Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 5

       Only a fraction of humans are mean and nasty to their own kind.
       Both ape-men names (Sasquatch or Bigfoot) are interchangeable by location and where sighted by Michigan folks in 2011-2013.  People who saw them lived around the eastern fringe area of the Dead Stream and Haymarsh Swamps.  People have heard the terrifying screams on dark nights and these yelp areas are not for the faint of heart city dwellers and are hostile environs to ever the most professional hunters. 
       Michigan is prime Sasquatchie or Cryptid habitat - thick Boreal forests similar to Northwest environs.  Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Michigan share the most frequent sightings.
       With all of our technological advance in electronic surveillance devices such as infrared and thermal imaging camera photography, the Finding Bigfoot team hasn't found much positive physical evidence except for a few footprints from past sightings. 
       Some are many years old almost to the point of being credible sightings.  People are afraid to confess what they seen until prodded by BF researchers.  Some have never told friends or family members for fear of ridicule.
     Many BF town meetings reveal many people have accidentally seen or glimpsed a Sasquatch.  Until asked by the team they refused to tell friends and family out of fear of being cast as many loose nuts short of a full brain.  Each person who has seen a Sasquatch tells of their own experiences with passion in their voices.  Most sightings are along isolated less traveled roads which thick brush environments exist.  The can appear and disappear into the brush like Autumn mists.
     While I give the Finding Bigfoot team much credit for attempting to find a Sasquatch what I can't give them is a good grade on prowess hunting skills from my advantage point as an experienced outdoorsman, woodsman and big game hunter.  Most camouflaged game hunters move silently and stealthily to escape recognition.  Men wearing Hawaiian cut-offs?  Oh, my!
      God gave animals and ape-men fine tuned ears to hear man.  Hunters don't go around snapping sticks nor talk loud, since sound travels beyong human hearing over great distances on still, dark nights and not just down the valley, but miles out of human ear shot.  A fattening moon makes it harder to find them with LFIR.  Lose the wandering dog, too.  It's mountain lion food, man, too.

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