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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 65

Blooper! Aw shucks! Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 64 doesn't exist because of fumble fingers me this morning. Serves me right for not exercising my fingers this morning, but you know Bob Alcumbrack's mission wasn't all exercise digging for the cannon. We got into areas of science we knew nothing about, but we had to learn to deal with electromagnetic fields and supernatural disturbances.

In our search for the missing Cannonsburg cannon we found numerous instances where there was a surprising number of supernatural disturbances along major ley lines (fields of electromagnetic energy) and these straight tracks of energy showed remarkable alignments to prehistoric sites, dolmens, stone circles, mounds and cemeteries in Michigan. Ley lines and ancient sites exist worldwide, too.

Different assortments of people; some ruled by religious cultures described as witches and devilworshipers prey upon ancient ruins and ceremonial grounds. We had to protect ancient sites from them in our travels. Other individuals visiting these sites have seen ghostly spiritual visions of the historical people engaging in things performed in living life. Even international ghost hunters investigate old buildings, houses, prisons, vessels investigating paranormal anomalies, ghosts and spirits haunting the living. Working with infrared film photography we had to be prepared for what we might find on our photos. We had a 69% chance of photographing ghosts or anomalies, but we had to chance them because of Walter Tompsett's violent death in the Cannonsburg area. Bob dowsed along the major ley lines leading to ancient sites.

Bob Alcumbrack and his crew felt the strange physical and mental forces they could not see let alone identify, but the cold feelings were sometimes so strong it affected our moods. We found that the lunar cycle each month changed the polarity of dowsing rods and granite/quartz stones near full moon's. Tombstones made of granite and quartz ooze with electromagnetic current, which explains why some people feel very uneasy in cemeteries. This explains why some people don't go to cemeteries. Nerve endings are susceptible to the invisible rays of magnetic energy. The strange feelings are more pronounced on dark nights and weaker near the full moon. More crimes of passion occur near a full moon, which brings out the scary lunatic fringe and we wondered how it affected the ancients.

Our group was getting scary, too, and a few people who saw us with metal range finders in darkness didn't like it when the swirling antenna pointed at their house. They were afraid and asked us to leave. Full moons bring out the Wiccan witches who live among us today hoping to catch treasure hunters. Like spiders they pounce on the prey (us) hoping they lead to ancient sites. Witches use the ancient Indian circle sanctuaries for religious craft conferences. It's very popular in the southern regions.

Wiccan witches aren't devilworshippers and some are Christians who practice their crafts secretly. They do not denounce Christian beliefs, but when it comes to treasure hunters they are all eyes and ears hoping that treasure hunters will lead them to ancient Indian ceremonial sites. Many exist in Michigan, but do not exist along the straight tracks nor does buried treasure. Bob and crew found this out after many months of practicing our dowsing techniques.

Unknown are the reasons why, but Astro-archaeologists, dowsers, engineers, geologists, physicists, statisticians, paranoral investigators and UFO enthusiasts have all tried to explain what drives them to conquer the universe in regards to ley line studies or electromagnetic explorations. Electromagnetic scientists believe that where leys intersect (power points) on earth are where the energy fields are strong enough to set off physic phenomena. Bob Alcumbrack and crew were not physics, but used slim fractions of psychic mind and spirit with his ability to use dowsing rods to possibly find the cannon. Don't assume he didn't find the cannon. This isn't the time to tell the biggest secret of the hunt.

Treasure hunting magazines advertised heavily that angle (dowsing) rods are expensive, but the right person can find treasures, which includes cannons. Bob thought with his adaptability to use the rods he'd be a winner more than a loser. The rods were touted to be the ultimate in finding brass objects when hunting for treasures of gold, silver, platinum, emeralds and diamonds that could be surface mined. All these could be found by sluicing once sediment was removed from the ground or debris pump disposal. The metals are found with electronic equipment, but not brass in 1986. Today, the newest electronics can detect brass.

Bob had the ability to date coins and objects buried in the ground. Time dowsing is useful because it was a way of knowing if we should expend the time and energy to dig for it. Bob helped his crew master time dowsing, too, and we got to the point where we could identify the denomination before digging. With today's electronic metal detectors you get a visual image before you dig.

My wife was livid on several occasions when she caught me rummaging around in her closets or finding me cutting her best brass coat hangars apart to make cheap dowsing rods. Despite my destruction of her hangars we are still happily married. She on the other hand was hoping her husband wasn't getting nuttier than Bob. When I first began trying the rods I failed miserably. My brain had doubts - those negative feelings it can't work. When you don't think positive it won't work. Doubting is the prescription for failure. The mind is the tuner and it wasn't on the same frequency. The mind and hands must concentrate and visualize the object being sought. I wasn't a believer in dowser theory and as such didn't believe in myself.

Being a dowser doesn't mean we possess warlock power or use sorcery with incantations to find the cannon, but rather using silent precise word commands in the form of questions and answers while focusing on the object. Some will say that either way it could be construed as practicing witchcraft to unbelievers, but God did give us eyes, ears, brain and extremeties and we are no different than Moses. He had divine power from God.

God used ordinary men in the Bible to fulfill phophecy. Samson's outward appearance looks just like us and God did endow Samson with lots of hair on his head, which made him strong. Once Samson fell into their trappings the women cut off his hair and he lost that power. Moses used his rods to bring Plagues to Egypt and part the Red Sea. God gave Moses power and God gives us the power for our appointment with destiny in His time. Sometimes we fail to see His purpose in our lives.

MISSDIG utility markers use electronics to find buried cables, but sometime weather conditions interfer with signals making it difficult to know whether all the flags mark true lines. When confused, those with rods double-check the electronic readings. These are gifted dowsers. Electronics and rods are foolproof in inclement weather. Can you make heads or tails out of the spiderweb of flags on a street corner? Is what they found really a cable, ground clutter debris or magnetized granite, quartz, tungsten, blue or greenstones? Never assume all flags are accurate and keep in mind when digging that lines aren't always as marked. Most are, but a few aren't.

At least when someone reports to MISSDIG an underground utility line is cut you have the documentation to prove it was improperly flagged. Never dig without lines being marked. It might cost you $500-1000 in fines for cutting underground cables or gas lines.

Here's an example of positive thinking when using dowsing rods for finding small objects. After I had mastered the art of using Bob's brass rods I borrowed them for a weekend and used them from the back of my brother-in-laws boat in Ludington. Remember these rods are used best to find water and I found plenty, but I was trying to dowse an $8000 wedding ring that fell off a woman's finger from a Charter fishing boat. Her ring fell off her finger and bounced off the stern board into the Pere Marquette River Channel near the steel bulkheads at Crosswinds where it widen's into Pere Marquette Lake.

My brother-in-law is a fireman for the Ludington Fire Department and heard the woman's story in the marina office and decided he'd try to find the ring. She gave an approximate location and I standing on the back of his boat witched the location. Since dowsing rods work great finding water over water wouldn't you think it should be easy to find a diamond ring in water on bottom don't you think? Sure that'd be a feat in itself or am I a bonafide nut extraordinaire?

The current in the channel could've washed it away or it'd be buried in shifting sand from the giant propellers of the carferry "Badger" and other cargo ships entering and leaving the Pere Marquette Lake and Lake Michigan. Bruce was skeptical of my new treasure dowsing skill, but as his boat moved slowly forward against the river current off the bulkheads near Crosswinds, the rods did cross and we noted its location.

The ring was in 30 feet of water alongside the dredged shipping channel. The current of the "cool running water" as local Indians called the Pere Marquette River could cover the diamond with shifting sand. Several weeks later Bruce, a scuba diver, too, dove on the spot. Surface water was clear, but near bottom the current was strong, the water extremely cloudy. After 20 minutes of unsuccessful diving he pressed his mask against the bottom rocks and the diamond ring caught his eye and retrieved it. He gave it back to the woman who lost it. It was found exactly beneath the spot where I had dowsed it weeks earlier. The current hadn't moved the ring, but strong water movement kept it from being buried in shifting bottom silt.

I had successfully dowsed an expensive diamond ring using the description of the ring and from then on I didn't doubt the power of a positive mind. It was a life changing experience. If you are going through a rough patch of life and you feed on negative thoughts too long pretty soon that's all you feed off. Feeding off pollutants will rob and cloud you mind. This will make you a bottomfeeder forever.

I know the economy is sour and maybe you are unemployed, but try to keep your head up and think positive thoughts. Don't end up being a bottomfeeder forever? Rise with the sun and shine with the abilities God gave you. Overcome the negatives and think positive thoughts. Why continually beat yourself up? Advance forward - you might be marching towards a different destiny. Don't give up! Never give up!

Bob, the crew and I didn't! Until next time "G-o-o-d Day" as Paul Harvey signed off with at his noon broadcasts.

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