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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 72

Bob Alcumbrack in his search for the sunken Cannonsburg cannon had to learn the hard way that just whipping out dowsing rods and start dowsing was a fool's errand. First he had to teach himself to live within the limitations of dowsing practices. Ley lines and electromagnetic energy fields were altered by cosmic and atmospheric disturbances according to lunar cycles. He had to be physically, mentally and spiritually in touch with his body. His mind had to be a sharp as tacks. He had to learn how to manage the mysteries of leys and magnetic stones to his benefit and not get too distracted when failures surfaced in dowsing where lots of earth energy was present.

Scientists who study earth energies say there is a high relationship between large megalithic sites, ancient circle ceremonial sites and UFO anomalies worldwide. These are all sites where electrically charged bluestones, greenstones and magnetic stones appear, the favorite sites of Wicca religions. As a historian I laugh at how military officials always describe UFO sightings as swamp gas or high altitude balloons or imaginary objects. I'm proud to say I've seen two UFO's, but I couldn't identify my sightings, except for one that really intrigued me one dark evening in November 1998. The triangular craft about 500 feet wide hovered over the woods. Altitude maybe 1000 feet.

It wasn't a cloud, but it blotted out the stars and had single dim white lights on projections at each corner. It made no sound when it left. In a flash it shot straight up with no noise into a shrinking black hole, the stars appearing instantly. No wind. Stealth bombers don't go veritical, but parallel. It wasn't swamp gas. It was as if it was floating in the sky. In retrospect it could have been floating on a magnetic force field. The air crackled with a static charge, the hairs on my arms and head stood up. The feeling was similar to two invisible positive magnets being forced against each other. My mind and body said this UFO was real. Many other people have seen UFO's hovering unseen to radar and sonar installations. Don't you believe that its swamp gas or fertile imaginations from watching too much Star Trek. I'm not a trekkie!

Ley line scientists in England once believed that Stonehenge's perfect circle of Megalithic standing stones represented the shape of ancient extraterrestrial spaceship whose highly advanced life forms may have seemed goldlike to Stone Age Britons. Circles of standing stones exist worldwide and not just in England. Spoofs of Stonehenge appear west of Marne, Michigan, but Michigan sports many circle of stones; Beaver Island, Lakeview, Clam Lake, or those in Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio and Wyoming have their share of ancient ceremonial sites. In 2008-09 a mini stonehenge was found off Petoskey, Michigan in 60+ feet of water on the bottom of Lake Michigan, but were submerged standing stones.

Approximately 50 medicine wheels stretch from Colorado north into Canada. Origins of the creators are unknown, but some of these stone circles are 200 feet in diameter; the rims have fieldstone spokes of stones radiating out to a central heap of stones. These are regarded as the ancient sites that were used for astronomical observatories or ceremonial rings. Stones in circles are alternately 'positive' and 'negative charged, but the polarity of such stones changes with the lunar phases of the moon according to Celtic calendar.

Celtic calendars begin the six day after the New moon and each year on the sixth day of the first New moon after the vernal equinox (spring). Not only does the energy force surround the stones, but the stone circle formations transmit the energy from one stone to another. Bob Alcumbrack found a cluster of these stones on Moffitt Hill. Removal of one stone, the electromagnetic field disappeared. Megaliths of standing stones join between subterranean forces and straight above ground energy; all of which can be altered again by cosmic or atmospheric disturbances.

Archaeologists today believe that Stonehenge is an ancient cemetery and memorial site that holds the cremated remains of more than 250 ancient Iron Age Britons. They lived in small houses at Durrington Walls a short distance away. In 2006 some 8 houses out of 25 village houses were excavated. All sites connected by avenues to the Avon River. Some archaeologists believe this was the missing link between the megalithic stones and underground water. The standing stones appear to channel energy causing a spiral force field that can be felt by skilled dowsers using rods.

Standing stones at Stonehenge on dark nights are supercharged with fast moving spiraling rings of electromagnetic energy that connect each stone. Infrared night vision is used to see these 'rings of fire.' What's really interesting is that bodies of the ancients cremated at the base of standing stones fixes a magnetic charge into the soil, which automatically imparts that charge to the standing stones. Bodies cremated at the base of standing stones enhance the soil with a reddish color indicating the heat caused by cremation. We found a cremation site in Grattan Township. Heat from the fire keeps the energy charge confined between ash and stones. Remember each person born has his or her own field of energy and mass.

Megalithic man had found that a buried body near a standing stone will impart that magnetic charge to the stone until such time that the ashes are cast aside. As the body decays inside a coffin, your body field of energy is lost within a hundred years. Dowsers might still feel a faint energy field or they might pick up the energy from iron ore nails in the coffin. At a National Geographic Society news briefing in 2007 they said Durrington Walls, was used as shelter for the builders of Stonehenge. Stonehenge, Durrington Walls, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Michigan Copper cultures and Mound Builder cultures were all built around 2600 B.C. Mound builders cremated their dead. Stonehenge was oriented to face the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset, while Durrington Walls faced the midwinter sunrise and midsummer sunset.

Inside Stonehenge's circle on the ground next to standing megaliths are many bluestones. Bob Alcumbrack found many small bluestones and magnetic greenstones near Moffitt Hills cluster of circle stones. Ufologist believe that bluestones were set around inside standing stones to mark places of contact between man, extraterrestrials and spacecraft. If left up to you which do you think explains the mysteries of Stonehenge and what would be the relationship between the mysteries of Stonehenge and the lost Cannonsburg cannon?

We may all live on this planet called 'earth', but are we really the only humanoids in the universe or have we been visited by other life forms? Orson Wells, the author of "War of The Worlds" both radio and and video versions from the 1930's and Rod Sterling, the author of TV's Outer Limits and astronomer Carl Sagan sure riveted us to our nightly sci-fic TV seats. But were these three guys just far reaching fictionalists after all? Yacques-Yves Cousteau took us diving to the bottoms of the seass showing us the underwater sites of unimaginable sea creatures, fish and shipwrecks and the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the sunken cities from the Lost Cities of Atlantis. Such weird triangle s exist, too, in Lake Michigan and the Devil's Triangle off Australia in the Merina Trench.

From airplanes flying high above Stonehenge, the pilots using infrared night vision and camera loaded with infrared film got an eyeful, while normal vision cameras recorded no anomalies. Stonehenge was fully illuminated with night vision and spiraling rings of fire (magnetic energy) spun at high speed. Each massive stone held an electromagnetic charge. It spins brightly and is akin to strobe lights of red and organge in time lapse photography, this magnetic energy spins at fantastic speed. When infrared night vision first became available Russian and American (commercial and military) planes flew high over the world's five continents and they were startled by by the suprising amounts of "Circles of Fire" radiating from earth on dark nights. These buring rings of fire diminish after the start of each New Moon and intensify as the Full Moon wanes.

Commerical airline pilots have been warned not to divulge what night vision sees for fear of upsetting passengers, but when passengers and pilots see UFO's hovering over airports like at Chicago's O'Hare field the military ruled it swamp gas, balloons or imaginary sightings. On November 7, 2006, commercial airline pilots descending for landing at Chicago's O'Hare field reported to the control tower they visibly saw a large saucer hovering over the airport tower. FAA control tower personnel refuted any sonar contact. The saucer was visible for a few seconds ehn shot straight up through the clouds. Military officials that night reiterated they saw nothing or radar and dismissed the airline pilots UFO sighting as a weather phenomenon. Airline pilots were told not to talk about their saucer sightings. Airline officials said they didn't want the sensationalism of media hype or UFO frnzy advertising and cause a downtick in business operations. They classed the sighting unwarranted and said they were afraid it would imperil pilots to ridicule or cause fear in the flying public. They could lose their jobs if they disobeyed orders.

In the Spring of 2009 the Space Shuttle had just returned from fixing the Hubble Telescope hovering above earth. It was in bad need of repair and is now on its second ten year life to photograph the heavens with unobstructed viewing. But, one thing was different with this mission to repair it. The Space Shuttle crew expressed concern to Mission Control about all the UFO sightings they had recorded as viewed from space back to earth. Higher concentrations of UFO's were seen more than any other times in space shuttle history, but the astronauts were warned not to tell what they saw. It could be possible that UFO's have harnessed electromagnetic energy. If so this would explain the absences of noise when UFO's go vertical.

Fact is, many of us have seen aliens, oops, sorry those are the ones from Mexico that that are giving the folks in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas trouble courtesy of a Federal government bureacy that betrayed them. The Federal government dropped the ball on immigration and its because they haven't been doing their own job of protecting them from illegal aliens. If aliens landed on Earth or hover in our atmosphere from outer space or other galaxies on the opposite side of the sun they'd be illegal aliens, too. Would we know how to handle them or is that why Area 51 is so heavily guarded?

When the U.S. government so greatly protects Area-51 so vigorously and debunks UFO sightings isn't it any wonder they are hiding something? Have you ever seen a UFO day or night in the dark starry heavens you didn't understand and wish to forget for fear of being labeled a 'crackpot'?

Military officials are always prone to explain it as anything but a UFO.

Remember "War of The Worlds" by Orson Wells? That first release on the radio caused lots of fear and panic across American air waves. The newest version doesn't match the suspense of the original with Dr. Clayton Forrester and the minister's niece's screams of terror when her Uncle was reduced to dust. Certain things we remember more vividly and my night sighting of my vertical flying UFO wasn't my imagination. It wasn't swamp gas, but I'll tell you right now that on one of our late night forays around Prospect Hill, the spirits of electromagnetic energy were angry. The electromagnetic fields were so strong that Bob Alcumbrack received an electrical shock so strong he dropped his rods and was afraid to pick them back up. That's what dowsers have experienced at Stonehenge and why rod usage at night is forbidden at Stonehenge. For several weeks afterward Bob was unsure of his feelings and in fact we found a supercharged stone near the old Bostwick Lake cemetery that made his skin crawl.

Groupings of certain kinds of stones send invisible pillars of light straight up into the night sky causing an eerie version of the strobe light shining straight up marking Ground Zero after 9-1-1 to memorialize where the twin World Trade Towers stood. Bob Alcumbrack and our infrared film showed some of these pillars of light near Moffitt Hill, Imperial Mills, Prospect Hill in Cannons Township and near Rattlesnake Hill and Twin Lakes in Grattan Township and all have ancient Indian connections.

Well, its time to quit for the night. I'm burning the midnight oil. Are UFO's just a fignment of our own human imaginations?

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