Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 6

       Finding Bigfoot searchers seem to enjoy snapping twigs and thumping trees believing that this is how sasquatch communicate with each other.  As an experienced woodsman I can attest that branches  crack and fall to the forest floor for seemingly no sound reason.  Trees snap, too, long after storms pass.  Brittle or stressed trees by drought also snap. 
       Let the Sasquatch snap sticks and small saplings, but if man does so as hunter everything for a half-mile knows a predator lurks and they take warning.  Disturb any birds or woodchucks they know exactly where you are.  The bigfoot group also use infrared or thermal imaging cameras, but they seriously need to upgrade and carry some listening devices, too.  Human ears aren't that great for listening.  The idea all they have to do is hike into remote areas at night and break sticks, thump tree trunks and scream heebie-jeebies ranks right up there as fanaticism or many marbles short of fully loaded mind.  Different yowlings followed by chuckling humans must cause the Sasquatch to run away.
       The two groups of two tromp around on dark nights and talk too much amongst themselves.  The hills are alive with their jocularity.  The fragrances of BBQ rib smoke spill into the forests, up valleys, over mountains ridges, but human body odors carry on the same winds making it less likely they will encounter a Sasquatch for the TV cameras.  All filming made for TV audiences (why so many think the show is bogus or fraud.  Who says the ape-men can't smell them?  To hear humans they probably listen to nature around them and go the opposite way.
       Most eyewitnesses claim the creature appears to them in low light areas, the shadows and appear as half-man, half-ape standing 6-10' tall with a massive forward leaning body, with heavy buttocks, legs and arms that sway.  The massive head seems to have no visible neck.
       Now just because the Finding Bigfoot team hasn't found or seen one means pessimists like Ranae find it difficult to believe what saw.  But, didn't you once believe in Santa Clause?  Just because you've never seen him come down the chimney, expand the fireplace and pop out doesn't mean he never existed.  That's the principal behind Finding Bigfoot.  You've got to become a possibility thinker and give Bigfoot a chance to redeem the legend as real or hoax.
       The idea you can walk thru dense forests and brush talking at night with a wandering dog is the way to never find a Sasquatch.  Snapping a photo of one is the fastest way to prove that Finding Bigfoot isn't a fraud or just Hollywood entertainment.  Just realize there may be different species of Bigfoots in your area, but at least don't kill them to prove they exist.
       God created everything on Earth and He ultimately gave ape-men enough smarts to outwit more intelligent humans.  Voices at night cover great distance - beyond human ears - sound carries miles across the landscapes.
       The tandem screams are not the same pitch and any self-preservationist Sasquatch know its probably a pesky human trying to mimic their language.  The listen for returning echoes and if by chance hope to hear a Sasquatch answer.  Dream on.  If chickadees and Tufted Titmouses (birds) can't be fooled by human tunes why shouldn't a Sasquatch not know who is real.
       During each episode the audiences at home sitting around the TV intently listen and then one softly says, "Did you hear that?"  They point the thermal imaging camera in the direction they heard something only to see deer, goats, coyotes and mountain lions, etc., then they bait us and cut to a commercial like TV meteorologists with, "In a few moments we'll give you the latest weather information you need to know." (continued)

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