Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot: Living Legends in North America - 2

       The Apache Indians of Arizona and many Indians of the Great Plains and Northwest forewarned incoming settlers 165 years ago to beware of Sasquatches living in remote or wilderness areas.
       People saw glimpses of the ape-men   - a sneak peak to see they are real and not just make believe.  When seen by present day humans they have the tendency to disappear like ghosts knowing when time to flee and where to elude humans.  Mysterious sightings of them spread like wildfire amongst inquisitive humans.  Many see, but don't report the sightings.  Too many are afraid of what they don't understand that man isn't the only intelligent being on Earth.
       Where-ever ape-men or cryptids appear their body is covered in thick coarse hair of brownish-red.  Sasquatch appear as half-human and half-ape standing upright on two massive legs  while cryptids stand on two skinnier toned legs, the body less massive.  Females are reportedly shorter standing about 5' tall with an estimated weight of less than 300 pounds.  Males sasquatch range from 300-800 pounds.  Wherever sasquatch appear they are bulky, except for the Cryptid species people saw in 2012 near Houghton Lake,  Michigan.

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