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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 68

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon hadn't planned on sharing the scene with Wiccan witches that appeared in Cannonsburg in 1986. We kept a low profile when we discovered them. They were simply just something that slithered into town to interrupt our attempts to find an rich historical treasure (cannon).

The presence of iron ore in the area is the best real defense against witches, demons and evil spirits. Many iron objects are buried below the threshold of old farmsteads and ward them off. They are protection charms, but if you are religious your guardian angel protects you from evil angels and the Holy Bible tells you to beware of them.

On the hit cable TV program "If Walls Could Talk" people have found numerous iron ore objects buried beneath thresholds of old houses being remodeled in Massachusset's, Colorado and California. In Massachusetts an old homes former life was a funeral parlor. Many in Michigan, too, have rooms with heat venting that have cold spots and things go bump on dark nights or the sounds of children can be heard playing in dark halls and stairwells. Ghosts or spirits appear and disappear.

The presence of iron ore in Cannonsburg is another reason why Wiccans didn't stay too long. Iron ore wards off witches, demons, spirits and ghosts like fictional Crucifix's ward off fictional vampires and people who profess vampirism, so too, the iron ore crosses and iron objects protect you. To saved souls these apparitions are Satan's helpers, the evil angels and many small towns are the hotbeds of regional psychic activity at certain times of the calendar.

Bob's big dig site had trace elements of hot granite and tungsten rocks. All this shows the litany of things that tried to derail Bob's attempt at finding the lost missing cannon. Would you have given up looking for the cannon after the first failure had you seen a ghost, witch or other earth mysteries far beyond your own comfort range?

Bob didn't like it when some spectators thought we were chasing ghosts including a cannon some people thought was a "ghost cannon." I was surprised when several black clad witches (female) with open palmed black gloves appeared with raised arms and started mumbling at mid-span on the western catwalk of the Rockford Dam one night. These witches parted the fishermen fishing from that span like Moses parting the Red Sea. The fishermen were actually frightened by their presence and watched the women encanting spirits from the parking lot. I witnessed this from inside the Rockford Historical Museum and the old ladies (docents) said always be aware of witches. This historian wasn't afraid and I was curious so I walked out and stood between two witches and asked "What are you chanting for?" She wasn't an old hag with warts on her nose.

"SHH!" She said, and mumbled they were trying to conjure up the ghosts of Lewie and Albert Pickett, the son and grandson of Albert Pickett, who drowned and whose bodies had never been recovered from the Rogue River's violent spring currents in 1851 and 1907. Albert Pickett, town marshall was injured when the Rockford cannon prematurely discharged in 1884 and it is this accident that stirred the hearts of Cannonsburg town elders into considering getting rid of the Cannonsburg cannon, that and the warnings by the Federal Government. Lewie Pickett, age two, crawled away from the Pickett residence, the original site of the pavilion and fell off the dam. Albert Pickett, age 12 fell slipped down the dam spillway into an ice clogged river and drowned, his body not seen again. A man named Milford tried blasting the thick river ice with dynamite, he tripped, slipped and fell the dynamaite exploding killing him. His body was found with missing arms. Three violent deaths with three possible ghosts.

The witches had been visiting Rockford for years in October to celebrate and Albert Pickett's ghost reportedly is said to hover in the rising mists beneath Bridge Street on foggy full moon nights. Milford's ghost appears with dim lantern in hand searching along the west bank opposite the Reds On The River restaurant hoping to find Albert Pickett's body. Witches and ghosts had gone unseen for years in Rockford and they continue to be the spider webs of intrigue and superstition mystery attached to our sunken cannon. Our infrared slides taken of Cannonsburg were successful and Kodak scientists who studied the slides said we were the only scientific minds to understand what we were trying to observe. We spent several nights in Allen Janose's basement eating barrels of popcorn, no beer, and staring at an enlarged screen studying our slides.

In the end, the nightly observations revealed that the Cannonsburg area sparkles with magnetic blue and greenstones laced with trace elecments of iron ore. Some tungsten was almost pure and geologists thought they came from the Upper Peninsula. In the beginning we didn't know what the infrared lines were that dipped in and out of the earth in straight lines. These were electromagnetic ley lines of earth energy. We found several major leys traveling across Cannon Township that headed in a northeasterly and southeasterly direction.

Cannonsburg is an eerie place on foggy nights. Is Walter Tompsett and Bob Alcumbrack's ghost along with the ghosts of their crews dancing around the cannon dedicated to Cannonsburg Bob by Don Kurylowitz on the corner of Honey Creek and Cannonsburg Road on dark foggy nights. Introduce yourself or take some infrared film photos to explore the ghost mysteries of Cannonsburg. Are they laughing and pointing fingers at you?

Don't be afraid! Ghosts can't hurt you although they can cause you to scream real loud like the minister's niece who screamed holy terror when the alien spacecraft's deadly antennae rays fried her uncle turning him into falling white dust. You won't find Tompsett or Alcumbrack's ghost because they believed in Christ's resurrection, since those who believe in Jesus Christ their spirit or soul goes to Heaven and doesn't ever leave, except to possibly return as a sainted angel. I'm certainly not an angel. My halo flickers too much! If you see Tompsett or Alcumbrack's ghost it's time to stop drinking earthly liquors.

Matt McCarthy standing outside Bob's trailer home in La-Em-a-Land mobile home park in Cannonsburg looked up into the blue fall sky freckled with white wispy clouds and said, "The guys in Heaven or sitting on those clouds looking down are having a good belly laugh at our expense, because we failed to uncover their secrets of a sunken cannon." We could sense their spiritual laughter. How could they have kept its burial spot so secret? Were we that stupid?

Bob scratched his thinning black hair, rubbed his jaw and burst out laughing. Laughter is the best medicine in defeat, too, but it simply inflamed his passion to keep on searching for secrets of a sunken cannon. He wouldn't quit, we didn't quit, but not if you are a hang glider. Those who always succeed usually can't fix it when it fails. They've never learned from past mistakes what made it successful. We learned from mistakes encountered. All were valuable lessons to apply what you learned and not make the same mistake twice more.

Bob was uneasy when we encountered the Wiccans, but he was more fascinated with the fields of magnetized stones and ley lines and cared least for catching supernatural spirits on our film. The film helped us understand how to handle and discriminate between magnetized stones, magnetized metals, electromagnetic energy fields and power spots , buried objects and leys when using dowsing rods. Next time I'll get into the electromagnetic mysteries of Cannonsburg. It's fascinating, simply fascinating that led us to discover... Rats, I leading rats to the precipice of a cliff... don't ya' just love the cliffhangars of life. My halo, oops, its blinking brighter.

Note: You might be wondering about when I blog? When my creative writing juices are flowing like water from my organized brain. Like dowser skill I prefer to hone my writing skills when I awaken from a good night's restful sleep, however, my writing prowess depends again on my level of physical activity during the day and how supercharged I've become by exercise and adequate sleep. Sometimes my mind is invigorated by a dream of the topics and I act responsively to that dream sequence. When are you the most supercharged?

I take a daily nap, but not more than 20 minutes. Beyond that I am wasted and never accomplish another thing the entire night or day depending on my schedule. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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