Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 67

Bob wasn't hoping to find Tompsett's ghost hanging around in Cannonsburg, but had Tompsett's apparition appeared he keep that secret. We had hoped Tompsett wasn't trying to resolve his death, but Bob was on pins and needles wondering what we'd encounter on infrared film.

What really flustered Bob was when we began to see strange dressed women in Cannonsburg and Rockford. There was a major Wiccan witch conference towards a full moon in October shortly after his big dig failed to produce a cannon. You can't miss them. We saw the women dressed in black garb with black open palmed gloves practicing their religious witchcraft that rivals Harry Potter's magical sorcery. October is major incantation time. Rockford has many churches, but so, too does it have Wiccan churches with witch conferences in the fall.

Bob saw Wiccan's wandering the street near Bear Creek, the arms up as if trying to conjure up Tompsett's ghost or in Rockford, the ghost of the Pickett boy who drowned in the swirling waters of the Rogue River during a freshet in 1910. We weren't impressed with Wicca presence and didn't want them any where near our time-lapsed infrared photography shoots. Be wary for Wiccans appear to prey on ancient ceremonial grounds of Indians and we found our share of ancient Indian grounds. America is the land of opportunistic religious affiliations of one's choice.

Even Congress recognizes the Wiccan religion, but they are forbidden to stick pins in voodoo dolls. Those who practice illicit pin behavior lose their Non-Profit 501c3 postal classification. The TV series JAG had an episode entitled, "The Witches of Gulfport, Mississippi," that had military officers practicing the natural craft while dancing naked around bonfires, the women being harassed for sex and those who refused were raped. The women officers felt trapped and humiliated and were committing suicide to hide their embarassment for not reporting the rapes. Real military officials have been getting quite concerned because the Wiccan religion has blossomed at Gulf Coast military bases (real) and it is affecting the performances of officers to lead. It seems the smartest and brightest officers are being attracted to Wiccanism from Protestant, Catholic and Muslim beliefs.

Practitioners of Wicca aren't un-American citizens and the Federal Courts and IRS do recognize it as a legitimate religion. Sticking pins in dolls, casting spells or putting curses on individuals they don't like is prohibited and yet, when a Pentecostal Christian minister serving in Camp Anaconda, the largest U.S. support base in Iraq petitioned to become a U.S. Army chaplain practicing Wicca in 2006 he was denied the religious change.

This minister while serving in Iraq had a change of heart about his Presbyterian religion and doubted the sincerity of other Christian religions when so many soldiers were killing each other in the name of the same God (Allah). He was depressed by the fact that so many soldiers could foster so much hatred for each other in the name of God. He felt he could no longer serve the church that unleashes it clergy to preach that particular individuals and faith groups are damned if they don't share the same beliefs. Is it not better to know what you believe than what others think you should believe as they do?

Wiccans celebrate four great holiday seasonal festivals at certain full moon ceremonies. They tend to seek out treasure hunters who accidentally stumble upon new discoveries of Indian ceremonial grounds and it was that reason we wanted to keep our wanderings secret. We couldn't stand crowds of people watching our every move. We didn't need Wiccans desecrating ancient Indian sites in the Cannonsburg area. We found plenty by accident as we tried to uncover the ultimate secrets not shared by the original five cannonball men who buried the cannon after Tompsett's death.

The presence of Wiccan witches can make you squirm if you believe their religion is stronger than your own faith. Stand firm in your own beliefs and stronger against those you deem servants of the devil who blend witchcraft, feminism and nature worship with ancient and pagan roots. Wiccans are often misunderstood and pay no homage to the devil with kisses, oaths, pacts or blood sacrifices nor are they devil worshippers, however, some believe they are are servants of the devil worshippers. Satan abounds on earth and some do his bidding -- murderers and serial killers, but the Wiccan religion is one out of 1,004 religions in America recognized by Congress and not Osama Bin Laden's radical Muslimism and Taliban rule. Al Queda terrorists kill their own people in the name of Allah and sacrifice the innocent for tyrannical rule. Allah is the same God of America and force innocents into martydom for their own wicked causes.

Witches and pagan worshippers do not recognize Satan and when Wiccan's initiate people into the craft of paganism no renunciation of the Christian faith is required. They blend their Christianity beliefs with Wiccan beliefs secretly and survive as practicing witches in our communities. It is because of their secrecy they have become ultimate secret societies where man and neighbors don't know who is or isn't a wiccan. Only God knows their hearts and obituaries tell no lies. They practice witchcraft the same way as other religions by gathering together at precise times to worship and celebrate life, but at secret or undisclosed locations. It is their outward appearances that tip off their secrecy.

Wiccans believe they can find hidden treasures at ancient sites; stone circles, Indian burial grounds and other celebrational ceremonial sites. They seek out Circle Sanctuaries for marriage ceremonies and full moon fire festivals celebrating May Day. Circle stones, like Stonehenge in England and the minor circles at various Michigan sites; ancient cremation sites, earthworks and circle sanctuaries in Wisconsin or Worldwide they seek. Many of these sites were used by the ancient Indian tribes who know more about earth energies (electromagnetic fields and power energy spots) than modern man. These sites are why Indian witch doctors and medicine men were so gifted with power that made people cringe. They were made privy to secret traditions and the medical practices of their forefathers. People with power share their knowledge. I shall end this right here. Next time a little more knowledge about Wiccan religion as it pertains to what treasure and cannon hunters must guard against as they search for cannons or treasure.

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