Monday, January 27, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 2

       Bigfoot is a hot topic these days, but did you know the Apache Indians of Arizona and Indians of the Great Plains and Northwest warned incoming settlers 165 years ago to beware of the Sasquatch living in remote or wilderness areas.  They've probably been in North America and Canada for thousands of years.  The difference between past and present is because the human population exploded.
       People saw glimpses of the ape-men - a sneak peak to see they are real and not make believe monsters created by Hollywood.  When seen by present day humans the Sasquatch disappear faster than the rising mists in forests knowing when to flee and where to elude man.  Mysterious sightings of their exploits spread like wildfire amongst inquisitive humans.  Many see, but don't report sightings.  Some humans are afraid of what they don't understand or are afraid of what friends and family might think should they talk about seeing an ape-man lurking in the shadows.
       Wherever ape-men appear their bodies are supposedly covered in long, thick, coarse hair of brownish-red and appear to be half-human, half-ape standing erect on two large feet standing from 5-10 feet tall.  Females are shorter standing about 5 feet with an estimated weight of 300 pounds.  Males sasquatch are more massive weighing 300-800 pounds.  They are known to be very bulky, except for the slender Cryptid that startled people near Houghton Lake, Michigan.

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