Monday, January 27, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 3

       Ever seen a Sasquatch? 
       The males are reportedly huskier and taller with heavy muscular arms and legs.  They lope along, but the pace is faster and strides much longer than man.  These mysterious ape-men appear in the vicinity of the most unsuspecting people who live on the fringe of wild and and vast Boreal forests and rugged mountainous terrain.  They appear to inhabit places where they can quickly disappear.
      Color of hair, too, depends on region where it lives in America - the northwest including Oregon, Washington and Canada's British Columbia; the hair is tinged with green algae from being damp by constant humidity and rain forest type habitat.
     These ape-men inhabit the wildest and most unexplored regions of the world in many different countries.  In North America we call them Sasquatch a.k.a Bigfoot 6-10'; Australia (Yowies - 3-7'); Russia (Almas 6-10'); China (Yeron 6-10'); and Tibet (Yeti 10-12') commonly called Abominable Snowman.
     In America Sasquatch can appear like magic or with unheard stealthiness of deer, but they can even appear on the outskirts of towns.  They are inquisitive of man and can get close, but they show no aggressive tendencies, but appear curious of human chatter.  As humans that's what we're good at "yakking."  Sasquatchs have learned to live for the most part unseen with man so why can't we live in harmony with them?  Humans are supposed to be more intelligent and respectful of other forms of life.
     The Russian government for many years didn't let searchers or eyewitnesses talk about their mysterious creature called "Almas" for fear of ridicule from Americans.  Doesn't matter because the ape-men are being seen more frequently, because  the Earth's human population is increasing. 
     Prying eyes and minds are fascinated to know more about the cryptid sightings.  Ape-men habitat ranges from the thickest forested lowlands to the steep canyons of mountain ranges and to the tops of the world's highest mountains.  They remain secret and elusive, but we here more and more about them lurking near houses or wilderness cabins, but no recorded hostilities to humans.
     An yet, there have surfaced rumors that a young hunter looking for big game in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, was accidentally surprised by a young sasquatch and being excited with others in his hunting group tracked it down and killed it.  Adult sasquatches in the area screamed in bloody terror upon the young one's death so loudly it frightened them into running in the opposite direction fearing their lives.  They returned with other hunters to the killing site, but found no body.
     What would be your reaction if someone hunted down and killed your son or daughter just for the thrill of proving they were strange?  It is unlawful and illegal to kill anything beyond the specific game of purchased game licenses and permits.
     In a nutshell they simply tracked the young sasquatch down and killed a living legend -  they murdered it for the excitement of it all for thrill and glory, but didn't have a camera.  The remaining sasquatch got angry.  People wonder why the ape-men shun human contact and remain secretive.  Sasquatchies are not killers, but we know humans kill each other over petty things.
     Intelligent humans kill what they don't understand like the Texas man who's been bragging he killed a Bigfoot so everyone should stop looking for them, because he shot it in the head near a campground. 
     He brags, "What's the big deal?  I only killed one!" 

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