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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 61

Dowsing for cannons and treasure takes skill. To be successful using angle or divining rods takes concentration and the ability to silently use the same mantra, that's precise mantra when trying to find the object of one's desire. Our human brain is a very powerful instrument. It's our own personal computer locked inside our skull. Our brain stores lots of memory, but not as much as a computer.

Since we only use one-tenth of 1% look how much trouble we get ourselves into when we don't use it correctly. Had we the ability to use our brain cells more efficiently just imagine how much easier it would be to find cannons or treasures. It's a good thing God has control over angels and limits that power over us. For those of us who are religious he controls our destiny. The plan is ongoing. Sometimes we stray from the right path, but He waits for us to return. Peter's waiting patiently at Heaven's gate and the south Cannonsburg area is known as the "Gateway to Heaven" thru Egypt Valley.

For now can you imagine the earthly pandemonium mortal humans could cause if they possessed a little angel power against those automobile and truck driving nuts that cut us off on highway lane changes? See the road rage and envision the damages to health and personal property caused by misguided dot signed angry finger movements. Dowsing requires concentration and the ability to focus one's mind.

Dowsing takes lots of practice before one can be successful in dowsing treasures. It's like practicing a musical instrument. Without practicing for perfection, the ear sockets can't take the mismatched notes and punctuation marks. People don't pay good money to see concerts with out of tune music. Dowsing is an art or craft many people take for granted, too, simply because they don't understand how dowsing works. Those who view dowsing as bunk or witchcraft miss a lot of fun.

Dowsing is a mental and physical skill which when used together can tackle any problem to find solutions. Dowsing fills the gap between using thinking tools of logic, analysis and scientific investigations and using tools of imagination, intuition and subjective meanings. The human brain is challenged to think outside the box. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump thought outside the box to be successful. They took chances in life, but I doubt they used dowsing to trump up riches beyond their wildest dreams. Never in their wildest dreams could they imagine how far their destiny would take them. Still they must continue the sharp focus on their lofty goals and keeping the talent they hire employed.

A skilled dowser like Bob Alcumbrack could time dowse and perform map dowsing. Each branch lets you personally explore the unknown mysteries of the universe, whether earth or heaven sciences. It's you own personal relationship between man and problems associated with using dowsing rods. God plays a role in this relationship, too. You must have scruples and know what's right or wrong and the gut feelings of life.

Dowsing is a personal craft used to scientifically explore one's on mind and using the power of the human brain given by God to learn how to dowse. Moses and Aaron were dowsers. If you try dowsing don't expect to work miracles overnight. It takes lots of practice. Moses and Aaron had divine dowsing skills. Don't expect dowsing success too soon, because failure is part of the learning curve and you quickly learn what doesn't work. Through trial and error discover what you can accomplish. Medical scientiest have gone through lots of trial and errors when trying to discover treatments for cancer, heart disease and diabetes, but they don't give up, but they learn to overcome negative results with possibility thinking.

Hard to believe is that 90% of America has the ability to dowse, but 89% won't give it a whirl because they doubt how dowsing works to find buried objects. Learn the basics and principles of how dowsing works means you are more likely to focus your attention on the problems in your life and resolve issues to favorable conclusions. The brain and body must work together with no nagging negative impossiblity thinking challenging and draining power from the body's electrical current. Doubt short-circuits the brain. Doubt places a negative response in the brain's ability to focus which short-circuits the electrical distribution throughout the entire human body. Stay positive if job seeking.

First understand that a dowser (diviner) must start by working alone. Many medical scientists work alone so they can devote all their energies to one particular problem. As time goes by they add assistants to help them. To start they want no distractions from people talking, mechanical noises or cell phones jingling or vibrating in someones pocket and vice versa. Dowsing and medical studies is an art of silent concentration. Brain cells talking to each other silently with your eyes only on the goal. They remember what does or doesn't work so as not to make the same mistake twice and waste valuable time and money. I pay my employees to work. I don't pay employees to talk to non-business associates; family, friends and strangers or try to find a different job on my time. They get fired!

The biggest prerequisite for successful dowsing is you must be open-minded, well rested upon waking. No body aches or pain. Rods must be used within the first few hours of daylight for maximum power under non-stressful conditions. The best possible times for dowsing rod useage is after rain and during the dark cycles of the moon. Yes, doubters call dowsers "lunatics" but one such lunatic dowser in England in 2009 discovered a treasure worth 18 million dollars simply because he changed one word in his silent mantra after 17 years and struck the mother lode of English land treasures.

Another prerequisite of dowsing is warm air temperatures and gentle to nonexistent winds makes it easier to find buried objects surrounded or encapsulated with an electromagnetic electrical field whether using dowsing rods to discover water, treasures or lost cannons.

Bob Alcumbrack at his first big dig in 1986 found it extremely difficult to concentrate when he could hear the chatter from several hundred spectators that surrounded him. He was the center of attraction and he found it nearly impossible to be in touch with his inner feelings and have good interpersonal relationships between his brain and body. Outside interferences mean quick failures.

Dowsers must be healthy, free of pain. That's something of a fleeting thing when you are 57 years old like Bob. You must be capable of focusing an open mind on what you seek without feeling pain. See the object in your mind's eye. If you can't be without a cell phone that jinlges or vibrates on your body then you set your brain and body up for instant failure. Lose the phone out of ear shot. Accessible phones are interferences that place a negative response in your brain. Lose yourself in quiet places and focus. Silence is deafening. Lose yourself in the Canadian bush country a few days and when you return to civilization you'll find out just how much noise we live and play in daily. It's amazing how much noise we tolerate.

Look at how much people talk with cell phones. Ear to phone before they leave the driveway and constant chipmunk chattering while driving. Man can't concentrate when driving. Some people can't stand to sit and drive without two or three different noise pieces blaring away. Isn't it any wonder that we have so many bad accidents. What do so many young adults find so interesting that they must talk, talk and talk? I saw a young woman zip through a red light after two autos who had the green light passed. One hand was combing her hair, the other with phone to ear. She was steering with her knees. She was oblivious to traffic. I wish I had angel power - maybe its a good thing I didn't. God wouldn't approve of angel rage.

People interested in dowsing shouldn't listen to noisy negatives. Too many make the mistake of listening to opinions of others debunk dowsing methods. Read and learn without inteferences from others since they rob practicing dowsers of their ability to even try dowsing. Practicing the craft of dowsing takes patiences. If you don't forget even trying. Forget the theories about how dowsing can't possibly work and actually practice dowsing. Once you've mastered the rods and Bob Alcumbrack hadn't until the year after the first big dig then he made a big difference in how successful he had become. Those who figure it out can use them to find immense wealth, but the rods really do work best after a rain event or when wind is very light or absent.

As Dr. Robert Schuller, of the Crystal Cathedral, in California, would say, "Be a possibility thinker!" God gave us each wonderful, useful minds, but it's too bad we don't use what he gave us to solve the simplest problems.

Use of dowsing or diviner rods depends too on the longitutdes and latitudes of earth and certain phases of the moon cycle, which does affect the polarity of rod accuracies and buried objects. Military planes need dark night for electromagnetic radar targeting within the length of a gopher's whisker, so too, the best rod useage is during early mornings during dark cycles of the moon. The brighter the fattening or dieting moon, the more distortions and weakening signals.

Six days either side of a Full Moon, the polarity of rods change. The latest Gaza Strip War between the Israelis and Palestinians started on the dark cycle December 27, 2008 and ended near the Full Moon on Jan. 11, 2009.

Understand that rod useage has nothing to do with "witchcraft" or devil worship practices. and you aren't violating any of the Ten Commandments. Your own brain and its ability to concentrate (focus) is the only constant between success or failure. Dowsing is an ancient art of silent concentration similar to the TV word game show "Concentration." Using dowsing rods is again best after early morning rain or late evenings on calm wet days. If one standard is absent dowsing won't work as well and time in this short life is too valuable to waste with a challenged brain. You must devote all your energies to what you seek - that's any occupation.

Bob Alcumbrack mastered his rods in total darkness, but Bob had another advantage that most dowsers don't have and that is Bob's own electromagnetic field encompassing his body was very wide. He had an electromagnetic energy field of three feet (aura) outward from his core. Other people like him are golfers with golf clubs up or fishermen standing in a boat using graphite fishing poles held high who get zapped by lightning. Wide aura's make them lightning rods. Bob, golfers and fishermen you stay away from in thunderstorms. See lightning seek shelter. My personal energy field is only a foot in diameter, while Bob Markle, Bob's friend was non-existent. Dead tree stumps in the woods have wide auras, because the roots are charged with water and iron ore remains.

Well, until next time "Keep your stick on the ice. I'm pulling for you to try dowsing!" Sorry, I'm not Canadian! Until next time, "Have a Good Day" whatever your legally doing.

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