Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 4

       "I only killed one," said the Texas man. 
       Who made him the center of the universe?
       He reported purposely planned to kill a sasquatch by nailing several several pork ribs to a tree, then after gaining its trust shot it in the head with a shell from his big game rifle - 30.06.  He self appointed himself as executioner and killed it to prove it exists instead of waiting for the next legal episode of Finding Bigfoot.  He had no permission from authorities or law enforcement agencies to kill an ape-man.  His plan is to let a taxidermist prepare it, then parade the body around the country in a box charging people for seeing the corpse.
       Bad idea!  Here we have a blood-thirsty money grubbing killer extorting money out of spectators and gawkers to prove its real.  Many angry 8emails he's gotten and a whirlwind of legal troubles.  His reputation is that of a glory hunter for profit.  He's what folks would call a 'scumbucket hunter not worth a twit'.
       Why the need to kill a Sasquatch just to prove the legend of Native Americans was correct?  It wasn't harming anyone.  It's about robbing others - namely the Bigfoot show he declared was fraud.  His blood trophy will make him rich, but don't get me wrong he's in a heap of trouble from DA's.
       I don't need to see its body.  I already know they exist.  I've seen one twice in one week, but you'll have to keep reading to hear about my parallel stories.
       I once watched a fiction movie called "Explorers."  It's about three young boys who did lots of daydreaming in school, but built a computer driven carnival scrambler encased in garbage cans metal.  The space craft ran on electromagnetic energy (inertia).  They wreak havoc at a drive-in movie theater and drive a law enforcement helicopter cop crazy with their creation.  The  boys are summoned to leave earth by beacons drawing them into outer space and are swallowed by an alien spacecraft.  The two alien teenagers were joyriding around the universe to discover what life was like on Earth.
       One boy asked the girl alien why they didn't come down to earth, the girl alien pointed up at their screen and said, "Look what you do?  Such hostility!"
       It was circle vision showing all the hostilities man creates on earth; wars, riots, pestilence, muggings, robberies, killings, natural disasters, etc.
       "We could never be friends - earthlings (humans) kill what they don't understand."
       A big alien show up with one hand shaking and slapping its big fat belly, one hand shaking his fist with angry gestures and expounds volumes of angry space jibberish for fit to print all the while aggressively thumping his giant foot.  The alien kids try to explain why they swiped (stole dad's family vehicle).
       One boy asks, "Who's this?"  The giant dad goes beserk.
       The other poor boy says, "I know!  It's their father.  You swiped your dad's craft?"
       The boy's father acted the same each time he lost his job and got drunk - aggressive and abusive to mother and son.  The alien kids replied, "But, but, but we only wanted to explore the universe pop".        
       Even through a science-fiction movie people throughout the world perceive what others they fear to be hostile people - beware of different humans and hominids.  Isn't it any wonder why North America's large hairy hominid creatures called Sasquatchs or Bigfoots keep such a low secretive profile around hostile humans?
       Next time we will travel, too.

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