Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 66

Bob Alcumbrack's cannon search was to be secret, but it wasn't because of squawking public tongues. Whoever leaked the top secret Gates memo to the media should be charged with "treason or radical terrorism." This is not where freedom of the press exists. Whoever leaked the secret pre-emptive strike plan against Iran and the author and insanity publisher need to be thrown into prison.

What on earth is the Obama administration thinking? Who leaked Gates secret memo and gave the media permission to flap their tongues tipping off rogue nation Iran to possible sanctions for secret nuclear proliferation practices? The Obama administration is seizing with incompetent idiots. American and world security trumps the needs of media to tell leaked sensitive secrets and communiques. A radical tongue, a traitor in our midst leaked the secret memo and threatens world security. It's time Obama stopped flitting around the country like the butterfly he isn't and start getting serious reigning in his ignorant administration in Washington. Find the crumb-bumb rats responsible. Media publications should have the brains enough not to publish discovered, but not cleared secrets from government officials before airing sensitve secret plans. "Stupid is as stupid does," said Forrest Gump.

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the Cannonsburg cannon had to overcome negative reactions with positive thoughts. He couldn't just ignore the potential for catching Walter Tompsett's ghost or spirit form on film.

"All of us have an energy field within us...and ghosts are energy left behind. The main reason for a ghost's existence is a traumatic or violent death. Spirits of the departed stay behind to continue doing what it did when it was incarcerated in a body, replaying the death scene, perhaps in a robotic way, or resolving conflict left at the time of death," said Norm Gautheir, the founder and director of the Society for Psychic Research.

Are you afraid of ghosts? How about witches, warlocks or extra-terrestrials aliens from other galaxies? Would you scream like the minister's daughter in "War of The Worlds" as the alien ray reduced her Uncle to dust? Her screams on National Radio caused fear and panic across America. The people thought we were being invaded by aliens.

Would you be afraid of Hell's Bridge in southern Michigan where "The devil screams at midnight." From the steel footbridge over Cedar Creek's mouth at the Rogue River one can hear the screams of young children being cast into Cedar Creek and river to drown from Elias Friske. For such a devil why did they name a road after him. One can hear the odd splashing sounds of children striking the water. Ghost hunters report that on dark nights a dim orbed apparition appears standing on the bridge at mid span. EMF meters go crazy on the bridge and at midnight you get the sensual feeling that a spirit is trying to push you off the bridge. Paranormal activity does exist at the bridge. Something was thrown at a paranormal investigator it missing and landing in the river when they were the only ones visiting the site at midnight.

Apparitions of ghosts could be found anywhere where violent deaths have occurred and Cannonsburg was no different, since it was the thoroughfare for Sioux War Party's on the way to Saginaw Bay and Skulls Island. Most of us weren't afraid of Tompsett's ghost if it did exist, but Bob, well he squirmed with the thought that maybe it was Tompsett's ghost that made him feel as though the young man was watching and hoping Bob would stop searching for his killer cannon. We trained our infrared film Dr. Patterson's house and Methodist Church sites. Bob felt insecure invading the sanctity of the church. It was holy ground, but it was important to note that we investigated the Cannonsburg area for presences of ghosts and in several locations on dark nights of explorations did make our skin crawl. What Bob most feared was snapping a shot of Walter Tompsett hanging around at the deadly cannon site and his big dig.

Our cannon mission became a scientific expedition to explore the shivers that dogged the operation. Who was watching from the shadows? Ghosts, EPA, DNR or media? We knew the media for sure, because they spoiled many shots our infrared film with flashes from normal cameras. Leading them into a poison ivy patch got rid of some shadows. Ghost hunting wasn't Bob's 'cup of tea'. He thought he had enough suspense. I found ghost hunting a little unnerving, but when searching for secrets of a sunken cannon we had to be prepared for what appeared on our film. Tompsett's ghost was a definite possibility. Would you have stopped searching for the cannon if Tompsett's ghost was caught on film or would you continue the search?

Kodak scientists warned we had a greater than 69% chance to photograph ghosts in areas where a person died a violent death (the school property) and along the trail leading out of town into the vicinity of Bob's big dig site. This gave Bob the creeps, but today's international and national ghost hunters use primarily infrared film, EMF meters and video cameras linked to computers to find ghosts, spirits and other paranormal anomalies. Infrared has become our tidal wave to ghost hunting. The Cannonsburg group became pioneers to the future using the exciting sphere of cutting edge infrared technology to find the cannon.

As I said we spooked people on dark nights who saw us using scientific nuclear range finders and late night infrared film sessions without flash or strobe lighting on area streets. Some residents who recognized us were curious and others were extremely superstitious of invisible men studying gelologicalmaps benearth a street light in dark clothing. Would you be afraid of what goes 'clunk' in the night? Ghost hunting was fun if you want to overcome those shiver feelings. The cold spots in warm darkness make for some scary moments. Those that doubt ghost appearances feel it is from a fertile imagination caused by watching too many sci-fi flicks.

Kodak scientists expected us to find ghost appearances or paranormal phenomenon. Paranormal ghost hunters, scientific exploration communities, the military's best now use infrared technology for enhanced military night vision to document targets, ghosts, apparitions and UFO sightings. Infrared is for anyone with a vision to explore the unknown. Its a great tool for cannon and treasure hunting. We felt our elite status with infrared we would discover the cannon faster.

First field tests failed because of flashlight touting midnight media paparazzi that chased us down meeting outside the Honey Creek Inn on dark October nights. We tried splitting up and rendezvouing, but that failed, because it was more them than us. The paparazzi (news hounds) have a nose for following the right vehicle. They made Bob paranoid like they cause Doty Fiad's drunken limo driver to flee the paparazzi, crash the car killing Doty and Princess Diana. When you become a celebrity in the eyes of the media Bob no longer had freedom of movement without shadows. It sometime leads to confrontations similar to Al Gore recently who didn't like being ambushed by FOX for an interview on global warming. The journalist tried to get him to react to his comment about the global ice increasing two fold over ice being lost. Gore wouldn't answer and acted indignant. What a rube.

Bob became a man of interest to the media paparazzi and paranormal folks. He felt vulnerable and they rattled his psyche. He sensed someone was watching and this made him paranoid. He didn't enjoy the limelight or spotlight on himself. He didn't want more of JQ public snooping around near his cannon site and in fact he didn't like reading about himself in newspaper articles.

Curator, Karen McDonnell at the White Lake Light Station Museum north of Muskegon, Michigan once said "Its the reporters, the ghost chasers, the barely paranormal psychology folks using time-lapse infrared photography on late night junkets who tried her patience more than she feared the ghosts roaming the lighthouse stairwells at night." This is an important reason to keep secrets about ghosts, missing cannons and lost treasure. It brings out rats! Political rats, too. See ya next time!

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