Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 8

       "Have you ever seen a Sasquatch in Michigan or anywhere you've visited around the world, but afraid to tell?"
       Michigan like the Northwest has many sightings each year, because of its dense Boreal forests and swamps only fit for bears, wolves and yes, mountain lions where men don't usually tread.  The mountain lion in the Upper Peninsula was baited by two poachers from Bay City, MI who shot and killed it to prove it existed.  Jerks.  Michigan DNR thought it was a young one trying to establish a territory.  The men were too illiterate to use a camera - a gun is faster to kill an endangered species in Michigan.  They gained a reputation for killing a mountain lion.  The last one killed in the Lower Peninsula was near Cannonsburg, MI in 1884.
       Michigan has many wilderness areas, the perfect habitat for Sasquatch.  Water is within six miles of anywhere with the exception of the Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan and the Grand Marais Dunes off Lake Superior.  Without carrying water in the dunes on a hot summer day you might die of dehydration, but both dunes offer dense forests of dark shade, too.  A person never knows when they might spot a wandering Sasquatch.
       I have lived in Michigan my whole life and never saw a Sasquatch until late August 2013.  I've seen two separated by three days at approximately the same spot and time of day on the same county road.  At first I thought it might be a person crossing the road northeast of ... (town not listed) to preserve the species, but no houses or driveways along that lonely stretch.
       I was driving west approaching near the crest of a large hill when 500 feet ahead I saw behind the smaller distant hill a massive dark figure crossing behind and just below the hill crest.  It had a dark massive wide upper body, square shoulders, with no apparent neck, just a large head and big swinging arms.
       It surprised me coming at a fast gate out of a standing field of tall green corn and crossed the road with a loping stride (slight bob) and disappeared into a dense gully before I could come to a stop to investigate.  Only saw from the waist up.  It was moving fast with a 5-6' step.  I couldn't stop to gawk since it was just over the crest of the hill and I might cause an accident - rear end collision.  The gully led down to the creek valley (in Michigan we call them game funnels).  We have lowland protection. 
       Not once mind you, but saw two two different evenings, (opposite directions) the sun hadn't set yet.  On the third day I had to break eastbound for three deer hauling the freight across the road.  Common occurrence in Michigan.  We kill each other. 
       They were trailed by a Sasquatch traveling the same direction (north).  It narrowly escaped certain death when it appeared suddenly from the same cornfield and if I'd had been two seconds or less faster it would have been stuck to the grill of my new truck.  I could have killed this walking legend instantly at 55 mph upon collision.
       I know what my flash eyes saw and mind's eye recorded for flashback nightmares, but this time I saw the creature instantly at the same spot.  My heart rate doubled instantly.  Couldn't mistake the loping massive size of upper hairy body, wide head and long swaying arm gate.  I stopped several hundred feet beyond - it startled me and I could feel and see my neck veins beating hard.  I turned around and slowly went back for a look see.  Nothing.
       A week later I was driving this same stretch of road when off in the distance another car was headed east with its headlights on low beam, then snapped on and off several times the high beams and began swerving into my lane.  When I came over the smaller hill (same spot) from my two previous sightings the car was stopped in my lane.  The driver was outside and he dancing wildly.  The trembling man stood at front of car motioning the size of what crossed the road as he approached the scene (tall and massive).  His body language showed definite excitement.
       A week later I asked an acquaintance if Sasquatch exist and he told he met a visibly shaken man who claimed he saw a Sasquatch crossing a hilly road east of...  When someone else sees it at the same spot described I knew my mind was sane.  I kept my sighting secret until I had reasonable proof someone else saw it, too.  No paper photo - except a mind's eye photo. (continued)

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