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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 62

Hindsight history would say that Bob Alcumbrack didn't have enough evidence to support the claim the Cannonsburg cannon was buried close to town. He also hadn't practiced good dowsing skills enough to know how to discriminate the different signals between the bronze cannon and white brass that had fallen off old buggies and buckboards. Extra electromagnetic force fields, magnetic stones, electromagnetic power sources, ley lines and lunar cycles corrupted the signals from his brain to his rods. The last five things Bob wasn't exactly sure what he was getting into and during the two years after his first big failure. That's when he really caught dowsing fever and could decipher treasure from junk.

He did know how electromagnetic current was used in factory settings, but not outside when digging for the cannon. Once he could understand the principles of how ley lines work we charted and mapped ley lines outside of Cannonsburg that traveled for six miles distant. Native American Indians that inhabited Michigan had used ley lines to site cremation sites, burial and ceremonial sites more than 20 miles distant. Leys (electromagnetic straight track) travel in straight lines three feet above the earth and stay the course no matter what the terrain.

The biggest problem when using angle or divining rods to locate cannon or treasure is concentrating on the task without outside interferences like ley lines and a fattening or waning moon cycle. Being a nervous person is a negative reaction and is counter productive to finding cannons or treasures.

The dowser must have the ability to accurately envision what they seek in mind's eye. Guessing is not permitted. How accurate is your mind's eye? This is only a test. You are not graded. You are only permitted to do this sitting in a chair inside the house - not driving your car or flying a plane. This is my disclaimer. Deviate from instructions you assume the liability.

Close your eyes. Can you see the face of your wife, children, grandchildren or significant others? With eyes still closed take a trip from home to work using your mind's eye. It should take you 3-5 seconds using your mind's eye to accurately envision your ride to work on roads traveled year after year. The mind's eye is a fast traveler. A sharp mind's eye can see the same sights with open eyes at 2-25 miles per second. The mind's eye is a time traveler.

You probably take the same road trip each day for years. You shouldn't not in this world of terrorism and identity fraud. Taking the same route to work, school or gym, etc. makes it easy to track you. Pulling the window blinds close (vice versa) when you leave signals thieves your daily living routine. They know when you leave and when you return. They watch your automatic lights turn off and turn on. Thieves know how long it takes for you to go shopping and where you go. Thieves and terrorists know your patterns of living. Take different roads to work, church or play. If you are an important person pull several "Crazy Ivans" to see if anyone in particular follows you, but return to base course. Everyone jumps onto the expressway to and from work - don't someone might be watching you. Put a kink in plans.

Our brains and body is a powerful electromagnetic field of energy. A dowser's electrical current's supercharging races down from focused brain through nerves inside muscles that connect tissue to the dowsing rods in hands. Any interruptions will break this line of connection like dialup Internet providers where incoming phone calls bump off Internet communications or vice versa. Whether treasure or cannon hunting most angle rods point straight ahead until they sense an energy field leading towards an object and rods will crisscross pointing in opposite parallel directions when object is found. Mark the spot.

Every dowser worth his salt must walk silently, but ask questions subconciously while visualizing the object in the mind to help pinpoint the object. This isn't easy. Distractions break communication lines between mind and hands. The eyes, hands and rods must work in tandem within the framework of what you envision in your mind's eye. Sounds far fetched, but it works, but only with a positive mind.

Beyond crisscrossed objects, the rods will gradually open to the neutral position of straight ahead parallel to each other. Rods should never bump against each other and remain in level stance with sides of arms held alongside of body. Once the rods open straight after crossing over the object that is the depth of the buried object. Always must the dowser maintain a visual image in the mind of the object you seek. The picture must be sharp, not fuzzy distortions. Then measure distances and mark location of object. Then restart the entire process from two other angles to verify what you found.

Michigan's Native American Indians legends say, "That if you lose something picture what you lost visually in your mind, dwell on it for day and night. Then awake refreshed, go and find the first spot where your mind thinks you may have lost the object. You will find it, but only if you concentrate!" Most people won't try this because it takes too much time. They want instant gratification. They've become the "I want it NOW" generation. They never learn to appreciate getting it cheaper later.

If the first place wasn't successful go to your second choice spot and repeat the scenario and it should be in close proximity to your feet. Usually it within visual eyesight so look carefully using your "eagle" eye. Sounds even more far fetched, but if eyes are bloodshot red from party drinking it won't work. You aren't rested or focused.

Before I continue revealing Bob's newest secrets discovered during his two year practice sessions I want you to experience what all dowsers must practice to accomplish goals of finding treasures. I challenging you to a duel of brain cells. I'm giving you a chance to get in touch with your mind. If unemployed learn to focus and concentrate on positive matters. Constant negativity bombards the psyche and pretty soon you feed from the gutters of despair and don't see anything postive and you become the "doubting Thomas' of anything good. Keep your mind off the current economic woes and don't store negative results in your brain. Think positive thoughts and you'll discover what you never thought possible.

Seek and ye shall find how much electromagnetic power is stored in our bubble brains. Finding employment requires positive minds and human resource personnel are looking for positive thought minded persons. Negative talk at interviews is not a job producer. You must stay focused and be a "positive thinker. Impossible doubts "Be gone!"

You can find out how to dowse with angle rods easily on the Internet or library, but once you learn how to focus and concentrate you can use these skills to do anything. Two years of research got Bob to the point where he could "time" dowse objects. He literally went forth and used the "force within (him) you, but use it wisely." That's what Yoda said to Luke Skywalker in fictional Star Wars," but that's exactly what each of us has inside our brains. The art of concentration takes lots of practice. It just doesn't snap into your brain like teenagers think.

When you learn to time dowse coins you can time dowse library books searching for lost ancestors or other things of interest. Look, concentrate on numbers in your mind's eye and pull down books off shelves. Learn to open books to the exact page to meet your eyes as if by magic. I've done this many times and I heard you mumble "he's a lunatic dowser" practicing crap magic. That's a negative response.

Only after using dowsing principles could you appreciate Bob's dilemma of using dowsing rods to find a cannon. Using them to find treasures can be fruitful or pure frustration, but it depends on whether you are a positive or negative person. We all have doubts in life something won't work and that's the negative thought process that changes the brain cells communication.

Negative reactions prime your mind for failure rather than success. Don't tell yourself it won't work before you've tried with a positive mind. Dowsing requires positive thinkers and doubting before you've begun is the key that sets your mind on the wrong course. The molecular structure within the body is altered. Chemical imbalances cause brain cells to fight amongst themselves. The mind doesn't need a war. We've already got enough wars of brain cells fighting each other and killing each other because radicals extremists don't like democracy rule.

"Demand postive thoughts." That's the motto of job seekers and dowsers require.

Demand it like the church Vicker said to exercise a ghost apparition for Daisy and Rose's flatrow apartment in the BBC show "Keeping Up Appearances" on PBS. "Be Gone!" It wasn't a ghost, but an old woman daddy brought home from an over 60's club. Daddy has not much snow left on his roof, but he still chases skirts.

I've used time dowsing principles using brainpower to find lost information in newspaper morgues and books in libraries and personal collections, but I always do it best early in the day when fully rested. I stand, visualize dates for 10-30 seconds facing a whole wall of books and concentrate. The library staff thinks "I'm loose a screw" but I reply "No, I'll find it in a moment." Let them think I'm nuts! Time dowsing works!

Is this predestination or intuition?

Am I a warlock? NO! I'm using the inner feelings God gave mortal man to pull down a book and use hands and fingers to open it to the exact page and paragraph containing the missing information. I use the force from within. The text seems to darken and rise to meet my eyes. Some librarians think I'm spooky, but when I can run high-speed numbers (see them flashing past in mind's eye) subconciously and ask questions. Conincidence or predestination?

Yes, and Bob wanted you to know he thought I was "spookier" than him. Bob, the crew and I through many years of dowsing practices had delved into the fascinating world of Astro-Archaeological Sciences looking for the Cannonsburg cannon. The master key to expanding our search was concentration and focusing our mind to see the invisible accurate style cannon in mind's eye. That's the master key to being successful using dowsing rods. Time dowsing is rewarding, because of people seeking lost ancestors of missing tombstones in cemeteries. They pay huge rewards to dowsers who can locate unmarked graves with surprising accuracy. It's a scientific wonder. Many gravestones have been lost or stolen over time and its successful dowsers that find lost graves. Feeling afraid where I might lead you next?

Well I'm going to stretch your mind like a juicy chunk of delicious taffy. I'm not kidding. I'm serious and no I haven't been watching too much Sci-Fi or Discovery channel cable TV shows and movies, but that's for next time. I try to write only 2.5 hours each morning M-F. I have an outline, a script and my mind is full of information I'm downloading. Brains have to be downloaded too, not just computers so that it can retain more useful information. I want you to learn what Bob and crew discovered. History is fascinating and isn't as boring as teenagers tell mom and dad.

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