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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon -74

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the Cannonsburg cannon was surprised at what lengths he would have to go to understand all the complexities of electromagnetic energy. EMF is used to help fighter pilot fire air to surface missiles within a gopher's whisker length. It takes more than just the pilot. A radar plane lights up the target from a higher altitude and the fighter jet's pilot locks onto that target and the missile hones in on the precise highlighted electromagnetic target.

America's latest weapon of war shoots no bullets, has no gunpowder charge of any sort, and yet is a defensive weapon. It is not classed as a ray gun because it can be cast over a short or wide areas. From a dish it shoots a powerful, yet harmless invisible beam of electromagnetic energy that can be compressed or expanded over an area. A two second blast of this energy increases the body temperature of attackers or anyone within its realm instantly to 130 degrees F. making them feel like they is gonna' burst into flames and self destruct. What you have in your hands you'll drop because of the intense heat. It isn't a microwave or radioactive weapon. This is considered a non-lethal weapon as opposed to a taser that delivers an electrical shock.

It simply means the human body can't take the invisible heat shock from electromagnetic current and anyone caught in its sphere is rendered unable to function. Whatever you have in on your person will be dropped - simply too hot to handle. The brain fails to function and neither do extremeties. The heat practically paralyzes you into submission for a few minutes.

That "Back To The Future" car Marty (Jamie Fox) and Lloyd had with collapsible inward folding flipup tires and flying off at the speed of light and rollerboards that hover above the ground isn't as far fetched as you might think. I'm waiting for the day when tires are motionless on riding lawnmowers and it hovers on magnetic energy for a smooth bumpless ride. No more steel blades to sharpen or change. The grass cut with a real spinning lazer blade. That's my wildest dream machine.

Can you imagine what the earth will look like in regards to automobiles and trucks when electromagnetic/solar propulsion replaces the use of fossil fuels; oil, gas and coal and Obama's ethanol (corn) based or steam produced from water gulping machines? Water rising into the atmosphere is the largest source of pollutants in rising ozone levels. Electromagnetic energy and solar propulsion is the wave of the future that can make you a trillionaire and not continuing to produce unfriendly gas, ethanol and water for shared bybrid technology.

Environmentally speaking EMF and solar technology is going to make a breathe of fresh air possoible when we stop using all fossil fuels. Flight rage could be worse than tire rage on earth. We can't all be drivers in space, some too old and unhealthy to operate such wonderful new advancements in transportation. Don't be surprised when a prerequisite for ground transportation will be waterproof travel suits, helmets and body bumpers for electromagnetic people shufflers. Only the wealthy and healthy people will drive electromagnetic driven vehicles. I have a vivid imagination, but it isn't far fetched and maybe someone out there will be challenged to act on my futuristic visionary dream. I'm the seed of your dream. Bob Alcumbrack's wildest dream wasn't as far fetched in his lifespan than where technology has taken us today.

Believe-it-or-not in America wherever Indian tribes were involved with incoming settlers, miners and treasure hunters over treaty rights it is a well documented fact that uranium, silver, gold and platinum deposits were the cause of so much death and destruction. Some of the most sacred sites whether burial or ceremonial have yielded much wealth.

Worldwide researchers discovered that prehistoric megalithic builders; the Central American Aztecs & Mayans, the Michigan Mound Builders and Copper Culture Indians had been attracted to earth energy sites since the beginning of creation. These sites frequently possessed naturally occurring radioactive metals such as uranium and thorium, the trace elements we found in the Bear Creek Watershed areas around Cannonsburg when investigating EMF. The ancients learned to master the earth's energy fields as 'power' places to 'WOW' their people. The American Crow roosts at EMF power sites. Such things today would be referred to as "power point" presentations.

Where Bob and crew found the underground blue and greenstone ancient arrows , or small (+) formations and we removed one stone from the sequence the entire EMF vanished. Replace the same stone the EMF is restored. Some earth energies by day can scramble telecommunication signals at the most inopportune times causing frustrations on conference calls when cell tower coverages don't overlapse.

The electromagnetic shield (iron ore) in Canada is so strong above it that telecommunication and radio signals are bent to the curvature of the earth during the day. Radios fifty miles into the bush are pure static. That's because the sun heats iron ore deposits in soil and stones and as the warming temperatures increase, the density of magnetic energy keeps radio waves pressed to earth. This earth energy is so strong during daylight hours it bends the radio waves to the surface from tower to tower and the signal can't get beyond the curvature horizon 60-90 miles away. That's why you see so many short cell phone towers along major highways so frequently.

If cell towers were higher they would be fewer towers to spoil the scenic views and vistas, but cell phone coverage would overlap and that is what providers don't want you to know and this explains lost signals, but even with satellite coverage signals get dropped because of solar storms. The sun is a magnetic ball of fire and solar flares can interrupt signals from space. TV signals make for snowy or static pictures. The earth is covered with electromagnetic ley lines and energy spots above and below ground and this is what Bob and crew had to discover about EMF in regards to dowsing rod useage.

Telecommunication companies are all vying for multiple plans, because of gaps in their coverage range from tower to tower. Radio reception in Canada is silent or runs static during the day, but at night when the earth cools the magnetic blanket is lifted and the electromagnetic shield grows fainter and loses its strangle hold allowing radio waves to go higher and bend over the distant horizon for hundreds and thousands of miles. On the darkest nights you can listen to stations from all over the world and satellite signals have increased our availability to those far away places. We now return to secrets of the Cannonsburg cannon.

Between the 1986 big dig and Bob's second big dig in 1988 he had dug many holes in upland wash locations of interest dowsing for the cannon and he did find many historical artifacts from the 1700's and 1800's. No ordnance pieces or equipment. What he did find were brass buggy ornaments, buggy shoes, rigging and an assortment of rusting farm tools lost or discarded lanterns, fenders, parts of old cars, coins, perfume bottles, etc. Bob was fast becoming an antiquuites collector of unwanted junk, but never lost his sense of humor while searching for his dream cannon. His vision was always on the main prize, the Cannonsburg cannon.

We wallowed in the scientific research and it made us better prepared to overcome obstacles. We experimented with the latest treasure hunting devices and it helped solve problems faster, which led to undertaking a third bigger dig. Bob in 1988 was preparing for the second possible cannon burial site, because he thought he had found the wheel rims of an ancient carriage buried upright and felt it would be easier to dig up the cannon, because he knew it wasn't a nine-foot long piece, but a bronze cannon less than 65-inches long that weighed 500-800 pounds. It was something he could lift with chains attached to a backhoe bucket.

I videotaped his second big dig and you may see this video presentation at the Cannon Township Historical Society's museum in downtown Cannonsburg, Michigan. You are in and out of Cannonsburg within 1000 feet. This site showed lots of potential. The terrain from dryland was steep to deep mud below at streamside. No other video documentation exists of Bob's second big dig.

Two days before the second big dig started I stopped at Bob's trailer. I knocked and he came to the door and when he pushed it open he had the biggest frown, but I burst into laughter. He resembled the "Karate Kid". His head was wrapped with a magnetized refrigerator door strip, the ends of which draped down against his back. "I'm sorry Bob, but you look ridiculous" and I couldn't stop laughing. Immediately from the back of my mind I thought has his paranoia of the news media turned him insane, but that was far from the truth. Bob has always understood the healing power of magnetic jewelry as medicinal power. He looked like a nut, but he wasn't!

Bob said, "I've had a terrible headache and backache" and he refused to use a painkiller to mask the pain. Even aspirin can interfere with dowsing rod useage. He thought he was applying the lessons he'd learned over the years about the wonderful powers of magnetic energy and used the properties of the strip to improve his health. He was a visionary in May 1988, because lots of people in 2007 wear magnetic jewelry; necklaces, wrist and leg bands to fight the joint pain associated wtih arthritis, that same thing that was accecting his old age.

Scientific medical studies suggest that magnetic fields can improve or lessen arthritic pain without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, while non-believers swear it doesn't work. Always remember when you doubt something won't work it won't and that's a negative response and sets the doom stage to failure. Why go through life programming your mind for failure, because you are afraid to try instead of thinking positve - what if it does? Try it ! Fail or succeed by your own merits.

Folks thought Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison were insane, but futuristically these two inventors would be astonished with the progress others have made on their inventions. If magnetic jewelry works to combat arthritis why would you listen to the noisy negative folks? Don't disbelieve because of peer pressure. Don't go through life corrupting your psyche with negativity. Don't let the devil crack your skull and poison you brain. Think positive even if something seems impossible. Those who give up because it might go against the grain, because they failed or began to fail might make a possibility thinker richer at your expense.

Although Bob's body was stressed that morning he had some exciting news, a secret he couldn't wait to share. He had found an important cannon artifact. Although hurting his eyes twinkled and his voice was excited. It was that special something, a discovered cannonball, three to be exact of 1.87 inch caliber. It could only be fired from a two-pound cannon which explains how Walter Tompsett was hit in the knee. Falcon or falconett put it less than 72 inches long and these guns were made of bronze and usually cast as twins because they were expensive and made in the presence of kings or queens. prior to 1635. These guns were highly decorated. With crests, seals, decorations and Le Grand Cannons plaque intact made this cannon the ultimate treasure. It took bob two years to find artifact evidence to support this claim and I based my earlier findings that he was looking for a ghost cannon because of where Tompsett was struck with the ramrod.

The secret we couldn't release was whether or not it was naval, fortification or field ordnance.
Was it 6-pound or smaller of military field ordnance originating from what country? Yes and no are some answers. Bob had finally discovered solid evidence of the cannon's historical value and characteristics he could now formulate in his mind what he should envision. Dowsers must be precise and accurate. Feel the force.

Before I stop I just wanted to tell you that when Bob came to his door I laughed, but I also asked him what started first, the headache or backache. His back then his head. "There is a reason for this," I said and its because when a person is overexposed and receiving too large a dose of EMF's the warning signs are headaches, nausea, dizzyness and confusion. Its called magnetic poisoning of the human body. We are susceptible to this energy force field. Our brain is magnetically charged and too much scrambles our thinking capabilities and increased levels of magnetic energy causes extreme paranoia, anxiety and impending doom. EMF are increased by when in association with electricity and its why ghost hunters find higher EMF readings inside perceived haunted houses and buildings. Are the findings natural or unnatural.

It may seem like a cruel game I'm playing when I ask questions, but provide no answers. I'm the cat and your the mouse, but I'm trying to provoke you think positive. What I'm doing is a natural act and I enjoy toying with your mind so its back to 1885 and the cannonball men.

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