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Search for Secrets of A Sunken Cannon - 73

When Bob Alcumbrack received the EMF electrical shock near Prospect Hill while searching for the Cannonsburg cannon and electromagnetic energy fields he 'turned as white as the ghosts' he didn't want to find. Spirits weren't welcome entities, but the thought of them definitely increased is paranoia, but then again when the human body receives an overdose of electromagnetic energy fields paranoia levels increase significantly. Any individual that receives too much EMF readings makes one anxious, nauseated and sometimes dizzy. Feelings of instant sickness scrambles thinking capabilities. Unseen ghosts, spirits and EMF's can make for some rather uneasy feelings you can't explain.

Electromagnetic fields cover the entire earth. The earth's core itself is one gigantic ball of spinning electromagnetic energy. I suppose it keeps the earth from hurtling off into space. Ley lines of considerable strength criss-cross the countryside and don't just end at Native American ceremonial sites. Some stop of power sources that go deep inside the earth. Some surface stones are only 'senders' of signals while others 'send n' receive'. Stones "A, B & C may connect, but C to A never.' The power sources or spots hold an EMF charge that's very strong during the dark phases of the moon and weaker as the moon fattens.

Scientists studying electromagnetic anomalies say that the South Atlantic Ocean has an area covering nearly 1 million acres of water where electromagnetic disturbances are so powerful that if it shifts northward it could wreak total destruction on orbiting satelittes if the polarity changes when it interacts in the northern hemisphere. This EMF could render all electronic devices powerless and this actually happened in the 1840's and rendered all telegraph communications powerless for about one week. If this EMF shield shifted northward today it'd ruin President Obama's hope that all medical histories be stored electronically. All computer related information would be wiped out. Obama's dream carries many flaws. That's why hardcopy documents are so important. Everything will grind to a halt. Supercharged EMF will destroy or wipe computer hard drives clean. Thank goodness we never found wayward ghosts, spirits of UFO's on our infrared film.

Over the following two years Bob discovered many possible cannon burial sites, but he concentrated on three of the most likely spots that he had previously witched. Infrared film did prove the ground was littered with energized stone readings, too. Iron ore deposits were not everywhere, but were found in clusters, but what really lit our bubbles was when we started using seismic Geiger counters and found trace elements of uranium and thorium. Even small amounts from both metals can cause cancer and it is one reason why spectators of Dale Chihuly's spires at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan are kept far back from the public. Native American Indians used areas where these metal existed as power point projections by medicine doctors. Indians chiefs viewed these places of spiritual interest and protected them from settlers seeking gold, silver and platinum reserves under them on tribal land.

Trace elements of uranium and thorium are found within the small crystalline quartz formations inside granite stones. The cyrstal lattices hold magnetic charges that change polarity. Some individuals are so sensitive to EMF they do not wander around in cemeteries and people with pacemakers are forewarned to pay strict attention to hospital placards concerning EMF. This strong energy interferes with pacemaker heart rythms. Obey the signage at hospitals.

Originally we thought that it might be the concentration of tungsten and iron ore that corrupted Bob's sensitive angle rods and confused him. The additional metals and the lack of understanding about EMF and ley lines is what caused him to get so many false positive readings and the EMF and ley lines increased the energy fields significantly. Then again he didn't tell us everything earlier before we found out the cannon wasn't buried at the first site that within thirty-five feet was a EMF power source. Bob didn't know how to explain it so he kept quiet.

A gigantic old stump held a supercharged EMF and a major ley line connected it to another. The ley line of intense EMF passed within inches of his coffer box and this is what increased distortion factors. Add to all this the fact that treasure angle rods are primarily used to find water, but water is a treasure in certain geographical areas. Trouble was water veins in the vicinity of his coffer box intersected with trace elements of iron ore, not brass or bronze cannons. It takes years of practice to master angle rods to find treasures, err, cannons.

Bob was using his angle rods incorrectly and he missed the part about triangulating upon buried objects and it took him some time to understand he needed three anchor rods at several points of a circle to find objects. Practicing took place during the dark cycles of the lunar moon. A British Wing Commander, C.V. Beadon, once said that ley lines could be construed as human thought waves that pickup bad and good signals as they travel through space. If these waves existed the electrical impulses are caused by brain cells talking to each other subconsciously by use of connecting ley lines within a charged human body. Bob's EMF again was very wide and a crack of thunder sent us scurrying to get away from him. Again the biggest EMF wasn't Bob, but the old tree stump. The stump had a 7-foot diameter EMF (electromagnetic energy field) that was responsible for increasing or decreasing energy depending on lunar cycle. Try using thought waves to communicate silently with deer you see along highways. Think hard and connect - concentrate hard and they won't move, but this doesn't work on doubters. I've used this technique many times. I drive many miles each week, but I hit one at 55 mph broadside. It panicked. Better to kill a deer than avoid and kill yourself.

The roots of the ancient stump reached down to a blind spring. For some reason ley lines centre collect over blind springs (spiral), that's dowser lingo. This spring has nothing to do with a water source. The stump is simply a collection spot for ley lines coming from from different directions (incoming or outoing signals). It's a powerful radiation energy spot. It's like an invisible wild octopus whose tenacles of EMF energy is spiraling outward in different directions.

As cannon hunters, the Cannonsburg group had stumbled into quantum physics, quantum theory and relativity and when we had trouble understanding these ramifications we sought out others to help us overcome problems. Beaudon suggested that matter and thought are purpose driven eruptions of cell matter thrust upon a sea of energy taken from the whole of cosmic space. "Huh" reread that again.

Bob's mind set thought the connection of using his brain wave activity with EMF energy could lead him to find the Cannonsburg cannon easier. Brass should find a brass cannon. Bob didn't know how Beadon explained his secret talent.

Bob became an electromagnetic pioneer, but through dowsing practices he replaced his faulty rod useage with correct visualization of the cannon using time dowsing techniques. Thought impulses would be the keys to finding the cannon. Brass was undetectable to metal detectors in 1986 and effective brass rod useage was his best possible option for finding the cannon.

Many dowsing rod doubters thought Bob was a certifiable nut. With so many negative thinkers in the vicinity of his first big dig he had a difficult time being positively charged. One rod is negative and one rod positive. Two of the same do not attract each other, but repel each other, but the key to using opposites successfully is keeping opposites away from the EMF energy. The rods in each hand must be opposite EMF fields otherwise when coupled with human brain waves they won't cross.

Are you an open-minded or close-minded individual about things you don't understand? Are you a tinkler like Dennis the Menace who investigates what made things tick? Be curious of your world and learn what intrigues you most. Sometimes our eyes prejudge others upon outward appearances and we don't see the knowledge of positive attitudes within person's like Bob. What percentage do you give yourself for negative (bad) thoughts versus positve (good) thoughts on a daily basis? Are you a mediocre thinker, a mover, a levelheaded shaker or magnetized individual who just enjoys a challenge.

Opposites (negative + positive attract each other) while two of the same reject each other. Man and female are warm blooded individuals, but a warm blooded lover with a cold hand blooded lover can keep each other warm on cold nights, but two of the same (body temperatures, skin) find it rather difficult to huddle and keep warm. Two opposites are "attraction at a distance," said Albert Einstein. We all have our bad and good days and Bob Alcumbrack had plenty of each. Rewarding and dismal is the common fraility of the human spirit when it goes exploring beyond what others think is impossible.

Well I'm running out of energy again. My bed is calling, so see you next time when I conclude this segment on the mysteries of EMF ley lines and magnetic stones.

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