Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 9

       I chose not to tell you where I saw the Sasquatch for protection of a living legend.  I don't desire to see a throng of people descending on the scene hoping they spot a Sasquatch.  I have great respect for some individual friends living along that road and do not want to cause any accidents.  They don't need trespassers.
       Like you I'm interested in Bigfoot sightings, too.  Before writing this true blog I was curious about the Menominee, Michigan sightings.  Watched 10 minutes of the Finding Bigfoot episode, but fell asleep during a commercial.  Rats, but I could find the story Online and again the trailcam photo was grainy and blurred.  It was taken by a professional hunting guide on his own property or was it a cell phone photo?
       Supposedly the man with the 80-acre farm shot the fuzzy image of what he believes was a Sasquatch standing in his woods.  When I studied the photo with magnification - funny I see a trespassing hunter standing in a camouflaged parka in the shadows under a dark tree canopy hoping not to be seen.  The photo shows slender legs -- not the massive muscular contour associated with Sasquatches.  The photo reveals no particular massive buttocks or legs below the knees - straight skinny legs. 
       That's how I saw it - Ranae doubted it was a bonafide Sasquatch, too.  "Rejected!"
       Unfortunately we can't read the minds of anyone who saw the Sasquatch.  Don't underestimate what people saw.  It was real to them.  The "Finding Bigfoot" team listens to people who have seen a Sasquatch or Cryptid species.  They try to get the information out so they know where, when and how to proceed for filming of new episodes.  This is Hollywood attention without Hollywood actors.  It a re-creation show.
       Now my friends use stationary game trailcams lashed to trees along deer and game trails for their pleasure studying what comes onto their property west of...  They can catch trespassers, too!
      Their cameras take amazingly clear photos - sharp details - on dark overcast days and under cloudy daytime skies.  They took excellent photos of me passing by while riding an Exmark mower.  Takes me 3 hours to mow their lawn and I've had silver (gray & red) foxes and deer, even an escaped South American large monkey and escaped 5-foot Australian kangaroo run past me traveling at 12 mph over the lawn.  The monkey jumped onto my roll bars late one evening - nearly scared me to death.  What a hoot!
       Anything is possible in Michigan.  If a trailcam under trees can take sharp photos of me passing by, why so many other fuzzy images of Sasquatch.  Quality of cameras might be different, but many photos are taken in low light areas - things taken in dense shadows beneath canopy tree cover   - shows distortions.
       Finding a Bigfoot remains illusive, but I know they exist because I've seen it in action - in the flesh just like so many other folks.  Remember God created all Things - mysteries of Earth yet to be discovered.  There is no excuse for killing a Sasquatch just because the FB team can't produce a visible photo.  They do the right thing and don't carry guns to kill a Sasquatch just for the glory of proving the legend is real and hopefully they don't find a human inside a gorilla suit pretending to be Bigfoot.  Don't be like the Texas man flapping his gums about killing a Bigfoot.  Don't supply his pockets with blood money.
       Hunt yes, but don't be afraid of Sasquatch. 
       Because the Finding Bigfoot Team haven't spotted or found the lair of Sasquatch approach this reality TV show with a possible mind.  It may take many years of failed attempts to locate and uncover the truth about the mysterious sightings all across North America. 
      Impatient humans can't get instant gratification.  Just because they seek doesn't mean you shall find.  Seek and you shall find takes on a different meaning when searching for Bigfoot.  It's not a sure thing.
       Lest I forget - shame on those who support a $10 million Sasquatch Bounty to prove they exist.  America doesn't need impatient renegade felonious killers besmirching legal and lawful gun owners.   
       What gives Sasquatch hunters the right to kill them for their thrill and profit?
       Killing a Sasquatch only heightens a reputation as a cold blooded killer.  It'll haunt them for the rest of their life and may drastically alter their planned destiny - the scum bucket murderer.
       The Texas man purposely planned the premeditated murder to line his pockets with blood money or is he just saying he killed a defenseless living legend -- or is this a fraud, too.  Guess he just wanted all Sasquatch lookers to know he had no law enforcement authority; license or permits to kill it.  Just a selfish desire to let others see he made himself judge, jury and executioner of a living half-ape, half-human intelligent creature (hominid).
       My inquiring mind would like to know from Bigfoot researchers, "Do Sasquatch hibernate or do they go south to escape the freezing cold and snow like snow bird humans?"  We don't hear of sightings in the winter months?"
       "As hominid creatures would they hibernate in caves or mountain shelters buried in snow?"           "You have much better chances of photographing a Sasquatch than winning the PCH sweepstakes in February 2014." Odds of winning originally were 1:300,000,000 times 100 additional sales mailings trying to collect enough money to support the $1,000,000 a year forever - now that's .....  when they super size entry numbers and try to lessen lessen odds of winning -- not increase.  But dream on.
       You decide if Sasquatch a.k.a Bigfoot is real or science fiction borne of fertile figments of overactive paranormal imaginations?
       A clear photo would be priceless.

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