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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 69

The electromagnetic mysteries of Cannon Township fascinated us when searching for the lost Cannonsburg cannon. It was the quantity of magnetized stones and strange energy fields of straight tracks and power spots that made a fascinating adventure. Area geologists were greatly interested in the presence of high-grade tungsten (greenstones), which normally was found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These heavy stones were used by ancient Indian tribes to make axe heads and other pounding implements. Fact is, the appearances of occasional bluestones and availability of quartz is quite prevalent in the Cannonsburg watershed area along Bear Creek and at other mysterious places around the world.

Pure quartz is hard to find and is generally found as a particulate in granite stones used for grave markers (tombstones). Lake Superior's southern shore in Michigan has lots of washed quartz stones that aren't pure. Quartz comes in many colors. Big stones of quartz you find in Colorado. Strange as it may seem quartz produces static electrical charges that can become altered by the lunar cycle each month.

The presence of quartz at ancient cross location is a window for infrared and ultra-violet wavelenghts. Areas with lots of quartz produces uneasy feelings and can raise the hair on your skin or it can literally make your skin crawl. That is precisely why some folks avoid or appear nervous walking through cemeteries. It's not spooks or departed spirits. Some people are supersensitive to the unseen magnetic rays given off by quartz inside granite tombstones. Granite contains iron ore, too.

Between 1986-1988 we discovered in northeastern Kent County a striking network of ley lines of considerable electromagnetic force around Moffitt and Prospect Hill. The strength of this electromagnetic field at Moffitt Hill near Five Mile and Pettis area is greatly increased since it once had the highest tower in Kent County at 100o feet, but had been downsized because it is along the flight path of the north/south runways and the Gerald R. Ford International airport.
It was about 1/2 mile east of this junction and the ground beneath is layered in copper wiring, which intensifies electromagnetic anomalies.

The strong energy fields and electrical current radiate outward from above or underground objects and stones. These things transmit energy from one stone to another, which sends it across the countryside for six miles to a distant stone, which either receives or stores energy before the signal changes course to sometimes 340 degree angles. Removal of one object from a series of above ground stones can break this electrical field. Three large greenstones separated by several feet hold a magnetic charge between all three. Displace one stone the energy field disappears.

Bob found several of these groupings near Moffitt Hill. The straight track northeast passes just south of Prospect Hill, otherwise known as Ball Hill near Ten Mile Road and Ramsdell, which interconnects with the Sioux War Trail to Saginaw. This ley caused Bob much anguish on his late night forays. This major ley line raised the hair on his body when using his dowsing rods. In fact, the electrical field was so strong he received an electrical shock strong enough so he dropped his rods.

Prospect Hill was known as Superstition mountain to ancient and late Indians. The home atop the hill has been struck by lightning and several people have died when the home burst into flames. Indian spirits didn't take kindly to a house being built atop their ceremonial site. The spirits were exercised in the 1980's and nobody has died since then. The spirits may have been purged, but my oh my, did angry spirits make Bob uneasy.

We traced this ley line backwards for twenty miles to its source of power - in front of the Gerald R. Ford Museum. Ley lines travel in straight lines, but the strongest current is six miles in length. At the end of this line the charge is fixed in an object, the current dives into the earth and goes underground until strikes another magnetized object, which deflects its upward back to surface and continues along the same straight track until it stops at either energy spots or objects again before altering course. Objects are either receivers or senders of electromagnetic current. Displace an object the entire energy field disappears.

Treasure hunters with electronic metal detectors sometimes scan old fieldstone basement walls of homes and barns and find a stored signal. Very few treasures are hidden behind these stones, but still they smash thru the wall only to find nothing for toiling work. What many fail to understand is that the stone's magnetism was charged to another stone someplace else inside the walls. Removal of one stone without all the other will short-circuit the entire energy field. When removed the current is broken between the second and third stone . This field is rendered powerless. All three stones are needed to triangulate on buried treasure elsewhere in the basement. Usually any treasure is inside the aura of the triangulated leys or not. (A) sends signal to (B) which alters course to (C). Signal between C and A is lost. Stones are either a sender or receiver. This is what puzzled Bob until he figured out he needed a rod anchor between C and A for triangulation to an object.

The spin of energy or magnetic fields as I understand it is created at the circumference of a circle. That's how Bob saw it. Magnetic stones with iron ore seem to channel energy between the surface and underground water veins where iron ore is present. When Bob used his dowsing rods he was sensing the helical magnetic force fields in stones and water, giving him a false dtection signal it was a cannon. It took Bob and us a while to understand that the magnetic force fields can change the polarity of objects according to the phase of lunar activity.

The sixth day after the New Moon, the polarity of certain charged stones changes from positive to negative (solid detection to weak detection). This was why we had to spread our infrared photography shoots across a month. We had discovered that when studying Astro-archaeology there seems to be a high incidence of ghost sightings and UFO paranormal acitivity and other unexplained mysteries of the universe.

Ancient Indians and Stone Age Britons practiced some pretty weird science thousands of years ago, which we haven't fully unraveled, not yet. We found leys and power spots fascinating, but didn't dabble too long. Still the ancients were masters of sciences, with us just dabblers trying to understand all the benefits magnetic force fields can achieve. The ancients used leys to line up their cemeteries and ceremonial sanctuaries exactly 20 miles distant apart. Leys travel straight lines called tracks about three feet above the ground and don't deviate over the steepest terrain an dpass right over connection cemeteries.

At ancient sites it was noted that energy field strength can increase around decaying trees or clumps of trees, whether living or dead, which gave line of sight to Indian burial mounds, cremation sites or buried objects. Ancient or landmarked trees are often ley mark holders whose track lines point towards earthworks, other burial mounds, ceremonial or cremation sites. The strongest leys are found at the top of hills. Butterworth Hospital - Spectrum Campus sits atop one of these electromagnetic power spots.

Ley lines travel above ground, both at the circumference of a circle and in the cross-country ley lines of magnetic energy. These flow charges above ground travel in straight lines, while underground lines deflect off underground objects like buried treasure caches, chests and military cannons. Stones half-buried interface between bending in and out of subterranean forces and straight above-ground energy, which are enhanced by cosmic and atmospheric changes. Underground straight tracks go deep and travel on the ley lines some 275 feet below ground to another object that sends the signal upward to surface objects and it resumes its above ground travel. Power increases the more the ley line strike objects.

Bluestones, greenstones and quartz act as conductors of an unknown force called "earth energy" and channel it in invisible streams of electromagnetic curren that follow ley lines or track alignments about waist high above ground. Those using sensitive rods can sense even the minor currents. A channeling psychic predicted and sensed the death of the world's greatest musical icon Michael Jackson. She used the force of electromagnetic channeling to predict the demise of this superstar.

Where two most prominent leys intersect multiple stones create a sort of storage battery, similar to send and receiving stations that are tied into a mysterious power grid. With compass and map coordinates the cannon crew and Bob charted the major leys radiating outward from the Cannonsburg area six miles distant. Moffitt, Prospect and Rattlesnake Hill, that mountains to Native American Indians had to be explored -- all ancient power sites.

Strange things have happened throughout the history on Prospect Hill. Two houses burst into flames and apparitions seen of angry Indian kind. This superstition wreaked havoc with Bob's mind and rods and after several scary moments we all got the creeps. It felt like the spirits were hovering and peering over our shoulders and huffing a cold breath of air against our ears. Ever felt this way? It might be your guardian angel trying to get your attention.

The ancients used not willow rods, but Hazel and Hazelnut wood, the preferred wands of magicians worldwide. Moses and Aaron in the Holy Bible used hazel rods to bring plagues to Egypt and Moses used his rod (staff) to part the Red Sea, so too, Hazelwood is the best source wood for dowsing water. It was endowed with power from God. Moses' rod was the most powerful rods of the ages.

Mysterious earth energies of stone harness themselves in association with iron ore remains. Many stones are magnetized. Today, we'd call this "bundling" of communications.

Oops, getting late this morning. Next time you'll discover what mysteries of Bob uncovered with earth energies. In the meantime do some research and look up ley lines with your search engines - try Seattle Ley Lines. Look for the Gloucestershire pictures to understand what Bob was finding and disclaim the end quotations by skeptics.

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