient monuments. Bob however when using dowsing rods wasn't even close to being a spiritualist, but many who watched Bob dowse would call him the lunatic fringe of ley line sciences. Research has shown that ley lines above ground average six miles in length, but they can go 20 miles to hundreds and scientists who study them say they can go thousands of miles and follow the curvature of the earth about three feet off the ground.

The leys can travel for miles above ground in the same direction and hit a power spot and drop 265 feet into the earth and travel in the same direction before coming back up to sub-surface object and resume its above ground travel till it settles at another magnetic energy spot.

Hydrologist suggest that is the major depth of water in Michigan. Once leys find an anchor spot, they can turn 300 degrees or more and the magnetic energy line searches for a distant magnetic power spot and ends. No complete triangle. Spots like A, B, and C connect, but not between A and C. The earth is covered with this striking pattern of leys and energy spots. Scientific studies suggest that where magnetic power spots are extreme the incidences of cancer and brain tumors rise significantly. Too many homes, buildings and sacred sites have been built upon them without caution and the inhabitants are afflicted with higher rates of life threatening illnesses. Radon gas and strong EMF's are also portraits of a killer and not just mosquitos and lightning.

Scientists and miners in northern Ontario are digging a pit into the ground studying magnetic energy. They've found a strong EMF spot and are now more than 8 miles deep. That's the heighth of Mt. Everest or as deep as the Marina Trench off Australia, but it makes me wonder if they are recording the amounts of electromagnetic energy currents that miners may absorb. Hopefully someone is monitoring their health as they dig deeper and yet my bubble brain wonders if the gravitational push from the sun could be exerting downward pressure on fissures at the bottom of the hole and under extreme pressure the earth's magnetic core is being squeezed forcing out more EMF's into the atmosphere. Rising EMF's (electromagnetic fields) of energy might be causing climate change, since we already know that higher EMF's increase the electrical fields of thunderstorms. Objects buried subsurface store EMF's (negative charges) that explode upward to attract positive fields creating intense lightning.

In 2008 scientists began their observations of the huge 1,000,000 million square miles of EMF hovering above the south Atlantic. They rightfully didn't know what was causing EMF's to rise and increase in strength. In 2009 scientists saw the strength of the EMF increasing, but they are dumbfounded how to stop the increase, but if this EMF threat shifts northward all computers with stored data could go the way of dinosaurs - extinction. This threat happened for real in 1859, when this event that happened for real rendered all telegraph lines silence for almost one week. It could happen tomorrow and its important that you keep hardcopy records. Can you imagine the havoc on Earth if the EMF shifts it course? Scientists do not know what is causing the EMF shield to grow uncontrollably. Is it the extraction of oil?

Add to this the vast amounts of oil and gas being released each day into the Gulf of Mexico, some 50 miles south of Lousiana and Alabama. The free flowing oil could be releasing more than normal amounts of magnetic energy from the earth's core, but this is miniscule to all the other wells pumping oil worldwide. I've often wondered what replaces the void from the black gold? My inquiring mind wants to know. Oops, I'm delineating from our discoveries of ley lines and power spots in Cannon Township.

When in Courtland Township some residents were afraid of the whirling gizmos we were using and some denied us access to their property when following ley lines based upon fear and ignorance of Bob's gadgetry. When Bob's nuclear metal range finders pointed towards their house or saw Bob's rods point straight at their house or see the rods being repulsed by an unknown force they were afraid. Some were visibly upset when we drew lines on survey maps straight thru their houses. We did our mapping from public roads and didn't trespass. Day and night we rechecked our ley trajectories, but only on the sixteen dark days of the lunar cycle. The stronger the moon phase, the weaker the magnetic ley lines.

Missile strikes at the start of the Iraq War, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict all started on the darkest nights - 16 days of darkness. The brighter the fattening moon, the more radar's lose their effectiveness. Bob and ley hunting crew were spooky characters on the darkest of nights. The ring of fire surrounding Stonehenge and stone circles worldwide occur on the 16 darkest nights also.

Ley lines travel across the whole surface of the Earth, but not all change course when they strike an object. These EMF energy currents can penetrate any objects and stay on course until it ends at a power source connection and changes course. Geodesy is the science of surveying portions of the Earth's surface, which is so large that the Earth's curvature has to be taken into account when following the geodesic lines of energy. This same science is what the ancient Native American Indians and prehistoric tribes of the Hopewell and Copper Cultures of Michigan used to build sacred sites and mounds along the geodesic lines at Grand Rapids, Grandville, Cannon and Grattan Townships or other sites within 20 miles. These Indians used the cosmic ley lines of energy for their benefit and tapped their magical powers.

Dion Fortune, the British occultist and writer in 1936 got the idea that leys were 'lines of power' that linked prehistoric monuments along a straight track. This idea originated from 1921 and at that time it was detected by diviners using dowsing rods. Many got the idea anyone who believes this is practicing wicca or witchery.

During the 1960's some paranoral folks got the glorified idea that ley lines were responsible for the progression of UFO sightings during wet days. In the mid 1980's Bob Alcumbrack and crew only found the existence of a vast network of ley lines and power spots crossing Kent County, but we found no UFO's lurking in dark valleys and any aliens were missing. Bob didn't want to find any ghosts or an apparition of Walter Tompsett, but he did acknowledged that he felt someone was watching. Possibly it was the DNR or EPA or was it the IRS? All Bob and friends wanted to find was the missing Cannonsburg cannon.

We had become 'geomancers' using divinations to find random ancient sites, but used precise map coordinates and lineage above the ground to make diagrams of our progress. Some nocturnal visits raised more than the hair on our heads and necks, the hairs on our body stood at attention many times and Bob was sure we were falling farther away from finding his wildest dream cannon. It was the unfolding network of leys which seemed to prick his interest from 1989 up until his death in 2004.

After July 1989 he was backtracking the wide, strong ley line from Imperial Mills and Moffit Hills he traced them thru Plainfield and Grand Rapids Townships. These originated from the vicinity of the Norton Mounds and Grandville and he found a power spot between Leonard and Fulton Street and traced its route northeasterly direction for over 25 miles to the caves near Wabasis Lake. For some reason it changed course since the previous year.

Recorded history of Native American tribes living along the Grand River basin in the early 1830's only knew the mounds as ancient sacred sites. They knew nothing about the mound creators or why they were made, except that it was a power place. They regarded the mounds as a friendly place to die and after death they wanted to be buried inside the mound in a sitting position looking east over the mighty 'Owashtenong' river (Grand) towards the rising sun. An early archaeologists in the 1870's said nothing was ever found inside the mounds, but the streets beneath Grand Rapids on the east side of the Grand River contained many Christian artifacts; jewelry and crosses of sterling silver. No skeletal remains existed and the earth inside the mounds didn't match anything local. Soil originated hundreds of miles away.

Traditional Christians, the oldest want their tombstones and heads facing east, too, so their spirit can see the face of Jesus Christ, the Lord, when he returns to Earth. Local Indian legends say that late Indian medicine men knew about the magical powers of leys. If energy lines went west to east there would be much peace with the pioneers, but those that went north to south much turmoil and unsettled times were ahead.

Individuals who are not afraid to sit atop mounds experience a renewed sense of physical and spiritual energizing and wellbeing. Witnesses standing away from mounds report that they've seen a glowing green light pass through the bodies of all those who sit or stand atop mounds. For this the Indians believed the mounds held strong power for those unafraid. High doses of EMF's or energy can affect the body and mind. The amount of magnitite in the human brain can change the way you think and makes corrections on what the body perceives as normal or abnormal. The effects of this energy is said to be similar to those who feel static energy tingle the skin or how it raises hair or stimulates your head hair making them fight each other.

Exhumation of sacred places by pioneers turned treasure hunters found that no skeletons or body remains were found in mounds except for trinkets of gold and silver. Even the color of soil in earth mounds was opposite of what surrounded the mounds. Archaeological studies by amateurs and professionals believe that mounds contain the cremated remains of their ancestors and proof is the reddish soil within the mounds in contrast to the soil in the mound. Reddish soil exists at the foot of the massive bluestones at Stonehenge giving the impression the Stone Age Britons ashes are buried intact near the base of each stone. Stonehenge could be a cemetery, too, not just a place where Stone Age Britons made contact with beings from other galaxies or used such massive stones to observe the passage of seasons. It won't be long before I spill the beans about Bob Alcumbrack's silence between July 1989 and May 2004. Hopefully this will conclude before July 4th, when Americans celebrate our Independence Day.

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