Monday, January 27, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America -1

       Do you believe Bigfoot exists or are they figments of fertile human imaginations?  As intelligent as humans are we Americans have a sensational appetite for mysterious Sasquatch sightings.
       Each week the "Finding Bigfoot" team comprised of Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Bobo Fay and Ranae Holland give Americans and worldwide audiences the latest Sasquatch sightings and investigate such claims.
       It's a spectacular travel log of sorts showing the beautiful scenery of where they've gone to explore, search and film exciting episodes of Finding Bigfoot for TV's Animal Planet.  They meet interesting people from all walks of life who find them just as curious.  Some impatient people claim the show is more fraud, but it is non-fiction reality.  They continually hope, and I said hope, to visually see or find some physical evidence to prove the ape-men (hominids) exist.
       The FB men are optimists, but Ranae, the woman field biologist, is the pessimist that doesn't always believe the photos or impressions of what others have seen.  These "hollerin' Bigfoot researchers and explorers are passionate of the quarry they hunt with night vision technology and infrared and thermal imaging cameras and not lethal guns.  They get nervous when being stalked by mountain lions or wolves.  Wouldn't you?
       Ranae's father as I understand believed and hunted for Bigfoot, but Ranae is suspicious of the sightings.  She's the "doubting Thomas" of the team, the disclosure of different perspectives of what she hears from eyewitnesses.  Is the sighting fake or real?
       The team travels worldwide listening to excited people who are first-hand witnesses to having encountered or heard strange vocalizations they didn't recognize or understand within their own neighborhood.  The strange howls and yelps in the dead of night caused their skin to crawl, but it is the sight of them that intrigues them more.
       Some were surprised by the wild ape-man's sudden appearance in desolate dark shadows near thick Boreal forests.  No matter how grainy or distorted  the photos appear from trail cameras, the facts in the minds of believers remain ever vigilant.  They saw the ape-man with their own two eyes.  In the flesh stood or squatted Bigfoot.
       Only trouble is, the younger generations want to see a Sasquatch instantly as in right now.  It's the "now" generation.  Well life doesn't happen on demand.  No instant gratification hunting for Bigfoot.  Life may not be fair so get used to disappointments or live a life of misery.  We can't have everything instantly.  Got to work for what you seek, but there are some who will try even if it's illegal.  Bad decisions today may cause your life to be a train wreck in the future.
       The human mind of believers won't let them forget when and where they saw Bigfoot, the Sasquatch of North American Native American Indian legends.

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